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Remodeling the Basement on a Budget There are a myriad of living possibilities when you plan to renovate your basement, and not just as the usual storage space, and these are: as a media room, an extra living room, wine cellar, wet bar, gym room, office, playroom, bachelor’s den, laundry room, and guest room. Maybe because fully renovating a basement may cost much, what with the installation of frames, flooring, drywall, electrical connections, as well as new decors; however, there are ways to avoid spending much through the following ideas. If you just leave your basement ceiling exposed, with the ceiling joists open, this will cut down on your renovation expenses, since all you need to do is paint the exposed ceiling with a bold, black color to create an illusion of depth, making the ceiling like it’s receding and becomes less noticeable, and the added advantage, aside from the cost cutting, is that the electrical wiring does not cut into the drywall. Painting walls is often the quickest and least expensive way to freshen up a room, so when it comes to basement dry walls, a clean coat of paint will do to liven it up or you can limit the use of dry walls by using a low-cost alternative wall material, such as oriented strand board, instead of painting all, which can break the wall monotony and introduce a creative design option. Using oriented strand boards, which is normally used as a material for sub-floors or as sheathing materials in construction, can be creatively applied as a less expensive way to cover your basement wall concrete.
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If you have a walk-out exit door, try to use glass windows to allow the natural lights to come into the basement and to add more illusion of light to the rest of the basement, so that it will look more spacious, paint everything in white, including the exposed ceilings.
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When you establish a focal point, such as adding a bar or a space for a TV flat screen or a foundation column converted into a book shelf, you can create as many interesting and comfortable furnishings around the focal point, such as rugs, soft furniture, soft lights, bringing warmth and life to the otherwise, cold basement atmosphere. If your basement is your laundry room area, a little effort can be done to convert a damp-looking, dark space into a bright, clean, and organized space utility area by simply painting the whole space with bright colors and installing counter-tops and shelves as spaces for folding dry clothes and keeping the detergents, softeners in-place, respectively. The money saved from the open ceilings and painting the walls, can be used to construct cabinets as storage spaces for a variety of things, such as dry goods, linens or out-of-season clothing.