A Simple Plan: Trends

Different Kinds of Jewelry Trends According to the One Percent of People Who Love it

When it comes to most of the celebrities out there, they are the kinds of people that can afford to buy all the expensive jewelries that they can see, but when it comes to regular folk like us, we also would like to stroll the streets wearing high fashion jewelry but we cannot due to the fact that they are very expensive. Truth be told, it is not important at all to be very expensive jewelry, it is because there are other alternative and affordable jewelries that can be bought by average people all the time, but there are times where average people really want to own something that is expensive when it comes to jewelry, and if they do want to they need to buy at least one of these. A Cartier Love Bracelet is one of the most bought bracelets in the world today due to the fact it is very high quality and the design is very good too, this bracelet is so famous that lots of celebrities buy them just so that they can wear them. The Cartier Love Bracelet is so famous that whenever people watch the red carpet shows on television, they can always spot a Cartier Love Bracelet on a few wrists of the celebrities that are attending the red carpet show. When it comes to the price of a Cartier Love Bracelet, they usually go for the price of at least fourteen thousand dollars to begin with, that is one expensive bracelet, but it does come with a special type of key that is required by the owner in order for them to unlock the bracelet from their wrist. When it comes to another type of expensive jewelry that is important to have is the Bulgari Serpenti Watch, this watch was worn by Elizabeth Taylor back in the day and she was the one that made the watch very popular and also made it a classic too. When it comes to the wearer of the Bulgari Serpenti Watch, the watch is worn in a way that the watch wraps itself around the wrist of the person which when seen by other people, it looks like a serpent is on the wrist and not a watch, hence the name Serpenti for the watch. Custom jewelry is another different type of jewelry that is a must have too, it is because of its uniqueness to it. There are lots of celebrity stars that are always seen wearing custom jewelry on their bodies just because of the reason that these custom jewelries are very unique to look at.