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Leaders of the World Leaders of countries in the world and their decision are always swayed by their encompassing love for peace. Some world leaders in disputed countries need to have peace in their nations while fortunate once need to keep it peaceful. Maintaining peace is for everyone of us, however, world leaders are expected to work harder to keep global peace.Some of the most crucial tasks is to build economic and social stability but they are always challenged by many factors.And that is not easy at all.Peace could be disrupted by various aspects such as economic ties, race, religion, financial stability or gender.There are just so many divisive factors to consider. Our leaders need support so they can deal with the divisive aspects properly. There are many people that can be considered as leaders of the world including parliament members, statesman, mayors, governors, legal officers and even policemen.Some church leaders can be considered as world leaders, too.However, there are corrupt world leaders that cause some people to suffer.
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Despondently, there are a lot of corrupt world leaders today.These corrupt people may be brilliant but they are not designed to serve the public and the country.Then, who are the ones who can be leaders of the world?
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He should be decent, praiseworthy, charming and pure. Leaders who are pure are not bothered because they are not guilty of anything.Charming leaders are easily loved and liked by the people.Laders are considered esteemed by the people.They actually perform good deeds to benefit the welfare of the population. Here are some characteristics that great leaders should possess. Truthfulness A person with no integrity is not a leader material.Leaders should be truthful to the core.Despite being honest, there are easy ways to break it like hypocrisy. That’s why it is very important to keep honest 100 percent clean.This means the inside and outside of the person is pure.That what the public sees is also true inside.That you behave based on your deep seated values.Your words are taken as a promise.Integrity is achieved by consistent practice of one’s values and beliefs. It may be hard at times.People, by nature commit mistakes.Nevertheless, people can practice consistent integrity to become trustworthy.If there’s dishonesty then one cannot be trusted.Great leaders are influenced by their sense of purpose and they perform their job to fulfill that. Vision is important because it gives leaders a picture of the future that they wanted to commit to.A passionate leader believes in goals that he so much believes up to the core.Leaders who value their vision are exemplary. A good leaders feels and shows his concern to the people.Successful leaders are happy about the good fortune of others.Teamwork is important for them that’s why they value the people who helped them. They are selfless and always giving to others. Good leaders also exhaust their full potential.