Protect Your Eyes and Look Fashionable With Cool Sunglasses

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the consciousness of the public about the dangers of skin cancer and the importance of keeping your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun. However, not many people realize that our eyes are also similar to similar dangers and that they also require some kind of protection against excess exposure to sunlight. The good thing about this is that there are hundreds of sunglasses that you can choose from to keep your eyes protected, without sacrificing style. In fact, most sunglasses are very stylish and can be very instrumental in enhancing your overall look.

People have been using sunglasses to protect the eyes for many decades now. Even before the first pair of sunglasses was created, it has been discovered that ancient people had already used some kind of eyewear many centuries ago. These early versions of the sunglasses were found in the Arctic remains of the Inuit people who had used eyewear made of wood and bone with tiny slits. These were supposedly used to prevent their eyes from being damaged by snow blindness. Interestingly, a similar kind of contraption is mentioned in the novels of Jean Auel, which works are based largely on actual scientific research. This only goes to show that it is really very likely that the use of eyewear has actually started earlier than we had initially thought.

The earliest predecessor of the current tinted sunglasses may be traced to the early Chinese civilizations during the medieval period. However, instead of providing protection against the sun, these glasses were used by judges during court trials in order to conceive their expressions from the other individuals in the courtroom. The concept of using tinted shades to actually provide eye protection was first materialized when James Ayscough, an apprentice to an optician, created the first pair for his own personal use. He had the idea that excessively bright light actually harms the vision. Fortunately for him, his idea caught on and eyeglass manufacturers began making tinted sunglasses on a regular basis.

All of this happened many centuries ago but it was only during the 1930s that the general public started to regard sunglasses as a real fashion accessory and not just a means to protect the eyes. The first sunglass company in the United States was established in New Jersey and from that point, there was nowhere to go but up.

During the years of the war, the government mandated Bausch & Lomb to produce several sunglasses for the Air Force so that the pilots will be protected against the constant glare in the sky. It was also around this time that Ray Ban first came up with their signature aviator style sunglasses known for their polarized lens and stylish design. Today, the war has long been over but Ray Ban shades live on and continue to be one of the best selling sunglasses not only in the United States but all over the world.

Considering its humble beginnings, no one would have predicted that sunglasses would be enjoying the immense success that it has today. Sunglasses are now worn by all sorts of people, regardless of the age, gender, occupation or cultural background. The price varies greatly, with the cheapest ones selling for less than 5 bucks, and the more high-end brands reaching up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, expensive sunglasses do not always necessarily offer higher quality in terms of protection. While most of these branded shades do give you 100% UV protection, you can actually get the same kind of protection from cheaper glasses. It is true though, that the designs of branded sunglasses are very rarely equaled by those of less expensive versions. If you can afford to shell out hundreds of dollars on an Armani or Dior pair of sunglasses, go ahead as long as the pair you are interested in will give you the protection that you need.

Selecting the right design of sunglasses can also be quite tricky, especially if you have no idea of ​​how to look. There are certain types of frames that flatter different face shapes, and your optometrist will be able to give you some hints in this regard. You will also have to make your final decision based on the type of lens used. Most people today prefer plastic lenses as opposed to the heavier and more fragile glass. The material used for the frame is also something to think about. Metal and plastic are the most common options.

Sunglasses have been around for several years and to this day, there are no signs to indicate that it will soon be out of fashion. On the contrary, its extreme popularity only goes to show that it is here to stay …

Ultra Violet Rays – Business Women's Guide to Fashion

The Color Purple is a famous literary work, movie and Broadway play. Professional women are using this dynamic color to set the stage for a captivating and elegant entry in to the business arena. Fashion has rules and limits but modern professional women are finding ways to enhance their professional look, style and appeal to make the work place a more chic environment.

Listed below are ways that you can use this color to shine at any business or social event.

Purple Reign

The color purple is not just a jeweled toned shade that can match almost any skin tone and physical complexion. The color has great meaning that can build confidence and improve your overall appeal. Purple is a mixture of reds and blues which create a sense of mystic and royal qualities. It is often used by nobility and rich people as a symbol of wealth and extreme social status. This color also evokes spirituality and creativity as well as calmness and balance.

Purple Power

Although we do not recommend wearing a purple suit to work. There are clever and fun ways to incorporate purple into your professional wardrobe for a stylish and fashionable appeal. Women can wear purple blouses and belts with their suits and business casual attire. Pins and hair pieces in purple are also acceptable for any work environment. Women should match basic suits in navy, black or gray with purple accessories. Purple accessories can include purple toned jewelry in earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Professionals women should limit their jewelry to five simple pieces. Purple handbags and shoes are also acceptable depending on company dress code and profession or industry guidelines.

Face Value

Women can also wear purple toned make-up to brighten their faces and look stunning. Soft subtle purple eye shadows and lip balms or lip glosses can highlight the face and make any woman sparkle in the business arena. Women should always be cautious of how they apply their make-up and present themselves in formal business settings. The goal is to look professional and not as though you are going to an over the top party or a Hollywood photo shoot.

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What Does Hypoallergenic Skin Care Really Mean?

Have you read about this recently? Most common skin care products contain harmful ingredients that can cause allergies, irritation and many other problems. This is the reason hypoallergenic skincare has become popular now.

But what does this hypoallergenic skincare really mean? Hypoallergenic substances are those which do not cause any allergies and can be used safely.

Most creams that you find in the market contain some harsh chemicals like Parabens, Fragrances and Mineral Oil. All these chemicals are bad for the skin in the long run and can cause some serious health problems.

Parabens, which are used to increase the shelf life of the products, have been known to cause cancer in the long run in some cases. In fact, the use of Parabens has been banned in the European Union for cosmetic purposes.

Fragrances are chemicals too and are responsible for most of the allergies and irritation that skin care products cause.

Mineral oil is a byproduct of gasoline distillation. It slowly depletes the natural moisture of our skin and makes it dry and rough.

Parabens-free skincare is a part of hypoallergenic skincare. If you avoid parabens, fragrances and other dangerous chemicals in your creams, your battle of skin care is half won.

The rest is just identifying effective natural substances that can rejuvenate your skin and protect it from damage.

You can trust natural substances like Phytessence Wakame. This sea kelp has been their secret for beautiful skin for Japanese women, since centuries. It nourishes the skin with a host of vitamins and minerals that keep the skin healthy. It also protects the skin from the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun which results in age spots. This is an important ingredient in hypoallergenic skincare.

Cynergy TK(TM) is an extract derived from the wool of New Zealand sheep. It has been shown to significantly enhance the production of Collagen and Elastin in the skin. This helps in keeping the skin free from lines and wrinkles. It also contains Functional Keratin(TM). Keratin is a protein found throughout our body. It helps in the generation of new skin cells to replace the damaged ones and keeps the skin healthy.

Babassu is a light natural wax derived from the Babassu palm found in Brazil. It gently moisturizes the skin and keeps it supple. It is also helpful in soothing inflamed and dry skin.

Make no mistake about it. The right kind of hypoallergenic skincare can give you a fresh, beautiful skin without any side effects.

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Sore Throat

Pharyngitis is the term doctors use to describe sore throat and it accounts for 10-15 percent of all pediatric office visits. Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal pharyngitis (GABHS), more commonly known as strep throat, is a primary concern of a person with a sore throat. GABHS is more common in children than adults. In both kids and adults viruses are the most common cause of sore throat.

The most important concern in the person with a sore throat is to rule out some serious conditions associated with sore throat, including, most commonly GABHS. Certain factors will help predict if the cause of the sore throat is GABHS or a viral infection. The factors are not perfect and the use of a throat culture is needed in many cases in order to rule out strep throat.

Important factors to know about strep include:

• It most commonly affects children between 5-15 years old.
• It does not commonly affect children under three years old.
• It has an incubation period of 2-5 days. This means that if you have been in contact with someone who is infected and are infected your disease may not show up for 2-5 days.
• Respiratory secretions spread the infection.

Causes of sore throat

Viruses cause the majority of sore throats. Bacteria cause 5-15% of sore throats, but those between the ages of 5-15 have a higher incidence of bacterial causes of sore throat. In this group, 15-30 percent of sore throats may be caused by GABHS.

Certain factors can help determine if the sore throat is caused by a bacteria or a virus. Viruses that cause sore throat are more commonly accompanied by cough, stuffy nose, red eyes and fatigue.

Possible diagnoses

• Viral sore throat – there are over 200 viruses that cause the common cold and each presentation may be a little different. Many of these viruses are linked to sore throat. Below some specific viruses that cause sore throat will be discussed.
• Hand-foot and mouth disease. This is caused by a virus that is called the Cocsackie virus. It causes blisters on the hands and feet as well as in the mouth or throat.
• Infectious mononucleosis can also cause sore throat. This sore throat is typically severe and associated with pus (white patches) in the throat. This disease is associated with swollen lymph nodes – particularly the glands on the back of the neck. It sometimes comes with stomach pain due to an enlarged liver or spleen. Those who are treated with penicillin will usually develop a rash (90% of the time). It is most common in those who are 10-25 years old and is accompanied by fatigue and a lingering sore throat.
• HIV is a rare cause of sore throat. Individuals who have risk factors for HIV (multiple sexual partners, men who have sex with men, intravenous drug users) who present with a sore throat should have this diagnosis considered.
• Bacterial sore throat. The most common cause of bacterial sore throat is GABHS. Other bacteria can sometimes cause sore throat.
• Fungal infections rarely cause sore throats. Candida infections are a common cause of fungal sore throat. The individual will have a sore throat with a white coat on the tongue and in the oral cavity that looks like cottage cheese. The white coating will bleed if it is scraped off.
• Diphtheria is a rare cause of sore throat. It presents with a sore throat, fever, tender lymph nodes in the front on the neck and serosanguineous nasal discharge. It can be prevented by routine vaccinations.
• Kawasaki disease rarely occurs but affects children under five and presents with sore throat, tender lymph nodes, fever, eye discharge, red oral mucosa, strawberry tongue, cracked red lips, swelling of the hands and feet and red rash on the hands and feet, followed by peeling of the palms.
• Peritonsillar abscess is a serious cause of sore throat and presents with fever, feeling wiped out, a hot potato voice, difficulty swallowing, painful swallowing, ear pain and difficulty opening the mouth.
• Miscellaneous causes of sore throat include: persistent cough, smoking, gastroesophageal reflux, postnasal drip secondary to runny nose, allergies, foreign body and thyroiditis (inflamed thyroid gland).


Most sore throats are caused by a virus and go away on their own. It is important that all health care consumers are aware of when sore throats can be serious and when they are likely self-limiting.

Death is a risk of life, but it is rarely related to sore throat. Throat abscess (pus filled infection in the throat) may lead to breathing problems as the swelling in the throat reduces the ability to breath. Diphtheria can lead to respiratory failure. Untreated GABHS can affect the heart valves and has the potential to …

Types of Picture Frames

Welcome back! In this article, we will be talking about the different types of frames. There are four main types of frames.

1. Wood Frames

2. Meta Frames

3. Plastic Frames

4. Glass Frames


Wood picture frames are by far the most common. There's a good chance that all the picture frames in your house are made out of wood. There are three sub-categories in the wood category .. They are: wood veneer, solid wood, and composite.

Solid wood is pretty self-explanitory. It's 100% wood. Picture frames you see in stores are rarely made out of solid wood. Usually, they are made from composite wood (see below). The reason for this is that Solid Wood is expensive, and if you can get the same shape from using a cheaper process, why not do it? The cheapest of the three is composite wood. Composite wood is made from many compressed wood pieces which are glued together. The majesty of decorated frames you see are made from compressed wood. Also, it is the most common of the three types of wooden picture frames. When you think you're getting a real "wood" frame, you usually are just getting a composite one.Wood Veneer attempts to give a wooden frame a "real wood look" without using solid wood. This is done by gluing a small, high quality piece of wood onto the top of a composite frame. These are a bit more expensive then the composite frames, look very similar to solid wood frames.

Wood frames are usually a good choice when it comes to framing your pictures, but they do have a couple problems. Many people complain that when they get a wood frame, it often has knots or other imperfections in it. This is not a flaw in the particular frame, it's how wood naturally is. If you want a perfect frame with no wood like characteristics, you would be better off with a plastic imitation or a nice wood veneer frame.Many wooden frames come unfinished. Unfinished wooden frames can be damaged easily. Glue, water, or any other liquid substance can ruin an unfinished wooden frame. When dealing with unfinished wood frames, be very careful. If you can, try and put a stain on it or finish it yourself.


Plastic frames are a good option if you are looking for a decent looking frame that lasts a long time. Plastic frames come in different types. Glossy, colored, and imitation-wood are three common types of plastic picture frames. Any of these will work, depending on what you're looking for. If you want a modern look, go with colored. They look good, and can really accent the color of a room. Imitation wood is great if you want a nice wood look with no imperfections, but if you get close up, it's easy to tell that it is plastic and not wood. Finally, glossy is made to shine in light. It often looks great, but fingerprints are extremely easy to see. If you're looking for a shiny frame, I would recommend a glass picture frame.


Metal is nearly the same as plastic, only sturdier. Many people use metal frames to give a slight "grunge" look to a picture. They also can look almost like plastic, but they're much more solid. If you have a problem with picture frames breaking, I'd recommend metal frames.


If you've read this blog at all, you'll know that glass frames are my personal favorite. They shine like metal and glossy plastic, but they look MUCH better. If you want to read some other benefits, check out my post on glass picture frames .

Closing Thoughts

This was just a quick run down on the types of picture frames. I hope it answered some questions for you! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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What Might Jesus Say on the Same-Sex Marriage Survey Result?

WITH around eighty percent of eligible Australians having taken part in the SSM postal survey, it’s clear that most consider it an important issue. So significant, in fact, that it almost appears that the bell curve of views is inverted – everyone believes passionately at either side, fewer remaining middle of the road than ever. It can make for social war.

The result, therefore, polarised many of us. Many were elated and many, though fewer in number, were exasperated. Both the elated and the exasperated have the opportunity to conform back to the thinking of Christ.

Jesus challenged almost everyone he ever engaged with. Some were challenged for their encouragement. Others were rebuked, given cause for reflection. Others again received God’s wrath for the audacity they showed in abusing the powerless (i.e. chief priests and scribes). Few people are well at ease with the historical Jesus, except the powerless or those for whom life had crushed, who were also humbly ready to be nearer to God.

God does not change. Jesus does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, forever (Hebrews 13:8). His nature is how the Holy Spirit works. We stray off-line a tenth of a degree and the still, small, silent voice of the Lord counsels us back to the true and ancient path (Jeremiah 6:16).

I’m not entirely sure what Jesus would say. I’m not sure others can identify with precision what the Lord would say either. But I’m sure he would have many things to say – all truth-filled, balanced, wise, and challenges for us all to mull over. As we read the gospels, he was actually amazingly unpredictable in what he said, when he said it, and to whom he said what he said. Sure, we can say what he said makes so much sense, but wisdom is always logical from hindsight.

Simply posing this question helps us Christians check ourselves, before we respond – in the tradition of Psalm 139:23-24. In such a case, we might be counselled by the Holy Spirit to do what is always blessed and resist what is only occasionally blessed and at other times harmful.

Acting justly, being kind, and walking humbly –

these are always right.


It is good to ask unanswerable questions. They get us to stop and reflect into the mystery of life, which is God. And where we arrive at isn’t a set viewpoint, but acceptance for what is. That is God’s blessing for us, today and every day. It is great to know that we don’t know.

A safe position we as individuals can arrive at on complex matters like SSM is:

· acknowledge it’s complex, and that none of us owns every corner of truth on this issue or any other issue;

· understand our role is to act justly, be kind to others, and walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8), which means:

o we bear one another, our differences and inclinations, in mind, with respect;

o we watch what we do or say to avoid hurt and augment healing;

o acknowledge our opinions are just that – filtered through our limited way of seeing things;

o and, by doing these things, we hope to glorify God, which is our chief aim.

It’s good to avoid certain subjects socially so we can simply focus on being present with people. And if we really need to process the issues, it’s good to go to someone who will lead us to relief; someone who will listen, validate what we feel, but not fuel the fire.

We do not have to have something to say on every issue.

When everyone is respected, no matter their opinion or the strength of their view, everyone is loved.

Source by Steve Wickham

Modern Aircraft – The Embraer E-170

The Embraer aircraft corporation of Sao Paola, Brazil has made a name for itself in recent years by designing and manufacturing regional jets. The first of these jets, the Embraer 145 made its first flight in 1995. The ERJ-145 is a 50 passenger jet powered by two rear mounted Rolls Royce turbo fan engines. It has a wing sweep of approximately 22 degrees and has a T-tail configuration.

The operational success of the ERJ-145 and its similar competitors such as the Canadair Regional Jet and the airlines’ desires for a larger model brought about the “E” series of jets from Embraer.

The Embraer 170 is the base model “E” jet. It’s a narrow body airliner powered by two General Electric CF-34 turbofan engines. Each engine is FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) equipped. The first flight of the Embraer 170 took place in March 2004 and the aircraft passed FAA certification in September of 2005.

The EMB -170 features a fully digital flight deck. The Honeywell Primus Flight Information Display provides pilots with increased situational awareness, increased information retrieval and better flexibility. The system consists of a total of 5 cathode ray screens and allows pilots to present flight, aircraft performance, terrain, weather and air traffic on the various displays.

The EMB- 170 cockpit is roomy which is a departure from the E-145. The base aircraft configuration holds 70 passengers in a 2+2 configuration with lavatories forward and aft.

The EMB-170 is operated with a crew of four. Two pilots and two flight attendants. It has a range of 2100 miles and a maximum speed of 481kt (mach .86). It’s maximum service ceiling is 41,000 ft.

Currently Republic Airlines, Shuttle America Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Egypt Air, Air Canada and Compass Air operate the EMB 170.

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Sun Glasses

Sunglasses are a very good accessory for your otherwise already perfect outfit. However, adding adding style to your look, they also serve other functions. For one, they protect your eyes to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Exposing your eyes to harmful UV rays from sunlight has been known to cause the development of cataracts and the degeneration of a person's vision. Good quality sunglasses block all UV rays and protect your eyes from harm. Sunglasses also protect the skin around the eyes, which prevats aging aging and wrinkles.

Sunglasses also protect your eyes from other dangers. One of these dangers is glare. All surfaces reflect light, and some surfaces can cause an extremely bright glare. These reflections can be very distracting, even dangerous in some circumstances. Sunglasses reduce the glare and give you a more comfortable vision. Polarized sunglasses are particularly effective in reducing reflective glare.

Sunglasses can also reduce the headaches and eyestrain. In the eye, the pupil controls the amount of light that enters the retina. When there is little light, the pupil dilates to let light in. In bright light, the pupil constricts to protect the retina from too much light. There are times when it is extremely bright, but the pupil is not able to constrict enough to keep out the excess light. In this case, the person will resort to squinting. However, squinting strains the muscle surrounding the eyes, which causes fatigue. Pupil constriction and squinting can lead to headaches and eye strain. Sunglasses reduce the amount of light that can reach the eyes. As a result, the need to squint is eliminated. This will reduce the risk of headaches and eye strain caused by the sun.

Your eyes are a very important part of your body. You must do what you can to protect them from the harmful elements. Sunglasses are designed for your eyes' protection. Looking good is only part of their appeal.

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Gucci Sunglasses Review

When shopping for sunglasses, the number of options is seemingly unending. And that includes the manufacturer that you choose. But if you select a pair of Gucci sunglasses, you’ll be choosing one of the top brands in the market.

It all began over a century ago, in 1906. That’s when Guccio Gucci founded the “House of Gucci,” which was a saddle shop located in Florence, Italy. Gucci’s specialty was leather goods. The shop first produced leather bags for horsemen, and later made luxury luggage.

Since then, Gucci has significantly expanded its line of products, which now includes a full line of high-end sunglasses. The company’s sunglasses have become one of the industry’s benchmarks in terms of quality and style. Here are some tips for choosing the right sunglasses for your needs:

1. Set a budget.

Even though Gucci sunglasses are high-end, you can avoid spending your life savings on a pair. The key is to find the model that you fancy, and then find the right price. Compare prices from at least three stores, and compare more if you have the time and effort. Search online and offline, and leave no stone unturned.

2. Choose a pair that filters out some blue light.

Blue light can cause damage to your retina and can ultimately result in macular degeneration. If a blue sky appears grey, then a pair of Gucci sunglasses is successfully filtering out blue light.

3. Check for UV protection.

Look for sunglasses with both UVA and UVB protection. These types of ultraviolet rays have different wavelengths, though both can potentially harm your eyes. Also, verify that the sunglasses provide 99% or 100% protection. And remember that darker glasses don’t necessarily provide more UV protection.

4. Choose a frame shape that matches your face’s shape and head size.

Verify that the shape of the sunglasses frames complements the shape of your face. You should also consider the size of your head. If you have a round face, then you should choose long and thin frames. And if you have a square face, then you should choose styles that are soft and rounded in shape.

Also, match up a pair of frames, with your head. Small sunglasses complement small heads, while large sunglasses complement large heads.

5. Check for polarization.

This feature is particularly useful if you work and play outdoors. The polarization feature will help to reduce how much glare reaches your eyes, which will improve the effectiveness of the shades.

6. Choose the right lens color.

One of the best options is gray, since it doesn’t affect your color perception. Consider which lens hue provides you with enough comfort, and suits your personal preference. If you suffer from macular degeneration, then one of your best options is orange-brown.

7. Choose rugged sunglasses if you play sports.

You’ll need frames that are lightweight yet shatterproof, and plastic. This will protect both you and your eyes while playing your particular sport.

For over a century, the Gucci name has been producing quality products. These tips will help you to choose the right pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Source by Jason J Thompson

Five Secrets To Scoring Last Minute Hotel Deals

In a discussion about secrets and how they pertain to the travel industry, it is no secret that everyone wants to save money wherever they can. This is certainly the case with the big push in the industry to help uncover major last-minute hotel deals. Finding a place to stay can, in many cases, make or break our trips. Whether it is for business or for pleasure, if you happen to have a bad experience with a hotel, it taints the trip. If you just also happened to have paid a bit too much for the bad experience, it really gets the blood boiling.

The travel industry, as a whole, has been changing for the better part of the last three decades. According to travel experts, there once was a time when much of the travel industry was regulated by travel agents & agencies. While they did great work & were a reflection of their times, today’s travel industry is all about many options, low-cost, flexibility, and choice. The consumer-driven travel industry has made it to where even travelers waiting until the last-minute can actually book some tremendous savings that may not have even been possible about ten years ago.

Here are a few secrets travel gurus recommend if you’re looking to score big savings at the last-minute when booking a hotel room:

1. Combination Deals – If you’re looking to stay in a hotel, you probably need to travel. While some trips can work best if you drive, many people would rather fly to their destination & rent a car to move around town. Some of the best savings you can get group all of these options into one travel package, greatly bringing down the price. You do have to be persistent in searching for these deals, but they are out there.

2. Travel Websites – Part of the persistence needed to find great combo deals includes checking websites that specialize in travel savings. These sites put together the best deals from all over the internet, thereby saving you time, and ultimately money. You can also sign-up for email reminders & alerts for new deals coming through.

3. App Mania – Whether you work with iOS or Android, you are certainly familiar with the growing number of apps available to do just about anything. Look a little further, and you’ll find apps that are specific to finding incredible hotel booking deals especially for the procrastinator in all of us. With the right combination of alerts & having our mobile devices handy, finding a last-minute deal just got really easy.

4. Midweek Travel – Most travelers try to book on the weekends, which means they contend with everyone else trying to book during the weekend. Hotel industry insiders agree that by shifting your booking to during the week, you’re very likely to secure some serious savings on your hotel booking simply because hotels want to be sure to fill their rooms even if at a discount.

5. Off-Season Travel – In the same vein of traveling midweek, choosing to travel during a time of year when others aren’t can make for some big savings. This goes not only for hotel room reservations, but for just about all other modes of travel. This can be huge for those looking at combo deals.

Last-minute hotel deals are easy to come by than you think, but it’s important to note that as much as you’re playing the procrastinator, you also need to think critically in terms of how best to get the deals you want. With all of the options you have, casting a wide net & using technology to your benefit may be the best approach to getting the savings you want next time you book a hotel.

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Just What Is UV Protection On Sunglasses And Why Is It Important

Sunglasses are great in more ways than one. They can compliment your appearance while preventing you to have to squint while outside on a sunny day. But sunglasses are not simply a fashion accessory to be taken lightly. They are actually of major importance for protecting our eyes from the sun's UV rays which can lead to diseases of the eye when exposed to them over time.

The ultraviolet radiation element in sunlight is divided into two basic areas – UVA and UVB. Sunglasses block both of these types of rays. What exactly is UVA and UVB you ask? Well, UVA represents the ultraviolet radiation that passes through the Earth's ozone layer, reaches our skin and can lead to premature aging. UVB are also ultraviolet rays, but are absorb, in great amount, by the ozone layer. Still, they are very harmful and can contribute to the cause of skin cancer and cataracts.

The lenses of a pair of sunglasses should be dark enough to reduce the glare of bright light, but not so dark that they distort colors in objects, and obviously not so dark that they inhibit your vision. The point is that as long as the lenses are properly tinted, your eyes will be protected. You do not have to go 'crazy' looking for lenses that are so dark that they not only block out the sun's UV rays, but block out the actual sun itself.

The standard UV protectant level in the sunglass industry is UV400 – across the board – which protects the eyes from 98 per cent of the sun's ultraviolet rays. And statistics based on testing results from inexpensive sunglasses as compared to the more expensive brands show that even sunglasses in the $ 5 and below range, provide the same amount of protection as the more expensive variants. So, the good news is, you do not have to pay more for the best level of protection. And for those who wear prescription sunglasses, something else you might be interested in knowing is that the UV level is the same for both those and the store bought versions.

And for even further comfort and assurance, you may be happy to know that sunglass manufacturers have to follow certain FDA regulations. They have to comply with impact requirements – not saying that sunglasses must be completely shatterproof, but that they will at best, withstand a moderate impact. Sunglass manufacturers also have to follow labeling regulations. No doubt if you've ever bought a pair of sunglasses in your lifetime, you've had to peel that removable sticker off the front of one of the lenses either before you put them on or afterwards when you realize that something's obstructing your view.

They say you get what you pay for. Well, if you pay for a pair of sunglasses, you're paying for good eye health.

Source by Gray Rollins

How to Prevent a Skin Mole From Coming Back After Removal

When a person has undergone treatment for skin mole removal, he cannot set aside the fact that skin moles have the possibility of re-occurring. That is bad news to that person.

In order to prevent the re-occurrence of skin moles, there are things that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, the physician’s advice is always the best resort. Having good habits may be of great help. Self – discipline is the important driving force in this case.

The presence of skin moles is associated with direct and indirect sunlight. You should take the necessary precautions whenever your skin is exposed to sunlight. Sunlight can cause other skin problems like wrinkles aside from causing skin moles to appear.

We can classify sun rays into two namely ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B. These two can damage our skin and cause skin cancer. However, ultraviolet A is less harmful rather than the latter type of ray.

Some of us believe that skin damage due to sun exposure is typically evident during summer. But what we did not know is that prolonged exposure to winter sunlight is as harmful as the summer’s. In fact, the sun’s rays during winter can be more dangerous. The living proof is the skiing enthusiasts.

Being underneath the water can lessen the harmful effects of direct sunlight to our skin. But it is not a good alternative as compared to other methods of skin protection.

Sunlight can reach our skin through the clouds in the open sky. Research shows that up to 80% of sunlight is received through clouds or water.

Due to rampant pollution in the world that causes global warming, one always has the danger of getting skin problems whenever he goes outside. Medical experts say that between 10:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon the sun’s rays are very harmful and are not healthy to our skin so avoid going out during these hours of the day. If you really need to go outside in important circumstances, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Look for sunscreen with at least a sun protective factor of 30 or simply SPF 30.

Remember, it can be easily removed by water or sweat so apply it evenly and diligently. Even though clouds are present in the sky, it is not an assurance that we can escape the negative implications of direct sunlight to our skin.

Always remember to bring an umbrella when going outside to do outdoor activities. Wearing long sleeved- clothes, long pants, and a large hat is also an effective alternative. Cotton fabrics are recommended because they can deflect the heat caused by the sun’s harmful rays. Sunglasses which offer protection against direct sunlight can be also an option. You can always look fabulous and fashionable without sacrificing your skin’s health.

Being aware of these facts can save you from a lot of trouble especially when it comes to your skin health. Make it a habit to apply sunscreen. Teach the children to do the same in order to protect their skin from the harmful rays of sun.

Source by Manisha Kumar

Ultra Violet Rays – Business Women's Guide to Fashion

The Color Purple is a famous literary work, movie and Broadway play. Professional women are using this dynamic color to set the stage for a captivating and elegant entry in to the business arena. Fashion has rules and limits but modern professional women are finding ways to enhance their professional look, style and appeal to make the work place a more chic environment.

Listed below are ways that you can use this color to shine at any business or social event.

Purple Reign

The color purple is not just a jeweled toned shade that can match almost any skin tone and physical complexion. The color has great meaning that can build confidence and improve your overall appeal. Purple is a mixture of reds and blues which create a sense of mystic and royal qualities. It is often used by nobility and rich people as a symbol of wealth and extreme social status. This color also evokes spirituality and creativity as well as calmness and balance.

Purple Power

Although we do not recommend wearing a purple suit to work. There are clever and fun ways to incorporate purple into your professional wardrobe for a stylish and fashionable appeal. Women can wear purple blouses and belts with their suits and business casual attire. Pins and hair pieces in purple are also acceptable for any work environment. Women should match basic suits in navy, black or gray with purple accessories. Purple accessories can include purple toned jewelry in earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Professionals women should limit their jewelry to five simple pieces. Purple handbags and shoes are also acceptable depending on company dress code and profession or industry guidelines.

Face Value

Women can also wear purple toned make-up to brighten their faces and look stunning. Soft subtle purple eye shadows and lip balms or lip glosses can highlight the face and make any woman sparkle in the business arena. Women should always be cautious of how they apply their make-up and present themselves in formal business settings. The goal is to look professional and not as though you are going to an over the top party or a Hollywood photo shoot.

Source by Chi Chi Okezie

The Moon Is Not For Sale by Wallace Provost – Book Review

Land, Society and How Things Could Be

Annabelle Taylor (Annie) and Clint Baker are thrown together in the middle of an asteroid shower on the Moon. Lunar City, for the moment, is in chaos, offering only very cramped, bored and squalid conditions until the next shuttle arrives in two weeks time. Annie is only a temporary worker on the Moon having gone there to pick up easy credits for her law degree, but Clint is a “Luney”, that is, he was born on the moon. Clint decides it is best to take Annie with him to his family home, Moondogy Ranch, which is a few days drive away by very rough road. The ranch is located in a huge cavern, which is sealed off from the outside to protect it against the solar radiation and the extremes of temperature. Annie feels stirrings of emotion for Clint, but her plans for her life do not include being a farmer’s wife, much less one who lives on the Moon. Annie is a Cherokee Indian and very much intends to become a lawyer so she can advance the standing of her people. What direction will Annie’s life take, and indeed what direction will events in the pioneer Looney civilization take?

The Moon Is Not For Sale is Wallace Provost’s first novel and is a very amiable book, full of adventure. It is written in the hard science style, which is to say it is based on science fact, current science theory and logical projections from today’s widely held science concepts. Provost holds a Masters Degree in the philosophy of science, and a second Masters in sociology. Not surprisingly the novel also contains speculations about the nature of society and the possibilities of future societies. At its heart this is a book for those who like to imagine and dream, and for those who like people.

Provost’s novel is very much about frontier life on the Moon and suitably the style has a hint of the back-woods, fire-side tale. The voice is very chatty and we feel we are perhaps listening to our uncle or grandfather tell us about people he knows. Each new character, for example, is introduced by a short yarn which reveals something of their history and personality. This helps to make the book warm and friendly and we immediately feel at home. Along the way there are several surprise endings which spur us to read on. There are occasional moments of real irony, such as the “jungle drum music” (p. 153) in Chapter 18, where patrons of the “Haven of Evil” lasciviously prepare to watch a truly gratuitous spectacle. This very much contrasts with the previous chapter in which Kwame Nkuomo, a Gahanna engineer, beats his jungle drum while remorsefully contemplating the terrible consequences of a failed project which he helped to initiate. The philosophical ethics of the first chapter bitingly contrasts with the degradation of the next.

This book has an unusual plot structure. The first half of the novel follows Annie as she rises in the world and has to deal with various complications, such as a possible romance with Clint and even a plot to kill her. In the second half of the book the plot diverges into various stories, many of which are centred on the development of the moon colony. We read of, for example, the establishment of a number of new settlements. In this second half there is still a plot line related to Annie, however, she does not take centre stage. One criticism of Provost’s book is that this second half is unnecessarily repetitive. There is, for example, a second attempt to kill Annie. In the first half Black Horse Jones, Cherokee Indian ‘big man’ and Annie’s long standing enemy, is the individual who wants Annie dead. In the second half Injun Joe Bristow, also a Cherokee Indian ‘big man’, is the assassination schemer. Once again in the first half we read the story of the establishment of the city of Inyanga by dispossessed Zulus. In the second half of the book we read of the establishment of Helium City by Indians from the slums of Mumbai, and then again the story of the establishment of the village of Xi Hue by oppressed immigrants from Tibet. This is basically the same plot idea repeated. Finally in the second half we read the three stories of Mike Riggs, Monty Wilson and Art Anderson, all of who are temporary immigrants to the moon and all of who meet and marry Indian ‘Luneys’ in Helium City. These stories come in so close proximity that we cannot help noticing the repetition. A related problem to this is that, without Annie taking centre stage, there is less to tie the various plot developments together. As a result this …

Mozambique Scuba Diving Destinations

Vibrant coral reefs are scattered all over the sea bottom in the close vicinity of the very protected launch site and varies from only a few meters to over 40 meters deep and therefore cater for the beginner as well as the advanced diver! This is the divers chance to indulge him / herself in coral reef diving "par excellence" and to experience the sight of huge Mata rays, whale sharks, awesome moray eels, vicious game fish, massive potato basses and more! Nowhere else in Mozambique are Mantas so common and it is no wonder that the Inhambane coast is softly being called, the "Manta Coast"!


Average Depth = 7 Meters Maximum Depth = 10 Meters

Scenery = the house reef is shallow enough for snorkelling but also great for a shallower dive. With the sun shining from above it is an excellent site for underwater photography. This reef consistors of scattered rock formations, rather flat with sand patches in between.

Marine & Coral Life = Cresh reef has just the right name because there is juvenile fish where you look. The larger variations are present but it is the young ones that draw the attention. In the holes and under the rock crevices there were a lot to keep you busy for example Puffer fish, Blue Spotted Ray, Octopus, Pepper Eels and even a couple of Stone fish made their appearance. Lizardfish, Boxfish, Clown Triggerfish and all the other tropical reef fish seen in the warmer Mozambican water.

The coral consoles more of Staghorn coral, lots of Porous corals, Sea sponges and colorful Anemones were ever present. You could wile away the time just drifting and watching the fish behaviors. This is really a very nice dive on a hot summers day.

Mike's Cupboard

Average Depth = 12 Meters Maximum Depth = 15 Meters

Scenery = This reef is flat with big holes and in these holes are small caves, overhangs and even a few arches with swim throughs. Some parts of the reef looks like boulders stacked on top of each other with sand patches in between. Marine & Coral Life = Mike's cupboard is really a true description if that is everything that can be kept there. This is really a busy place with schools of Blue banded Snappers, Coachmen, Angelfish, Trumpet fish, Kingfish and Tuna passing by. In the holes itself is found a brown Paper fish hiding behind a rock so no one would see him. Others that camouflaged themselves just as well were the Scorpion fish, Crocodile fish and Lizardfish. The Octopus changed his colors so quick that we almost lost sight of him moving into a hole. In the small caves we found a whole lot of Banded Shrimp moving around, there was a big Puffer fish hiding from everyone, a very shy creature. The coral on this reef consistors of Whip coral in various colors, beige Fleshy soft coral, purple and white Thistle soft coral and lots of Lobed soft coral. Plate coral, Porous coral and Smooth-horned corals was also seen through the dive. This was a very nice dive for the inquisitive diver.

Giants Castle

Average Depth = 21 Meters Maximum Depth = 32 Meters

Scenery = This reef consist of a big wall almost 4 meters high with drop-off's that leads to sandy areas. All along this wall is a ridge that is rich in marine and coral life. Big rock formations add to the scenery of this reef.

Marine & Coral Life = Diving this reef was really a very nice experience, with a great variety of tropical fish to be seen. A rare Weedy Scorpion fish made his appearance and was amazing how it blended in with the surroundings. This reef has a great variety of starfish species. Big Green coral trees where Goldie's and Long nose Hawkfish hide from the predators. On the plateau Manta Rays surprise you with a graceful pasture in flight. Under the ledges are Dancing Durban Shrimp waiting to perform their cleaning duties. In the crevices and hollows there are Triggerfish and different species of Moray Eels. On this reef the coral is mostly untouched, from Porous corals to different species of Hard and Soft corals in a variety of colors and textures. Always keep an eye out in the midwater for game fish passing by. A nice dive for the Advanced Diver.


Average Depth = 12 Meters Maximum Depth = 15 Meters

Scenery = This part is next to Mike's Cupboard but just a larger version. Still a flat reef but just more and bigger hollows in the reef itself. In these hollows are pinniclelike rock formations as well as ledges that form overhangs. Sand patches can be found on the bottom of most of these hollows. The hollows reminded …

Yoga Is not Stretching

If we look at the purpose of yoga and understand it in its spiritual context, we could distill it as 'opening the body, at the physical and subjective levels'. In this process of opening what is held within these different levels, the holding and in fact what creates the holding itself, is released. This process of the release through opening is in yogic terms purification. There is no way shape or form by which this process can be equated with stretching.

Stretching does not transform. As the word implies implicitly it is simply a forced lengthening. If we look at asana practice in this way the consequence of stretching will of course result in greater flexibility. This type of flexibility however requires perpetual stretching to be maintained. Because there is a force in stretching the natural response of the body is to retract again once that forces is removed with the same amount of force as was applied. This is a basic law of physics.

It is possible that through stretching, the body can be reshaped, the muscles and tendons lengthened. But if we compare this effect to the purpose of yoga, then the purpose is not achieved. Doing yoga by stretching will also have benefits, but they will be limited and short term. Yoga classes where you are exhorted to pushed to the limit, and then some, may leave you in a state of sweaty exhilaration, but like any high you come down. If this was what yoga was really about, then gymnasts and ballerinas, would be yogis and yoginis.

My yoga teacher in Rishikesh continuously warned a naturally flexible student that her flexibility was a barrier to her practice. He also used to say that there were two ways to we could do asana practice. One way was the way of force, which which I am including stretching. He described the way of force as using a sledgehammer. The second way he described as using a chisel, and a hammer. He said the chisel was awareness the hammer was intelligence. Awareness takes consciousness into the body and intelligence follows it and directions it. As I have written Elsewhere what the body holds is the contents of our subconscious. Obviously this means that we do not have conscious awareness of what is held. Yoga as a process of opening and releasing is then the discovery and making conscious what our subconscious holds in our body.

We live in a fast paced got to have it now culture. Sledgehammer yoga may elicit fast results, but the possibility of injury can be attested to by many. If conscious awareness was there could injury occur? I think not.

What then is opening and how do we do it? Well first of all, as what is held in the body is not conscious, it must become conscious, which essentially means we have to discover it. This discovery requires us paying a lot of attention while doing asana, the first 'union' is between awareness and body, then awareness body and breath.

Holding is by definition a contracting. Opening then is a letting go of the holding / contracting that is unconsciously occurring. It is the creation of spaciousness in the body. On a practical level it looks like this. We must in any asana find and not pass the boundary of our bodies capacity. Then we slightly withdrew from that boundary – just a little. Then we breath into the area where we find our boundary. Inhalation is definition expansion, so we breathe space into the boundary of holding. Then as we exhale we direct awareness into the space we have just breathed open, and we keep doing this over an dover again.

This is asana as a meditation practice. This is yoga as an ongoing relationship of discovery with yourself. To practice this way takes patience, perseverance and courage. Courage because sooner or later you will start meeting the portions of yourself you probably did not even remember or know where there. Parts in pain, in darkness. In practicing this way, it is slower in terms of 'results' from the external view, but the results will last forever and you are fulfilling the age old addition to all spiritual practitioners "know yourself".

Source by Ray Baskerville