Stone Remnants for Countertop Savings

Are you dreaming of the day when you can update your kitchen countertops but do not want to have a lot of money to spend? Stone countertops are all the rage these days but they can be quite expensive. What if there was a way to get high-end custom stone countertops at a big discount? One option for saving big money is to purchase remnant stone slabs.

A remnant is a piece of stone, like granite or marble, that has been leftover from another counter installation. Stone comes in slabs, so there are always pieces left over after a kitchen or bath countertop is cut. Rather than throw these extra pieces away, granite fabrication companies sell them at a discount for smaller projects.

You can save up to 80 percent off the normal retail price by using stone remnants for your home projects. It's even possible to find remnants pieces for practically nothing. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore, has slabs for as little as a dollar. Of course you still need to spend time cutting and polishing the stone to fit your particular project, but the material price can be almost non-existent when you use a reminder.

The largest drawback to using remnants of stone is the difficulty in finding something specific. For large projects, you will have a hard time finding a reminder in a particular color that works. The same goes for your color selection. If you want a rare colored stone for your new bath vanity, you are better off using a whole new slab. Just be prepared to pay big bucks for it.

Before purchasing a new stone slab for your new countertops, look to see what remnants are available. Not only will you save money, but you may also find a very rare, high-end stone that is not available elsewhere.

Source by Michael Luckado

The Benefits of Safe Driving

Some of the benefits of driving safely are obvious (you are less likely to die). But some are a little less evident. Have you ever thought about the gas that you save by driving the speed limit? Or the incredible amount of money you will save on your car insurance? These things will save you a ton of money over your lifetime. Being a good driver is much more than just staying out of accidents.

Speed limits have a couple of functions.  They limit the speed on a freeway to a safe amount (theoretically), and they are optimized to improve fuel efficiency in cars.  Driving the speed limit, which is slower than most people drive, will lower the amount of drag that is put on your car by the air.  This allows your car to move freer through the air and get better gas mileage through better aerodynamics.  If you couple this with properly inflating your tires to the recommended PSI and not running the air conditioner you are going to squeeze every MPG you can out of your car.

Safe driving can help prevent accidents.  Obviously, not all accidents can be prevented, but you are going to reduce the chance that you are the cause of the accident.  This is going to keep your insurance premiums dramatically lower.  If you have already been in a car accident that you were at fault for you have seen what happens to your monthly payment.  Safe driving also lowers the risk that you are doing something dumb and getting a ticket.  Tickets will also increase your insurance premiums.

Drive smart, drive safe, and save a ton of money!

Source by Geoff Willis

Top Rated Auto Insurance Companies – Cheaper Is not Always Better

It is important to know that the rate that one pays for auto coverage can vary dramatically which offers the potential of saving a significant amount of money if prices from top rated auto insurance companies are compared properly. This is due, under the laws which regulate insurers, companies are allowed to calculate their pricing based on their past experiences and losses. Since experience and loss differ from one company to the next, the price offered by them also differs from one another. This difference offers the potential of saving money. Therefore, it is always suggested to obtain multiple quotes from several companies and comparing them to find the best rate, which also offers the most protection.

However, while completing a comparison, one must not commit the mistake of choosing a carrier only on the basis of cost. Usually people let cost sway their decision of who will be their provider due to the fact that they believe that the cheapest is the best. In doing so, they may be overlooking the fact that in choosing a cheaper company they may be settling for less. For example, if one chooses the lowest quote, the company may lack in other areas. As important as it is to find affordable coverage, it is also important to locate a top rated company.

There are several aspects to consider when looking to find a reliable insurer. One such factor is their financial strength. There are rating agencies which provide this information to the public. This is the company's ability to honor claims if it is needed to do so. Customer service is also a key factor in choosing carriers. From simple things like changing an address to a more complex scenario such as having to file a claim, it should not be a hassle. A good company should be attentive to their customers and help them in a timely manner. Do not let price alone determine who to acquire coverage from.

Source by John Pirro

How To Win Playing Casino Blackjack

The game of blackjack, also known as "21," has greatly increased in popularity in recent years. This is most likely due to the obvious simplicity of the game. I say appropriate because even though the object of the game is easily understood, the complexities are greatly overlooked.

If you ask a blackjack player what the object of the game is, they will most likely tell you it is to draw a card total as close to 21 as possible. This is a widely held belief, but it is incorrect. The sole object of the game is to beat the dealer.

To win, the player must either have a higher value hand than the dealer or have a valid hand under 21 when the dealer exceeded that target. Exceeding the total of 21 by either the player or dealer is referred to as "busting."

Blackjack had always been a fabulous profit producer for the casinos and was always considered to have a huge house edge prior to the mid 1960's. It was at this time Dr. Edward O. Thorp wrote his groundbreaking book "Beat The Dealer."

Dr. Thorp's book offered the first explanation of card counting techniques and how by tracking the depleted cards would give the player an advantage over the dealer.

Prior to this time no one had any idea that altering the composition of the deck would actually shift the advantage between the dealer and player depending on the cards that were dealt.

More importantly, those same computer trials produced a "basic strategy" for playing the individual hands based on the dealer's exposed card. After all that has been written on the subject, the correct strategy for properly playing their hands is actually known by very few players.

Although most blackjack authorities claim that their strategies are based on either computer trials, mathematical calculations or a combination of the two, I have found that their resulting strategies are in no way consistent.

Thorp's rules of play were also based on the use of a single deck of cards. At the time it was written all blackjack games were played with a single deck. Following the publication of his book, the nervous casinos fearing a loss of profits, countered by changing to an eight deck game dealt from a long, rectangular, plastic card holder called a "shoe."

The difference between the playing strategy for a single deck and a multi-deck game is dramatic. These accounts for the wide variety of rules and misinformation employed by players today. The single deck strategy can not be used when playing the eight deck game.

The truth is, using a proper eight deck playing system allows the player to play an even game with the casino in which they have little if any advantage over the player at all. Applying an intelligent money management system and betting strategy gives the player a significant edge over the game.

While there are several casino table games, such as craps and baccarat, that offer the player the ability to play with less than a negative 1.5% house percentage, it is only blackjack where the advantage moves in favor of the player depending on their skill and the composition of the remaining cards left to be eliminated.

With the advent of card counting methods, I do not believe there are any casinos that still offer single deck blackjack. The following is a complete description of the most effective "basic strategy" for use at a multi-deck game. It is as follows:

Dealer's up card is 2 or 3 … Stand on hard total of 13 or more
Dealer's up card is 4, 5, 6 … Stand on 12 or more
Dealer's up card is 7, 8, 9, 10 or Ace … Stand on 17 or more
Always Split Aces
Always Split 8's
Split 2's & 3's when Dealer's up card is 4, 5, 6 or 7
Split 6's when Dealer's up card is 7 or less
Split 9's when Dealer's up card is 2-6 or 8 & 9 (stand on 7)
Do Not Split 4's, 5's, or 10's
Double Down on 11 when Dealer's up card is 2 – 10
Double Down on 10 when Dealer's up card is 2 – 9
Double Down on 9 when Dealer's up card is 3 – 6
Double Down on Soft hand 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 when Dealer's up card is 5 or 6
Always hit (take a card) a soft hand of 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17 when not Doubling Down
Always hit soft 18 when Dealer's up card is 9, 10 or Ace

The use of "Insurance" or "Surrender" is not recommended. These options should only be used when the player is certain of the deck composition through card counting.

Although card counting strategies offer …

The Various Reasons to Join Fitness Centers

Gyms have cropped up in several places around various cities in the world where people who are fitness freaks intend to bring about a change in people’s lifestyles and let them stay fit. People hesitate to join them with the main reason being its fees. There are several reasons that could help people join fitness centers like –

• Affordable costs – These were once considered to be a place for the rich and for those who could afford the high fees structure. With the changing trends, there is a place of this sort almost in every corner and thus making it very affordable for a person to join it and avail its services on a regular basis.

• Disciplined lifestyle – When a person joins it, they are bound by rules and regulations where they have a specified time allotted to them to attend the sessions. Being unable to attend it leads to their own loss of their health as well as their finances and thus it compels them to attend the sessions regularly and be disciplined while staying fit.

• Healthier eating habits – While attending them, the sessions not only constitute of workouts but also provide the participants with nutritional lessons where they are advised not to consume fat producing food.

• Best quality equipment – Fitness equipment when purchased individually is expensive and is not affordable for several people. These organizations possess the best equipment and can thus be accessed by everyone who is a member of these centers. One doesn’t need to purchase them individually.

• Prevents diseases – While being a part and under the guidance of fitness experts, people can rest assured that they do not have to fear from severe heart ailments as the body is fit while working out. Also, there is no accumulation of fat, and thus the heart stays healthy.

• Stronger endurance skills – While working out and attending sessions, one can notice visible changes in one’s body where they would have increased stamina, flexible body, stronger bones, better muscular strength and other changes that would be advantageous for the body in the long run.

There’s no denying the fact that keeping yourself fit is not an option anymore. If you want to avoid chronic diseases and aching muscles, the best way to go about it will be to exercise daily. Don’t think that exercising on weekends will be enough for you, you are highly mistaken. If you are going to get a desired level of physique, you should be dedicated.

Source by Dylan Flint

Find Cheap Classic Cars For Sale

Most cars that were produced either in the 1960s and 1970's are considered to be very powerful cars with most of them containing powerful V8s engines. The power discharged by these engines makes them have a high demand among the lovers of classic cars. Finding a cheap classic car for sale is not very hard but it all depends on where you decide to search.

The cars can be gotten at cheap reasonable prices and it is well known that those people that go for cheap cars for sale do so because they want to use them for road racing and long distance drives.

Most of the cars usually are two door and they come with features of sports cars.

Apart from the United States, other parts of the world people have started appreciating these cars with some people even holding classic rallies that bring together all those that have a passion for it.

These cars which are also known as muscle cars are considered to be the concept of taking a smaller car and fitting it to a large powerful engine.

When they were being designed, this type of vehicles was meant to race on straight roads because their chassis and suspensions were not designed for roads that have sharp bends on them.

They have been described perfectly in details by the road test magazine which states that a muscle car is exactly what the name poses.

It is evident that it is mostly the young people that are going for cheap muscle cars for sale because they have realized that they have very powerful engines that are good for racing. Some people are even looking for old muscle car bodies in order to fit them with modern sports car engine just for the fun of it.

The original muscle powered engine was developed in 1949 and it was surprising how people had interest and responded to the speed and power that was offered by this particular engine.

Cheap classic cars for sale can be readily available on the internet or on the motor vehicles magazines where you can be able to come across a classic car of your dreams with a reasonable price and in perfect condition.

It is difficult to find a classic car that is in a perfect condition unless you do a good research before committing any money on anything.

Source by Ricky Lim

Women's Self Defense and Blind Dates

The most common situation when women are raped is when they go on a blind date. Situations like this require knowledge of women's self defense. There are ways you can protect yourself if you do not know physical techniques through martial arts. These methods include carrying stun guns and mace with you at all times.

Blind dates are one of the most common ways to meet a new boyfriend. You might have a friend that knows a friend and then everything goes from there. The problem is that the friend that hooked you up really did not know the person well and they might not even know their last name. When you go on a blind date you put yourself in a vulnerable situation, especially if you do not double and he is driving. You must carry protection on you. It is important to understand women's self defense so you have the opportunity to get away if he does turn out to be a dangerous person.

Stun guns are an excellent product for women's self defense. The way these work is that they send wattages through the body, which stop the impulses of the brain that make the body work stop for a short period of time. These devices must be held against the person when you use them but they will immediately disable the attacker. Stun guns are small devices and you can purchase them that look like pagers and other devices if you want one that is disguisable. A stun gun is also non-lethal so you do not have to worry about killing the person you spray.

Another excellent product for women's self defense is pepper spray. Pepper spray can come in the form of a pen, a lipstick case, and more. This way you get the best opportunity to spray an attacker and get the best results. Pepper spray burns hot and it is one of the most effective ways to disable an attacker so you have time to run.

There are many ways to protect yourself when you go on a blind date. Most women raped on a blind date do not consider women's self defense products until they have already been attacked. They are disguisable and easy to use. Stun guns and pepper spray are the best options because they are non-lethal and they will not kill the person when you get them. These items could actually save your life.

Source by Jim Wilkinson Sr.

AJ Khubani and TeleBrands

If you watch any type of television then you've more than probably heard of these:

  • BareLift
  • BarkOff
  • Bottle Top
  • Crazy Critters
  • EZ Combs
  • Heel-Tastic
  • Jupiter Jack
  • PastaBoat
  • Ped Egg
  • Pedi Paws
  • PerfectFit Button
  • Shoes Under
  • Windshield Wonder

What do they have in common? AJ Khubani, President and CEO of TeleBrands. TeleBrands is the "As Seen On TV" one stop shop. They take a great idea and put it out there for the public in what has become known as direct response television.

Did you know that the day Ped Egg was first seen on TV, two million were sold that day alone? The wonders of television and marketing came to life and a good thing became aought after item!

Inventors can go to Telebrands and fill out a online submission form that describes their invention. The invention must be more than just an idea, it must be built and a working prototype.

Telebrands takes an invention that everyone needs but nobody ever thought of, and they put it out there for the public to buy. Some are simple ideas like the Ped Egg. A simple hand held device that gets rid of the dry dead skin on the bottom of your feet. Other ideas are a bit more complex, but still so simple that you have to think, "Why did not anyone think of this sooner ?!"

Take the Jupiter Jack. A way to turn any cell phone into a hands free device. Simple. Practical. Cheap. What better invention can there be then something you actually need that's affordable at the same time!

Telebrands receives hundreds of submissions withventions on a daily basis. They pick the best of the best and if you are one of the lucky ones, you'll hear back from them with a request for more information.

Telebrands is quickly becoming a international company with a office in India and one in the United Kingdom. With new products all the time, who can blame them?

Source by Jeremy Blake

Crime Prevention and Basic Self Defense Moves for Baby Boomers

Self defense for those of us who are baby boomers is not about fighting harder, but being smarter. Have a basic crime prevention plan to follow and learn to make the most of your motor abilities. I know that my own strength, stamina, range of motion and reaction times are not like they were even ten years ago. I will be medicare age this year, and because of the many naturally occurring physical changes that our bodies experience as we rush through life, I am feeling more vulnerable to possible criminal encounters. And yes, I have been a self defense instructor for almost four decades, but I am still subject to the same potential crime as everyone else. However, I have a permanent positive plan in place that relieves me from feeling more vulnerable than I was when I was much younger.

You can not stop Mother Nature from aging us, but what we lose in physical attributes we can gain through knowledge and experience. You can feel less vulnerable and be more powerful and dangerous to criminal types by following your own permanent positive plan of crime prevention. The path to such power has been described by many of the men and women I have shared my self defense tips and basic moves with over the decades as "surprising simple and devastatingly effective." As children of the sixties, now in our sixties, we take up causes and confront the challenges as we always have … directly.

Crime prevention awareness is the single most important reality that can make the critical difference is our personal safety. Being aware of your surroundings is as simple as it is complicated. There are many distractions that go through our mind at any given moment, so make a permanent positive plan to be more mindful when moving in an environment that you should be giving more personal awareness too. As an example: Walking to or from your car in the mall at noon time when the parking structure is full of shoppers versus a higher level of awareness that is needed when walking to your car when the mall is closing and fewer people are around. A really great local resource for crime prevention tips is simply calling your local police crime prevention department or unit. The police can give you a "heads-up" on the latest scams and local crimes.

Self Defense is both crime prevention strategies and using physical moves to protect your health and life. There is no going toe to toe with a criminal type in my plan. Remember, we want to work smarter, not harder. My personal plan is the very same program that I have been teaching for decades. It includes both a crime prevention strategy and learning to maximize my body as a weapon with simple basic physical moves that I developed naturally before I was two years of age. You can learn to leverage your full power against a physical assault through an easy to learn system of natural motor movements.

Learning to use motor skills you already possess is not a new approach, but the "transfer training" methods we teach have now been tried and tested over the years by thousands of men and women as well as the boys and girls who have attended this short , safe, and yes, fun type self defense program. New skills come from "DOING".

Self Defense Muscle Memory- Consider the difference between understanding the concept of riding a bicycle, and actually being able to do it. Getting on the bike and experimenting to find balance and control are what brings mastery to this physical skill. As we all seem to know, once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. It is part of your "muscle memory".

Good basic self defense moves that apply this same concept to learning the physical skills that can save your life. The training methods in a my Self Defense Program will show you how to quickly develop the physical motor skills into "Self Defense Muscle Memory". Partner training is a key to being able to learn the new skills in about the same amount of time you needed to learn CPR.

If you can point with your finger, wave and clap your hands, or able to climb up a few stairs than I have self defense moves you can learn. Are you ready to start your own permanent positive self defense plan? Click on the link in the resource area to begin a free lesson on learning the knee kick.

Source by Bill Valentine

Cheap Beats

Over the last few years, inexpensive technology has lowered the barrier to those who want to create beats and instrumentals for music. While this lower barrier to entry allows more and more people who want to make beats do so, it also can create a challenge for serious music artists looking for quality beats.

At the same time, the amount of new beat makers gives artists the opportunity to find cheap beats that they do not have to spend a ton of money for. This can be good because most new up and coming singers and rappers do not have a significant amount of money to invest in rap beats, hip hop beats, or r & b instrumentals.

If you are an artist, then there should be a balance when looking for affordability and quality in your music instrumentals. You do not want to just go and pick up any cheap beats that you find.

Just because you find cheap beats does not mean that they will do your talent justice. When dealing with new artists, I teach them the importance of being willing to invest in your talent, but at the same time I can understand when new artists are putting in tons of effort and simply do not have the funds to pay full prices.

So again, there must be a balance. You should focus on quality first, price last. A lot of times, new beat makers think that the best way to get people to buy their beats is to make them super cheap. The thing is, serious producers have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars in equipment and lots of time to perfect their beat making craft.

After reaching a definite point and building a number of clients, some of us reach a point where we can afford to offer cheap beats for a limited time time to artists who want to try their hand at singing or rapping. These are the types of beats that you should look for if you are looking for inexpensive instrumentals.

This is one component of the balancing act in searching for cheap beats that are professional quality.

Source by Aaron B

The Best Luxury Watch Brands In The Market

Although there are many watches in the market today, not every watch is worth its salt. There are imitations and there are originals of low quality. However, the best luxury watch brands are available and can easily stand tall from the rest. The watch that you put on can tell more than time. It can tell the value that you attach to yourself. These type of gifts can help tell what your style and status is. Many other people can read you involuntarily from the type of watch that you put on.

The best brands are said to be expensive but this is just a myth. There are many varieties of original luxury watches that are affordable. All you need to do is to carry out your search from your local dealers. You can also make use of the internet to enable you get the right type of watch that will have people talking.

The best watch brands falls under different categories. There are the high price units, the pseudo watches and the basic brand. These fantastic accessories vary in price and the most expensive one being the high-end watch that's characterized by amazing designs and a wonderful craftsmanship. These time pieces are not many and are sold by a few shops out there. It's the mighty and the financially capable that can purchase this type of quality. They are typically made of gold and can sell at a price that range from $ 6000 – $ 200000. Among the most popular of the best luxury watch brands include Brequet, Piguet, Alain Silberstein and many more.

There are the luxury time pieces that are competitively priced. In this category falls the best luxury watch brands that any serious person who needs a state of the art and stylish watch can afford. They are durable and moderately priced since you can definitely on it to offer you wonderful service. It's a watch that follows the philosophy, "if you are man enough, raise your hand". The high-end craftsmanship is perfect and can be relied upon to offer you with the look that you have always wanted.

Best luxury time pieces are not made for the royals also. There are many varieties that you can afford without suffering financially. You can save for your best luxury watch brands and get the pseudo or the basic luxury watch. You will appreciate the inner satisfaction that you will have by having one or many of the best brands as one of your accessories.

Source by Raymond Spiessbach

Aviation Supplies

When a pilot gets ready to take to the skies, he can’t just grab his keys, jump in the plane and go. There are quite a few more preparations involved in flying a plane than driving a car. In addition to a strict point-by-point inspection of all the aircraft’s systems and equipment, there are certain supplies each pilot needs to make his flight safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved. Some are necessary, some are recommended, and some are just plain fun.

Necessary Items – These include any item that is vital for the integrity of the aircraft or the safety of its passengers in the event of an emergency, including:

• Aeronautical charts

• Headsets

• Global positioning software

• Chart plotter

• Collision avoidance system

• Intercom

• Logbook

• Transceiver

• Flash lights

• Strobe lights

• First aid kit

• Lifejackets/flotation devices

• Emergency oxygen supply

Recommended Items – As the title suggests, these items may not be completely crucial but are strongly recommended for optimal safety and comfort, including:

• FAA handbook

• Instrument procedures handbook

• Airband scanner

• Fuel tester

• Flight guide/airport locator

• Disposable travel toilet

• Sunglasses

• Flying gloves

• Kneeboards

• Weather forecaster

Aviation Accessories – There is a near limitless supply of cool gadgets and fun aviation gifts perfectly suited for flying aficionados, from clothing to collectibles. Some ideas include:

• Hats

• Watches

• Clocks

• Flight suits

• Leather jackets/bomber jackets

• Monogrammed flight bags

• T-shirts

• Key chains

• Model airplanes

• Novels

• Movies

• Skill improvement books, CD-ROMs and DVDs

• Calendars

• Mugs

• Bumper Stickers

• Personalized license plates

• Mouse pads

• Christmas ornaments

• Stuffed animals

• Matched luggage sets

Make sure the pilot you love is completely prepared with all the aviation accessories and essentials he or she will need to take to the skies.

Source by Kyle Sims

Tips to Picking Out the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Picking the right pair of sunglasses is not just about style. It's also about buying a product that will protect your eyes and serve the right function. Consider the following tips the next time you're out looking for a new pair of sunglasses.


Over-exposure to UV rays can cause serious eye problems, so look for pairs that block at least 99% of UVB and at the very least 95% of UVA rays. Sunglasses should have labels that provide this information. If they do not, do not buy them.


Picking the right color sunglasses is a little more complex than matching your outfit. Different color lenses change your eyes' ability to distinguish shapes and color. Here's a quick outline of what each lens color does.

  • Gray: Reduce light intensity. Do not affect contrast and they do not distort colors.
  • Brown: Block some blue light, partly enhancing contrast. Great for snow sports and hunting during bright days in the open.
  • Amber or Yellow: Block most or all blue light to enhance contrast considerably. Good for hunters, who need contrast to see shapes of targets against the sky or light background. However, amber or yellow shades lessen color recognition. Not good for activities, like driving, that require distinguishing between colors.
  • Red / Orange: Good for enhancing contrast on overcast days.
  • Violet: Good for seeing clay targets on green backgrounds.
  • Blue or Green: Good for playing tennis, as they enhance contrast with yellow objects.

Lens Material

NXT polyurethane lenses are the most impact-resistant and flexible lenses. They're light and very clear. However, they are expensive. Glass lenses are heavier and as expensive, but will "spider" if even slightly cracked. Polycarbonate is not very scratch-resistant and is less clear, but a lot cheaper. Acrylic is the most affordable but the least quality type of lens.


There are all kinds of sunglasses to choose from. Picking one depends wholly on your taste. Here are some of the most well known types.

  • Mirrorshades: Used a lot by police. Highly polished, reflective surface. Usually come in aviator shape.
  • Aviators: Teardrop-shape lenses, wire rimed frame. Popular with pilots, cops and military. Best with oval shaped face.
  • Wayfares : Fifties and Sixties style sunglasses, as worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  • Teashades : Small, round lenses, made popular by John Lennon. Not to good at keep out light.
  • Wraparounds: Sleek and tight fitting sports glasses.
  • Oversized : Very popular nowdays, for that Hollywood glamor look.

Make sure they fit

The weight of the glasses should be distributed evenly between ears and nose for maximum comfort. Make sure your eyelashes do not touch the lenses.

Source by Kim White

The Benefits of Recycling Steel in Junk Cars

Recycling junk cars has a huge impact on our environment, economy, and more; an impact that is entirely positive. There are many benefits of junk car recycling, most of which involve steel. Continue reading to learn why it is important to recycle the steel in junk cars, and how you can personally contribute to this wonderful initiative.

Most Vehicles are Mostly Steel

Most vehicles are manufactured with steel because it is a highly durable, strong, and dependable metal. Not only can it protect drivers and passengers, it can be recycled and repurposed over and over again. In fact, most steel is made from existing steel materials, which does wonders to preserve our natural resources, conserve energy, and reduce harmful emissions produced by metal refining factories. According to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI), “recycling a single ton conserves 2500 pounds of iron ore, 1400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone.”

Vehicles, on average, are 60% steel and iron. The shell alone is 25% of the total amount of steel in a car or truck, on average. This includes the quarter panels, trunk, hood, and doors. Additionally, internal parts and metal components are recycled for their steel, such as automotive parts, gaskets, circuit boards, and more.

Steel Recycling

Motorized vehicles are among the most frequently recycled consumer product in the country. Regardless of who owned them or what happened to them, virtually all cars end up in the recycling process. According to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI), more than 14 million tons of steel from cars are recycled each year. This can actually be argued as a 100% recycling rate among vehicles no longer suited for the road!

Junk Car Salvaging Process

The junk car recycling process, although not too complicated, requires a fleet of highly-specialized equipment and technology. Most metal reprocessing centers will start by draining the vehicle of any remaining fluids to stay within environmentally responsible recycling practices. These fluids include transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, radiator fluid, battery fluid, and motor oil. Next, they will begin to dismantle the vehicle of all its reusable parts, like wheels, tires, headlights, doors, windows, fenders, bumpers, trunk lids, stereos, and any operational or repairable auto parts.

After a vehicle is finished with the draining and dismantling process, all that’s left are scattered hulks. This is usually shredded in an industrial metal shredder, which is an enormous and innovative machine that can shred large hulks down to fist-sized pieces in less than 45 seconds. These pieces are a compilation of steel, non-steel metals, and fluff (non-reusable rubbers, plastics, glass, etc.). A large magnetic sorter is used to separate the steel and iron pieces from the rest of the shredding material, which are then shipped all across the country to various metal buyers, reprocessed, and steel mills.

Source by Sarahbeth Kluzinski

How to Enjoy a Baseball Game

Now there are many different ways to take in and enjoy a good baseball game, but for the sake of this article I am going to limit this to just simply a professional game. You do not have to spend the money on a big league ticket to find enjoyment in the sport. You could attend a minor league game for a fraction of the cost or even a local college or junior college. Even a local high school team could have fun to go and watch. To try to stay something contained with my focus I am going to limit this article to only going to see a professional big league club.

I went to my first major league game as a very young child and still remember that game today. There have been many since then but game was really an experience I will never forget. The best major league games attended are usually with someone who has never been to one. There is really something special when it comes to sharing your passion, the big league experience, with someone else who is taking it all in for the first time. If this is the case, it is really up to you to make sure that their experience is not short of spectacular. So while you are taking someone to their first big league game or just looking to enjoy one yourself, following these easy steps will help to insure that you have a truly wonderful time.

First of all, it is absolutely crucial that you get your hands on a good ticket. It does not have to be right behind first base or home plate, but there is nothing worse than all the hype of a major league game being quickly doused by bad seats. Those of us NL Central fans that have had a Wrigley Field experience know that they do put seats directly behind those pulls that hold up the upper deck. Those seats are not very favorite and I would encourage anyone going to a major league game in any stadium to make sure to do their homework before they buy big league tickets. Any ticket that says it may possibly have a restricted view I would make it a point to stay away from. This is a skill that comes with experience, after going to your favorite ballpark again and again; you will soon obtain the skill of knowing where to sit.

Now there are many different ways to get your hands on tickets. If you like me you sit and wait until 10 am on the first day that tickets go on sale to try and purchase tickets in any way that you can. On that first day that tickets go on sale it is possible usually to buy tickets via phone or internet and I am typically trying to get them on both fronts. The only draw back to opening day tickets is the box offices are usually very busy and it can be tough to get the tickets that you want. Luckily for us baseball fans, the internet allows us to get our hands on tickets that we may not have been otherwise able to. Websites like eBay and StubHub allow us fans to get our hands on tickets that we would not have otherwise been able to get. These sites are devoted to people just like yourself that can buy and sell tickets amongst each other to get a good seat at the game they want to be at. I personally enjoy StubHub to get the seat that I want. You will find links to those sights at the bottom of this page.

After you have a ticket in hand it is now time to work on other accommodations that will make your trip a success. If you are like me you do not live in a big city where there is a big league team. Therefore, it is important for you to arrange for transportation to and from the ball park. Driving is fine as long as everyone in attendance is not drinking at the game. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a beer or two at your favorite ball park as long as your of age, just make sure that you designed a driver who will not be drinking to get you to an from the stadium. I found it best to offer someone a free ticket if they will be the designated driver. Often a friend who maybe does not quite have the money to go or maybe is not old enough to drink will jump all over the chance to go to a major league game for free. There are also other options. Perhaps a bus trip or other forms of transportation may be your …

Dental Insurance – Search For Cheap Affordable Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance is one of the most important things that you an have for you and for your family. We all hate to go to the dentist but the truth is if you put off going your teeth will only get worse and cost you more money over the long run.

Getting the proper dental care can prevent having cavities and eventually more serious dental work such as root canals and caps. It is true that many people wait until there tooth hurts to go to the dentist but you should go 2-3 times a year to make sure that your teeth are cleaned.

Finding dental insurance is not hard if you look in the right places and you want to start at your employer. You may not be aware but your company may offer a dental plan that will give you the coverage you need to get your teeth fixed and clean. Just check with the human resource department because they will be able to advise you if there is a plan available to you.

If you are going into the open market to find dental insurance then you need to decide if you are in need of a maintenance plan or if you have a major dental work that is needed. In most cases you can find a basic plan for a reasonable cost. If however you need more work done that just a cleaning then you may want to consider a dental care plan. You basically have to pay the dentist at the time the work is done but you get a savings over the regular price. The dentist is happy as well because they do not have to wait for the insurance company to pay them.

Remember that you need to take action now to find a great dental insurance plan that fits you and your families needs.

Source by Bryan Burbank

Women's Aviator Sunglasses – Sexy and Charming

Women have always been fashionable. In fact, their style transcends gender. You can see them donning pants and jeans as if these clothing items have been made specifically for them. They could wear men's watches and ties with so much ease and without losing their femininity. They could also sport women's aviator sunglasses, just like the army Flyboys and hunks like Elvis Presley and James Dean did.

What are aviator sunglasses for women?

However, women also have discerning tastes. They do not just settle for anything, even when it comes to their aviator sunglasses.

You would then notice that most of the aviators for women have the following characteristics:

Thinner Metal Frames. Most aviators are made of metal frames, but those of women appear to be thinner. This could be because thicker ones tend to appear more masculine. To soften the look of the sunglasses and to broadcast femininity in its design, the metal frames are made to be slimmer than the others.

Large Lenses. An aviator will never be considered one without it has large lenses. Fortunately, women love huge lenses because it definitely protects their eyes from the heat of the sun, as well as allow them to make their own bold statement. Most of the lenses can cover the entire eye socket. You can even find some of them that reach to the cheeks. For women, bigger ones will always mean the better bunch.

Arms with Rubber Tips. The arms of the glasses are also covered with rubber. This is to ensure that they do not suffer from any discomfort because of the tightness of the metal into their ears. Rubber arms can also come in different colors, which permit their sunglasses to look entirely sassy and charming. It would not be surprising to find women who buy aviators solely on the color of the rubber.

Polarized or Mirrored. Most of the glasses that are being sold today are either polarized or mirrored. These features also extend to women's aviator sunglasses. When you say polarized, the glasses can prevent the glare of the sun from reaching the eyes. On the other hand, mirrored sunglasses can reduce the amount of sunlight that blocks your view to as much as 60 percent, so you can have much clearer vision.

Impact Resistance. The lenses in sunglasses today are also very strong. Even when you accidently drop the glasses on hard surfaces, they do not easily crack, because of their thickness. They are also not easily scratched. Simply put, with aviators for women, the girls have a way of going practical with their fashion.

Design. Of course, women will always consider aesthetics on their purchase, and they would never be disappointed on the choices that they have. They can opt for the vintage aviators with their funky-colored metal frames, designer ones with accompanying semi-precious stones or crystals, and glasses designed exclusively for them by well-known fashion artists such as Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Stella McCartney, and Chanel, to name a few.

Source by Andrea White