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Tips for Choosing the Best Greenhouse Watering System For plants to grow healthy, they must access water. But in the case of plants growing inside a greenhouse, these are unable to find natural sources of water such as rain or underground. Hence, you need to come up with a dependable greenhouse watering system to grow these plants. However, it’s important that overwatering is avoided so as not to destroy greenhouse crops, and so, the appropriate amount of water is vital. In addition, it’s crucial to consider the fact that the extent of irrigation needed differs from season to season and crop to crop, so, no matter the irrigation technique you apply, be extremely observant. Sprinklers
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If you operate a large greenhouse, try a sprinkler system for best results. The technique is also appropriate for crops that are not affected by wet foliage. Sprinklers also increase moisture content in areas under no crop cover, and that’s why the system is great for keeping unplanted areas of your greenhouse ready for next planting.
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Spray/Misting Irrigation A greenhouse with a plenty of seeds that require regular irrigation can do well with spray/misting systems. Such a method sprays water onto the surface in fine amounts, leading to gradual hydration of the soil without disturbing it. The majority of spray/misting systems are automated, so they make the process of watering your greenhouse very simple. Drip Watering Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient greenhouse watering systems. You may set up the apparatus on the soil surface or bury it underneath. Dripping takes place slowly as water is released at set intervals all day long, ensuring that no crop dries out, and water is conserved as no wastage occurs in the form of run off tied to heavy watering. The system operates effectively with good water pressure, mostly it works with a solar powered pump linked to a water tank, and it may be entirely automated. Dripping systems are perfect for greenhouses of any size, and they can be expanded or reduced based on requirements. Mat Irrigation Mat irrigation is proper for smaller greenhouse or growers not experienced in this form of agriculture. Regarded as one of the most efficient watering techniques, matting is quick and low-maintenance. By absorbing water from a tank, mats become wet. Plants are placed on the wet mats where they absorb water when required. These plants have to source their water from the mats underneath, so they have to naturally grow deeper routes. Mat irrigation sets up a humid atmosphere, boosting plant growth and preserving water. Greenhouse irrigation can save the day when natural sources of water are hard to avail. There are many greenhouse watering systems you can choose, but look for the most efficient and ideal for your crop.

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