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How Important are Dogs to Humans Why do you want a dog? Regardless of the neighborhood you have or if you live from one place to another, you will still see a number of dogs that are home pets. By just observing, you can affirm that humans love dogs as such dogs also love humans. But why is dog almost owned by most families in the world? When you say the word dog, the first definition that will come to your mind, or for anyone for that matter, is its cliche meaning – man’s best friend. Most of us even treat dogs as their own children because they are really lovable pets. Even the kids crave for pet dogs, too. Dogs are adorable, sweet, loving, caring and they make you happy. If you notice, dogs tend to bark even if you are still meters away from approaching your home. This is how dogs know that their owner is actually approaching their home. Dogs are also very welcoming because they stay behind the door and once you open it, they just jump nonstop. So how can dogs be not a best friend material, right? If you are sad, you can rely on them to make you smile again. Playing with them gives you joy and turn your bitter mood to a very sweet one.
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But dogs are not just limited to cuddling and cutie stuffs. Your dog is actually the one who can protect you also. Regardless of how cute and tiny they are, dogs will always be tough if they feel that threat is present. If a stranger is present in the vicinity and possesses threat factor, dogs will not stop barking and might even approach the person immediately. Dogs are also your protector and they will protect you at all times. They protect your home and guard it from any strangers. Even if they are asleep, their senses are very active, thus, any presence of threat will wake them up. That is why more and more households love to have dogs in their homes, too.
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There are also certain dog breeds that are subject for training to become police or security dogs. These dogs are very helpful in finding criminals and illegal items such as drugs or bombs. These dogs are risking their lives just to protect the humanity. In fact, they will chase bad guys, too. The resting time of police dogs are not fixed either since they need to be alert especially when they are being accompanied by their trainer. Training dogs to become police dogs is the most difficult level of training for dogs. Dogs are wonderful creations. They also need love and they deserve to receive it from us. If you plan on having one, make sure that you are ready to take care of it.