Gucci Sunglasses Review

When shopping for sunglasses, the number of options is seemingly unending. And that includes the manufacturer that you choose. But if you select a pair of Gucci sunglasses, you’ll be choosing one of the top brands in the market.

It all began over a century ago, in 1906. That’s when Guccio Gucci founded the “House of Gucci,” which was a saddle shop located in Florence, Italy. Gucci’s specialty was leather goods. The shop first produced leather bags for horsemen, and later made luxury luggage.

Since then, Gucci has significantly expanded its line of products, which now includes a full line of high-end sunglasses. The company’s sunglasses have become one of the industry’s benchmarks in terms of quality and style. Here are some tips for choosing the right sunglasses for your needs:

1. Set a budget.

Even though Gucci sunglasses are high-end, you can avoid spending your life savings on a pair. The key is to find the model that you fancy, and then find the right price. Compare prices from at least three stores, and compare more if you have the time and effort. Search online and offline, and leave no stone unturned.

2. Choose a pair that filters out some blue light.

Blue light can cause damage to your retina and can ultimately result in macular degeneration. If a blue sky appears grey, then a pair of Gucci sunglasses is successfully filtering out blue light.

3. Check for UV protection.

Look for sunglasses with both UVA and UVB protection. These types of ultraviolet rays have different wavelengths, though both can potentially harm your eyes. Also, verify that the sunglasses provide 99% or 100% protection. And remember that darker glasses don’t necessarily provide more UV protection.

4. Choose a frame shape that matches your face’s shape and head size.

Verify that the shape of the sunglasses frames complements the shape of your face. You should also consider the size of your head. If you have a round face, then you should choose long and thin frames. And if you have a square face, then you should choose styles that are soft and rounded in shape.

Also, match up a pair of frames, with your head. Small sunglasses complement small heads, while large sunglasses complement large heads.

5. Check for polarization.

This feature is particularly useful if you work and play outdoors. The polarization feature will help to reduce how much glare reaches your eyes, which will improve the effectiveness of the shades.

6. Choose the right lens color.

One of the best options is gray, since it doesn’t affect your color perception. Consider which lens hue provides you with enough comfort, and suits your personal preference. If you suffer from macular degeneration, then one of your best options is orange-brown.

7. Choose rugged sunglasses if you play sports.

You’ll need frames that are lightweight yet shatterproof, and plastic. This will protect both you and your eyes while playing your particular sport.

For over a century, the Gucci name has been producing quality products. These tips will help you to choose the right pair of Gucci sunglasses.

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Five Secrets To Scoring Last Minute Hotel Deals

In a discussion about secrets and how they pertain to the travel industry, it is no secret that everyone wants to save money wherever they can. This is certainly the case with the big push in the industry to help uncover major last-minute hotel deals. Finding a place to stay can, in many cases, make or break our trips. Whether it is for business or for pleasure, if you happen to have a bad experience with a hotel, it taints the trip. If you just also happened to have paid a bit too much for the bad experience, it really gets the blood boiling.

The travel industry, as a whole, has been changing for the better part of the last three decades. According to travel experts, there once was a time when much of the travel industry was regulated by travel agents & agencies. While they did great work & were a reflection of their times, today’s travel industry is all about many options, low-cost, flexibility, and choice. The consumer-driven travel industry has made it to where even travelers waiting until the last-minute can actually book some tremendous savings that may not have even been possible about ten years ago.

Here are a few secrets travel gurus recommend if you’re looking to score big savings at the last-minute when booking a hotel room:

1. Combination Deals – If you’re looking to stay in a hotel, you probably need to travel. While some trips can work best if you drive, many people would rather fly to their destination & rent a car to move around town. Some of the best savings you can get group all of these options into one travel package, greatly bringing down the price. You do have to be persistent in searching for these deals, but they are out there.

2. Travel Websites – Part of the persistence needed to find great combo deals includes checking websites that specialize in travel savings. These sites put together the best deals from all over the internet, thereby saving you time, and ultimately money. You can also sign-up for email reminders & alerts for new deals coming through.

3. App Mania – Whether you work with iOS or Android, you are certainly familiar with the growing number of apps available to do just about anything. Look a little further, and you’ll find apps that are specific to finding incredible hotel booking deals especially for the procrastinator in all of us. With the right combination of alerts & having our mobile devices handy, finding a last-minute deal just got really easy.

4. Midweek Travel – Most travelers try to book on the weekends, which means they contend with everyone else trying to book during the weekend. Hotel industry insiders agree that by shifting your booking to during the week, you’re very likely to secure some serious savings on your hotel booking simply because hotels want to be sure to fill their rooms even if at a discount.

5. Off-Season Travel – In the same vein of traveling midweek, choosing to travel during a time of year when others aren’t can make for some big savings. This goes not only for hotel room reservations, but for just about all other modes of travel. This can be huge for those looking at combo deals.

Last-minute hotel deals are easy to come by than you think, but it’s important to note that as much as you’re playing the procrastinator, you also need to think critically in terms of how best to get the deals you want. With all of the options you have, casting a wide net & using technology to your benefit may be the best approach to getting the savings you want next time you book a hotel.

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Where Does Titanium Come From?

You may have heard about all of the uses for titanium. From replacement body parts to jewelry to spacecraft materials, titanium is used to build lightweight and durable materials. However, have you ever wondered where this metal actually comes from? You may not know that titanium is obtained but never in its purest form. Before titanium can be ready for use, it must be combined with other materials to form usable alloys.

Titanium is the ninth most abundant element in the crust of the Earth. Its found in soils, sands, rocks, clays, water, plants and animals. It is never found as a pure metal because it reacts so readily with oxygen. It, instead, is found in ores. It also is combined with other materials to form alloys in order to increase the durability of the metal.

Originally named by German chemist, Martin Klaproth in 1795, titanium was named after Greek rulers known as Titans. Today, titanium is known for its light-weight and durable characteristics.

Titanium is typically manufactured through what is known as the Kroll process. During this process titanium dioxide is formed into titanium tetrachloride by being reacted with chlorine. Then, it is allowed to react with magnesium, which removes the chlorine and leaves a pure titanium sponge. This is then melted into bars known as ingots. The leading countries for titanium production include Japan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and China.

Titanium is combined with iron, aluminum and other metals for uses in so many items. Almost 65 percent of all titanium produced is used in marine equipment and aircraft manufacturing since it is so incredibly light and strong and resistant to corrosion. It improves our quality of life since it is long lasting and therefore used in bone plates, screws, pace-makers and artificial replacements. It is extremely popular in jewelry and high-end sports cars.

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Better Orgasm – Tongue Action For Her

As a woman, I can definitely speak to the fact that many women enjoy a good orgasm, but a better orgasm can create a mind-blowing, body-shaking, toe curling moment. The fact is every woman is acutely aware of every flaw on her body and as her partner, it is your duty to boost her self-confidence or the ideas I'm about to detail will fizzle instead of sizzle.

Oral sex or tongue action is a great way to a better orgasm for women since the clitoris is the nerve center of her vagina. Next to intercourse, oral sex is just as erotic and rewarding and often leads to a better orgasm.

Even better, setting the right atmosphere will do wonders in leaving her weak with anticipation. Seduce her with words before she leaves for work – send her off on an orgasmic high. Tell her in graphic details how your tongue will begin a long, slow, wet path up her thighs to her vagina.

Then drop to your knees, slowly kissing the inside of one thigh – giving her a sample of what's to come. If she does not have a mini-orgasm then and there do not worry because you've left her with a lasting impression to keep her body humming all-day-long.

What a delicious way to set the tone for a better orgasm. As she spends her day in breathless anticipation here are a few secrets ideas to continue building the sexual tension.

First, set a warm bubble bath filled with rose-petals and place decorated candles appropriately for mood lighting. Next, give her hot-smoldering looks as you run your hands over her body – make her feel sexy. And, the last tip to set the stage for a better orgasm is to feed her sweet tasting fruits such as chocolate covered strawberries … then suck the juices from her fingers one-by-one.

All of this foreplay will have her body wound tighter than a guitar string. Now you can begin strumming her body leading her towards a better orgasm. The cues that she is extremely turned on are usually erect nipples begging to be sucked, or rapid breathing indicating the orgasmic tension gripping her body.

Do not deny her any longer she's waited long enough for a better orgasm. Reach down between her legs and cares her vagina, stay clear of her clitoris since the slightest touch will send her over-the-edge. Slide her legs over your shoulders and set your body between her thighs. Fulfill your earlier promise by nibbling the insides of her thighs leaving a wet path as you head towards your goal. Hold onto her hips as your tongue reaches the prize – her clitoris. Be prepared for an instantaneous surging of her body as she is consumed by a hot, powerful orgasm.

As the clitoris can be extremely sensitive after a good … no, make that a better orgasm – stop the stimulation as her orgasm slows. Pull her body against yours' in a spooning position. As she settles into a delicious orgasmic haze, slowly cares her to create a sense of security and well-being. There you have it, a great technique for giving her an even better orgasm. And, remember … anything worth doing right often takes a lot of practice. So put your best effort – or should I say tongue action – into it!

Copyright 2005 – EJ Davis

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Just What Is UV Protection On Sunglasses And Why Is It Important

Sunglasses are great in more ways than one. They can compliment your appearance while preventing you to have to squint while outside on a sunny day. But sunglasses are not simply a fashion accessory to be taken lightly. They are actually of major importance for protecting our eyes from the sun's UV rays which can lead to diseases of the eye when exposed to them over time.

The ultraviolet radiation element in sunlight is divided into two basic areas – UVA and UVB. Sunglasses block both of these types of rays. What exactly is UVA and UVB you ask? Well, UVA represents the ultraviolet radiation that passes through the Earth's ozone layer, reaches our skin and can lead to premature aging. UVB are also ultraviolet rays, but are absorb, in great amount, by the ozone layer. Still, they are very harmful and can contribute to the cause of skin cancer and cataracts.

The lenses of a pair of sunglasses should be dark enough to reduce the glare of bright light, but not so dark that they distort colors in objects, and obviously not so dark that they inhibit your vision. The point is that as long as the lenses are properly tinted, your eyes will be protected. You do not have to go 'crazy' looking for lenses that are so dark that they not only block out the sun's UV rays, but block out the actual sun itself.

The standard UV protectant level in the sunglass industry is UV400 – across the board – which protects the eyes from 98 per cent of the sun's ultraviolet rays. And statistics based on testing results from inexpensive sunglasses as compared to the more expensive brands show that even sunglasses in the $ 5 and below range, provide the same amount of protection as the more expensive variants. So, the good news is, you do not have to pay more for the best level of protection. And for those who wear prescription sunglasses, something else you might be interested in knowing is that the UV level is the same for both those and the store bought versions.

And for even further comfort and assurance, you may be happy to know that sunglass manufacturers have to follow certain FDA regulations. They have to comply with impact requirements – not saying that sunglasses must be completely shatterproof, but that they will at best, withstand a moderate impact. Sunglass manufacturers also have to follow labeling regulations. No doubt if you've ever bought a pair of sunglasses in your lifetime, you've had to peel that removable sticker off the front of one of the lenses either before you put them on or afterwards when you realize that something's obstructing your view.

They say you get what you pay for. Well, if you pay for a pair of sunglasses, you're paying for good eye health.

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How To Prevent Sagging Earlobes

When you start to look in the mirror each morning and think “I look old,” what is it about yourself that makes you utter that dreaded phrase? Is your skin still in good shape? How about your neck? Can you see lines around your eyes or mouth if you stand a normal distance from the mirror? (Leaning in real close is cheating – even young people think “I look old” with every single skin cell under scrutiny!)

But there’s one body part we don’t often think about when it comes to aging. Sure, if you have facial wrinkles you might consider getting a facelift or having some Botox injected, or at the very least investing in some heavy duty anti wrinkle cream. But what about your ears? They can often say much more about your age than other parts of your body, and they often are neglected when it comes to anti aging treatments. Earlobes age just like the rest of your skin; they start to sag and droop over the years.

While your earlobes would sag on their own over time, there are a few things you can do to dramatically reduce the droop. One is to avoid wearing extremely heavy earrings for extended periods of time. You earlobes are not able to support very much weight, and heavy earrings pull and stretch the skin, which can cause sagging. If you do wear heavy earrings, you can prevent sagging or pulling by only wearing them for a short period of time. The rest of the time, choose lighter earrings or studs, which are the easiest for your ears to support without damaging the earlobes. You should always take out earrings before bed, no matter how big or small they are, to prevent them pulling in your sleep.

In addition, you want to treat your ears the same way you would treat any other body part – by applying sunscreen to your ears when going outdoors, and applying anti wrinkle cream daily.

If you’ve noticed your earlobes are already sagging, there are a few things you can do to tighten them up so they’ll hold earrings better in the future. There are manual stickers and products that you can use to help hold earrings up in their normal position, but as far as repairing the earlobe itself, you may need to undergo a minor cosmetic procedure. You can have fillers injected into the earlobe to fill in a sagging lobe and make it look fuller. This is a procedure similar to Botox. If your ear’s piercing is severely strained and stretched due to heavy earrings, you may need to undergo a minor surgery to repair the piercing.

Cosmetic ear surgeries have gotten more common, especially among patients who have undergone a face lift, as this can affect ear placement if not done properly. It is often a minor procedure that can be done quickly and easily.

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How to Prevent a Skin Mole From Coming Back After Removal

When a person has undergone treatment for skin mole removal, he cannot set aside the fact that skin moles have the possibility of re-occurring. That is bad news to that person.

In order to prevent the re-occurrence of skin moles, there are things that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, the physician’s advice is always the best resort. Having good habits may be of great help. Self – discipline is the important driving force in this case.

The presence of skin moles is associated with direct and indirect sunlight. You should take the necessary precautions whenever your skin is exposed to sunlight. Sunlight can cause other skin problems like wrinkles aside from causing skin moles to appear.

We can classify sun rays into two namely ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B. These two can damage our skin and cause skin cancer. However, ultraviolet A is less harmful rather than the latter type of ray.

Some of us believe that skin damage due to sun exposure is typically evident during summer. But what we did not know is that prolonged exposure to winter sunlight is as harmful as the summer’s. In fact, the sun’s rays during winter can be more dangerous. The living proof is the skiing enthusiasts.

Being underneath the water can lessen the harmful effects of direct sunlight to our skin. But it is not a good alternative as compared to other methods of skin protection.

Sunlight can reach our skin through the clouds in the open sky. Research shows that up to 80% of sunlight is received through clouds or water.

Due to rampant pollution in the world that causes global warming, one always has the danger of getting skin problems whenever he goes outside. Medical experts say that between 10:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon the sun’s rays are very harmful and are not healthy to our skin so avoid going out during these hours of the day. If you really need to go outside in important circumstances, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Look for sunscreen with at least a sun protective factor of 30 or simply SPF 30.

Remember, it can be easily removed by water or sweat so apply it evenly and diligently. Even though clouds are present in the sky, it is not an assurance that we can escape the negative implications of direct sunlight to our skin.

Always remember to bring an umbrella when going outside to do outdoor activities. Wearing long sleeved- clothes, long pants, and a large hat is also an effective alternative. Cotton fabrics are recommended because they can deflect the heat caused by the sun’s harmful rays. Sunglasses which offer protection against direct sunlight can be also an option. You can always look fabulous and fashionable without sacrificing your skin’s health.

Being aware of these facts can save you from a lot of trouble especially when it comes to your skin health. Make it a habit to apply sunscreen. Teach the children to do the same in order to protect their skin from the harmful rays of sun.

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Beware of Designer Handbags Wholesale List Fraud – How to Find Sources For Authentic Bags and Purses

There are many design handbag suppliers frauds taking place online, but beware of wholesale list scam especially now. You can either invest a lot of time and money into years of research, like many have done, or you can save the trial and error by following some simple guidelines to avoid falling prey to this designer handbag scam. Follow these simple steps to avoid the scam! It’s easy to see just by going to Google and typing design handbags wholesale, that you’ve got your work laid out for you if your going to search through hundreds of thousands of potential wholesalers.

Remember the old adage…if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. For those of you who have purchased or are thinking about purchasing those “wholesale lists” that are being sold on eBay and other websites, let me save you some hard earned money…beware of designer handbags wholesale list scam….these lists are a total SCAM! These “wholesale lists” usually sell for anywhere from $2.50 to $7.99.

Think about it: why would people give out their closely-guarded wholesale handbag sources for seven bucks?

The ANSWER: They haven’t put any EFFORT into the wholesale list; it’s full of GARBAGE! They most likely went to a search engine like Google, typed the word “wholesale handbags” in the search box, threw the first 20 results on a piece of paper and called it a wholesale list. Save yourself the seven bucks and a ton of aggravation and beware of designer handbags wholesale list scam by being informed!

Lets be honest here, if you think that you are going to find designer handbags at wholesale that you can buy without having to purchase a minimum quantity (with the exception of drop-shippers), I am sorry to say but such a wholesaler simply does not exist. There is no such thing as a designer handbag wholesaler who will let you buy one piece at a time for personal use. Think about it for a minute…why then would there be Gucci boutiques if people could buy Gucci handbags, one piece at a time, at wholesale prices? It just doesn’t make sense, and it’s naive to think that such a list exists.

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Ultra Violet Rays – Business Women's Guide to Fashion

The Color Purple is a famous literary work, movie and Broadway play. Professional women are using this dynamic color to set the stage for a captivating and elegant entry in to the business arena. Fashion has rules and limits but modern professional women are finding ways to enhance their professional look, style and appeal to make the work place a more chic environment.

Listed below are ways that you can use this color to shine at any business or social event.

Purple Reign

The color purple is not just a jeweled toned shade that can match almost any skin tone and physical complexion. The color has great meaning that can build confidence and improve your overall appeal. Purple is a mixture of reds and blues which create a sense of mystic and royal qualities. It is often used by nobility and rich people as a symbol of wealth and extreme social status. This color also evokes spirituality and creativity as well as calmness and balance.

Purple Power

Although we do not recommend wearing a purple suit to work. There are clever and fun ways to incorporate purple into your professional wardrobe for a stylish and fashionable appeal. Women can wear purple blouses and belts with their suits and business casual attire. Pins and hair pieces in purple are also acceptable for any work environment. Women should match basic suits in navy, black or gray with purple accessories. Purple accessories can include purple toned jewelry in earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Professionals women should limit their jewelry to five simple pieces. Purple handbags and shoes are also acceptable depending on company dress code and profession or industry guidelines.

Face Value

Women can also wear purple toned make-up to brighten their faces and look stunning. Soft subtle purple eye shadows and lip balms or lip glosses can highlight the face and make any woman sparkle in the business arena. Women should always be cautious of how they apply their make-up and present themselves in formal business settings. The goal is to look professional and not as though you are going to an over the top party or a Hollywood photo shoot.

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Scarves – Fashion Accessories – History and Benefits!

Fashion Scarves and Shawls! One of the most enduring fashion accessories that have never lost their appeal are scarves. Even through generations have worn them across several centuries. Worn for functionally throughout the world to provide warmth and protection against the bitter cold, or worn for its religious and cultural significance… their use of one has also evolved into other purposes.

A Short Background:

Contrary to what some people might think, the use of the scarf is not a modern thing. These people probably got that notion from chic culture or from contemporary and high fashion circles where the use of the scarf has not lost its appeal. In the ancient days, particularly during the time of the Greeks and the Romans… the use of the shawl had been in wide practice. People during those days called the scarf-shawl as the sudarim which literally means a sweat cloth. People were wearing them to absorb perspiration while working or traveling during hot weather.

During the Middle Ages and all the way through the Renaissance period, they have been used by the nobility to signify their upper social strata and class. This was attributed to the opening of trade routes from the Far East and China…which brought along exotic items, fabrics and materials including the finest of silks. During those days, only the ultra rich and nobility could afford them. Silk exudes the highest natural shine and sheen that any natural fiber can provide. It was the choice material for this garment then and it is still the most sought after material now.

Social Significance of Scarves:

Western culture has made use of this accessory either as fashion accessory or as protective clothing according to the weather. In other cultures, it is used extensively due to its religious and cultural significance. A classic example is the scarf or the hijab worn by women in Muslim culture as a sign of modesty as described in their holy texts. The headgear is part of their outer clothing called the abaya, traditionally in black… but has evolved in some countries to different other colors and materials.

The Benefits of Using Scarves:

They are worn due to two main purposes: for functionality and practical use.

Functional use is basically related to the weather or exposure to the elements while outside. They can be used to give extra warmth, particularly during the winter season which will require extensive use all throughout the day. Even if it’s not winter, going out on a cold and windy night would require the added warmth of a scarf wrapped around the neck. Another benefit that can be derived from scarves is the protection for the hair or the head itself against the elements, dust or the wind. This is great particularly if you are riding on a convertible or crossing the river or a lake on a ferry boat.

Of course, the most basic benefit that one can get from this accessory is the style, flair and fashion sense that it can add or enhance to a dull or drab outfit or dress that you might have at the moment. The addition of simple neckerchiefs or ascots can make wonders to a dress, or you can be more adventurous and wear a bandana or head scarf which will drastically change the way you look in just a short instant. Scarves can be worn using any style you want and in combination with any wardrobe that you have, as long as the design matches or complements with each other. There are endless possibilities and you as a wearer can benefit from all that.

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Interesting Facts About Necklaces and Bracelets

Necklace Information-

Everyone loves diamond necklaces, let’s face it who wouldn’t. A diamond necklace can look classical and sophisticated.

As they are worn close to your heart, necklaces were originally designed to attract love and strengthen it. Although this folklore which people strongly believed hundreds of years ago no longer holds true, necklaces which hold diamonds can still create a lot of attention.

It is believed that necklaces where the first item of jewellery to be made or worn. We think this because a construction of a shell necklace was discovered in South Africa and can be dated back 75,000 years ago. Pre-historic necklaces where also made out of animal teeth, bones and claws.

The first gold necklace was made in around 2500 BC. Diamond necklaces are fairly recent trend in the history of jewellery history.

Bracelet Information-

Like Necklaces, diamond bracelets can create a lot of attention. Diamonds in whatever form of jewellery can be admired and loved by many people.

Where did the name ‘Bracelet’ come from? The term bracelet originates from the Latin word ‘brachile’ meaning of the arm. Bracelets have been an item of jewellery loved by people for many years and can be dated back to the Ancient Egyptians of around 7000BC. These were not made out of diamonds but bones and wood and where worn to represent religious or spiritual matters such as scarab bracelets which symbolised rebirth and regeneration.

It can be enjoyable to learn the history of items you with to purchase. Don’t forget that if you purchase jewellery online you can retrieve voucher codes.

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The Moon Is Not For Sale by Wallace Provost – Book Review

Land, Society and How Things Could Be

Annabelle Taylor (Annie) and Clint Baker are thrown together in the middle of an asteroid shower on the Moon. Lunar City, for the moment, is in chaos, offering only very cramped, bored and squalid conditions until the next shuttle arrives in two weeks time. Annie is only a temporary worker on the Moon having gone there to pick up easy credits for her law degree, but Clint is a “Luney”, that is, he was born on the moon. Clint decides it is best to take Annie with him to his family home, Moondogy Ranch, which is a few days drive away by very rough road. The ranch is located in a huge cavern, which is sealed off from the outside to protect it against the solar radiation and the extremes of temperature. Annie feels stirrings of emotion for Clint, but her plans for her life do not include being a farmer’s wife, much less one who lives on the Moon. Annie is a Cherokee Indian and very much intends to become a lawyer so she can advance the standing of her people. What direction will Annie’s life take, and indeed what direction will events in the pioneer Looney civilization take?

The Moon Is Not For Sale is Wallace Provost’s first novel and is a very amiable book, full of adventure. It is written in the hard science style, which is to say it is based on science fact, current science theory and logical projections from today’s widely held science concepts. Provost holds a Masters Degree in the philosophy of science, and a second Masters in sociology. Not surprisingly the novel also contains speculations about the nature of society and the possibilities of future societies. At its heart this is a book for those who like to imagine and dream, and for those who like people.

Provost’s novel is very much about frontier life on the Moon and suitably the style has a hint of the back-woods, fire-side tale. The voice is very chatty and we feel we are perhaps listening to our uncle or grandfather tell us about people he knows. Each new character, for example, is introduced by a short yarn which reveals something of their history and personality. This helps to make the book warm and friendly and we immediately feel at home. Along the way there are several surprise endings which spur us to read on. There are occasional moments of real irony, such as the “jungle drum music” (p. 153) in Chapter 18, where patrons of the “Haven of Evil” lasciviously prepare to watch a truly gratuitous spectacle. This very much contrasts with the previous chapter in which Kwame Nkuomo, a Gahanna engineer, beats his jungle drum while remorsefully contemplating the terrible consequences of a failed project which he helped to initiate. The philosophical ethics of the first chapter bitingly contrasts with the degradation of the next.

This book has an unusual plot structure. The first half of the novel follows Annie as she rises in the world and has to deal with various complications, such as a possible romance with Clint and even a plot to kill her. In the second half of the book the plot diverges into various stories, many of which are centred on the development of the moon colony. We read of, for example, the establishment of a number of new settlements. In this second half there is still a plot line related to Annie, however, she does not take centre stage. One criticism of Provost’s book is that this second half is unnecessarily repetitive. There is, for example, a second attempt to kill Annie. In the first half Black Horse Jones, Cherokee Indian ‘big man’ and Annie’s long standing enemy, is the individual who wants Annie dead. In the second half Injun Joe Bristow, also a Cherokee Indian ‘big man’, is the assassination schemer. Once again in the first half we read the story of the establishment of the city of Inyanga by dispossessed Zulus. In the second half of the book we read of the establishment of Helium City by Indians from the slums of Mumbai, and then again the story of the establishment of the village of Xi Hue by oppressed immigrants from Tibet. This is basically the same plot idea repeated. Finally in the second half we read the three stories of Mike Riggs, Monty Wilson and Art Anderson, all of who are temporary immigrants to the moon and all of who meet and marry Indian ‘Luneys’ in Helium City. These stories come in so close proximity that we cannot help noticing the repetition. A related problem to this is that, without Annie taking centre stage, there is less to tie the various plot developments together. As a result this …

Dry Cleaning – Where It All Began And How It Can Benefit You

For as long as people have been wearing clothes, people have also been washing clothes. Whether you're someone who lives depends on a washing machine to push through mountains of clothes, or if you're someone who enjoys the simple method of a good old hand wash, this is always a weekly choir that we can not escape from. In modern days we now have dry cleaning at our finger tips and there's such a variety of services to choose from, but how did it all begin?

The history of dry cleaning stems back to 79 AD in Ancient Rome, where early cleaners were labeled as "Fullers". They used a combination of ammonia, lye and a clay called "fuller's earth" to absorb dirt from their garments.

In the 17th – 18th Centuries cleaning methods began to develop and cleaners would use non – water based solvents to remove unwanted stains like soil from a range of different garments. In 1985, Jean Baptiste Jolly was a French dye-works operator, who recognized the potential in using petroleum-based solvents like gasoline and kerosene, to remove stains instead. This service was the first manifesto of 'dry cleaning' that still offers the familiar service we use today. However as the petroleum solvents caused so many explosions and fires due to flammability, strict government regulation had had to be set in place.

Due to this, a dry cleaner from Atlanta named William Joseph Stoddard, developed a white spirit solvent as an alternative to the gasoline based solvents that were highly flammable. From here on out clearing methods continue to evolve. Although in 1939, World War II lead to petrol shortages which mean that Tetrachlorethylene (perchlorethylene), commonly known as perc, became the most popular solvent. It was non-flammable and provided the highest standard of cleaning power, and thanks to this professional cleaners were allowed to move back into the cities.

Now days, at home you would typically wash your clothes in a washing machine and then tumble dry them, however a Dry Cleaning machine takes both of these processes and combines them into one.

Garments are placed in the core of the machine within a washing chamber known as the "basket" or "drum", which is perforated and rotates within an outer shell that holds the solvent. The chamber is filled with one-third of solvent and starts to rotate, keeping the solvent temperature at 30 degrees Celsius. During the course the solvent in the chamber (also referred to as the "cage" or "tackle box") is passed backwards and forwards through a filtration chamber and the cage itself. This is known as the wash cycle.

Before any garment is washed it must be thoroughly checked for any foreign objects that may be reflected in the pockets. Items like plastic pens will easily dissolve within the solvent which in turn may damage and ruin the garments to the point where they need to be disposed of. The rule of dark colors to be separated from light colors is still applied as the dye can shed when exposed to the solvent. Before any dry cleaning takes place, items must be checked against their compatibility as a lot of fastenings are not normally solvent proof, or just might not be able to withstand the wash cycle. If this is the case then they will either be removed and attached back on after the cleaning has finished, or will be protected where possible.

After the wash cycle comes the rinse cycle, where the garment is rinsed with a fresh distilled solvent, which advances discoloration from soiled particles. Then after the rinse cycle, the machine begins the extraction process, which gathers all the solvent for reuse. Once the solvent has been drained the drying cycle takes over and the garments are tumbled in warm air that flows through the basket. In modern dry cleaning machines use a closed-loop system which means the chilled air can be reheated and re-circulated, resulting in a reduction in air pollution and higher solvent recovery. Once the drying cycle is complete the aeration cycle cools the garments and continues to remove any further passages of solvent. The garments are then ready to be pressed and finished.

Although the powerful method of dry cleaning has been highly related to remove stains with one wash, not all stains can be removed simply by dry cleaning. Some stains will need particular treatments such as specific spotting with solvents, using a stream jet to blast the stain, or a good soak in a specialized stain remover, all of which will need to have been acted before the item is put through the wash cycle . Garments that have been soiled for a long time are even more troublesome when it comes to stain removal, yet if successfully removed there is a reasonably hood that …

Deer Hunting Videos

For those who love to get outdoors and hunt, there has probably never been more informational resources available than those that can be found online today. The Internet has given us the ability to access this information from the comfort of our home as we plan our next adventure. If your passion happens to be deer hunting, then deer hunting videos might just be the ticket to get started down the right path, so to speak. There are many to choose from, and they cover a wide range of subject matter.

From the novice to the more experienced hunter, there are many who are looking for information to help hone their skills. As the numbers of new people drawn to the sport increase, so too does the desire for relevant information to help guide them through the process of learning to become a safe, ethical, and productive hunter.

If you are new to the sport, it could be good to look for information that includes things like firearm safety and selecting appropriate clothing and equipment. There are other considerations as well, such as finding suitable places to set up camp, and the type of habitat that is most likely to offer the right combination of food sources, water, and cover for the deer. This information will help to make the most of the opportunities that you have to hunt, and can help avoid some of the common mistakes made by those who are new to the sport.

The experienced hunter can also find a wealth of information geared to making them more productive. It is possible to find detailed articles and videos that cover many different aspects of successful hunting. There are also a multitude of Internet web sites that offer deer hunting videos of actual hunting footage. While some might find the images graphic and sometimes even disturbing, there is so much that can be learned by observing the actions and interactions of the hunter and the deer. The ability to study these videos can provide hunters of any experience level the opportunity to not only become more productive hunter, but a more ethical one as well.

While nothing can take the place of being in an actual hunting situation at the moment of harvest, the chance to use videos to help mentally visualise the necessary steps in advance can help to produce a calmer, more confident hunter who is better equipped to make a shot that does not simply hurt the deer.

Regardless of the format, there are many products out there that can make you a better all round deer hunter. Whatever you choose, be it an online article, e-book, or Deer Hunting Videos , there is much that can be learned by taking advantage of the many online sources of information available today.

Source by Dean Dingwall

Mozambique Scuba Diving Destinations

Vibrant coral reefs are scattered all over the sea bottom in the close vicinity of the very protected launch site and varies from only a few meters to over 40 meters deep and therefore cater for the beginner as well as the advanced diver! This is the divers chance to indulge him / herself in coral reef diving "par excellence" and to experience the sight of huge Mata rays, whale sharks, awesome moray eels, vicious game fish, massive potato basses and more! Nowhere else in Mozambique are Mantas so common and it is no wonder that the Inhambane coast is softly being called, the "Manta Coast"!


Average Depth = 7 Meters Maximum Depth = 10 Meters

Scenery = the house reef is shallow enough for snorkelling but also great for a shallower dive. With the sun shining from above it is an excellent site for underwater photography. This reef consistors of scattered rock formations, rather flat with sand patches in between.

Marine & Coral Life = Cresh reef has just the right name because there is juvenile fish where you look. The larger variations are present but it is the young ones that draw the attention. In the holes and under the rock crevices there were a lot to keep you busy for example Puffer fish, Blue Spotted Ray, Octopus, Pepper Eels and even a couple of Stone fish made their appearance. Lizardfish, Boxfish, Clown Triggerfish and all the other tropical reef fish seen in the warmer Mozambican water.

The coral consoles more of Staghorn coral, lots of Porous corals, Sea sponges and colorful Anemones were ever present. You could wile away the time just drifting and watching the fish behaviors. This is really a very nice dive on a hot summers day.

Mike's Cupboard

Average Depth = 12 Meters Maximum Depth = 15 Meters

Scenery = This reef is flat with big holes and in these holes are small caves, overhangs and even a few arches with swim throughs. Some parts of the reef looks like boulders stacked on top of each other with sand patches in between. Marine & Coral Life = Mike's cupboard is really a true description if that is everything that can be kept there. This is really a busy place with schools of Blue banded Snappers, Coachmen, Angelfish, Trumpet fish, Kingfish and Tuna passing by. In the holes itself is found a brown Paper fish hiding behind a rock so no one would see him. Others that camouflaged themselves just as well were the Scorpion fish, Crocodile fish and Lizardfish. The Octopus changed his colors so quick that we almost lost sight of him moving into a hole. In the small caves we found a whole lot of Banded Shrimp moving around, there was a big Puffer fish hiding from everyone, a very shy creature. The coral on this reef consistors of Whip coral in various colors, beige Fleshy soft coral, purple and white Thistle soft coral and lots of Lobed soft coral. Plate coral, Porous coral and Smooth-horned corals was also seen through the dive. This was a very nice dive for the inquisitive diver.

Giants Castle

Average Depth = 21 Meters Maximum Depth = 32 Meters

Scenery = This reef consist of a big wall almost 4 meters high with drop-off's that leads to sandy areas. All along this wall is a ridge that is rich in marine and coral life. Big rock formations add to the scenery of this reef.

Marine & Coral Life = Diving this reef was really a very nice experience, with a great variety of tropical fish to be seen. A rare Weedy Scorpion fish made his appearance and was amazing how it blended in with the surroundings. This reef has a great variety of starfish species. Big Green coral trees where Goldie's and Long nose Hawkfish hide from the predators. On the plateau Manta Rays surprise you with a graceful pasture in flight. Under the ledges are Dancing Durban Shrimp waiting to perform their cleaning duties. In the crevices and hollows there are Triggerfish and different species of Moray Eels. On this reef the coral is mostly untouched, from Porous corals to different species of Hard and Soft corals in a variety of colors and textures. Always keep an eye out in the midwater for game fish passing by. A nice dive for the Advanced Diver.


Average Depth = 12 Meters Maximum Depth = 15 Meters

Scenery = This part is next to Mike's Cupboard but just a larger version. Still a flat reef but just more and bigger hollows in the reef itself. In these hollows are pinniclelike rock formations as well as ledges that form overhangs. Sand patches can be found on the bottom of most of these hollows. The hollows reminded …

Yoga Is not Stretching

If we look at the purpose of yoga and understand it in its spiritual context, we could distill it as 'opening the body, at the physical and subjective levels'. In this process of opening what is held within these different levels, the holding and in fact what creates the holding itself, is released. This process of the release through opening is in yogic terms purification. There is no way shape or form by which this process can be equated with stretching.

Stretching does not transform. As the word implies implicitly it is simply a forced lengthening. If we look at asana practice in this way the consequence of stretching will of course result in greater flexibility. This type of flexibility however requires perpetual stretching to be maintained. Because there is a force in stretching the natural response of the body is to retract again once that forces is removed with the same amount of force as was applied. This is a basic law of physics.

It is possible that through stretching, the body can be reshaped, the muscles and tendons lengthened. But if we compare this effect to the purpose of yoga, then the purpose is not achieved. Doing yoga by stretching will also have benefits, but they will be limited and short term. Yoga classes where you are exhorted to pushed to the limit, and then some, may leave you in a state of sweaty exhilaration, but like any high you come down. If this was what yoga was really about, then gymnasts and ballerinas, would be yogis and yoginis.

My yoga teacher in Rishikesh continuously warned a naturally flexible student that her flexibility was a barrier to her practice. He also used to say that there were two ways to we could do asana practice. One way was the way of force, which which I am including stretching. He described the way of force as using a sledgehammer. The second way he described as using a chisel, and a hammer. He said the chisel was awareness the hammer was intelligence. Awareness takes consciousness into the body and intelligence follows it and directions it. As I have written Elsewhere what the body holds is the contents of our subconscious. Obviously this means that we do not have conscious awareness of what is held. Yoga as a process of opening and releasing is then the discovery and making conscious what our subconscious holds in our body.

We live in a fast paced got to have it now culture. Sledgehammer yoga may elicit fast results, but the possibility of injury can be attested to by many. If conscious awareness was there could injury occur? I think not.

What then is opening and how do we do it? Well first of all, as what is held in the body is not conscious, it must become conscious, which essentially means we have to discover it. This discovery requires us paying a lot of attention while doing asana, the first 'union' is between awareness and body, then awareness body and breath.

Holding is by definition a contracting. Opening then is a letting go of the holding / contracting that is unconsciously occurring. It is the creation of spaciousness in the body. On a practical level it looks like this. We must in any asana find and not pass the boundary of our bodies capacity. Then we slightly withdrew from that boundary – just a little. Then we breath into the area where we find our boundary. Inhalation is definition expansion, so we breathe space into the boundary of holding. Then as we exhale we direct awareness into the space we have just breathed open, and we keep doing this over an dover again.

This is asana as a meditation practice. This is yoga as an ongoing relationship of discovery with yourself. To practice this way takes patience, perseverance and courage. Courage because sooner or later you will start meeting the portions of yourself you probably did not even remember or know where there. Parts in pain, in darkness. In practicing this way, it is slower in terms of 'results' from the external view, but the results will last forever and you are fulfilling the age old addition to all spiritual practitioners "know yourself".

Source by Ray Baskerville

Know the Several Health Benefits With Titanium Bracelets

There are various types of bracelets. Among them, the titanium bracelets are quite a fashionable one. But as they have magnetic qualities, thus, like magnetic therapy they also alleviate the pain of the wearer to some extent. Easy to wear and safe bracelets of titanium can minimize the symptoms of back pain and arthritis. The effects that the bracelets have are as follows:

Helps in Relieving Pain

The titanium bracelets have been a good way of pain reduction. Sometimes it was found to be relieving in carpel tunnel syndrome. The nerves stimulated when magnets are used in a specific area. This helps in releasing the natural pain killers of the body. According to some people, the magnet also stimulates the flow of blood. This leads to the increase in the ionic exchange. Thus, the person will have a gush of nutrients and oxygenated blood into the area.

Initiates Better Healing

They are good as a healing compound. The healing is initiated by the disposing and localizing the by-products of any injury. The usage of the negatively charged magnets if kept in direct contact with the injured area may increase the body’s power to start the healing process.

Boosts the Healing System

The titanium bracelets have a massive role in increasing the white blood cells. The white blood cells are the ones that defend the body against foreign materials and infectious diseases. They also help to remove the toxins from the affected area. This promotes a healthy immune system. The body’s immune system may speed up in this system.

Helps to Increase Energy

A bracelet of titanium can give a person more energy. The magnetic therapy leads to the increase of the oxygen flow in the body. The flow of oxygen plays a significant part in the metabolism of the energy. This also is good for imparting energy through respiration of carbon dioxide. They enhance cellular respiration. The oxygen level in the blood increases and thus, the person feels more energetic.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The titanium bracelets have anti-inflammatory functions also. This occurs because the normal electromagnetic in the body is restored. A normal electromagnetic property provides relax to the capillary walls. This is also good for the connective tissues and the surrounding muscles and allows proper flow of the blood. The proper flow of blood requires the transfer of the nutrients and the oxygen to the injured place. This causes a decrease in the inflammatory agents and the pain of a person.

Because the bracelets are made of titanium, they are less likely to corrode away. In fact, the titanium bracelets can withstand high-temperature conditions, rough handling, and salt water. Thus you can be sure that they are going to last you for several years.

Source by Hakim Hari Krishan