Fascinating Facts About Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are one of the most well-known of caps and millions of people choose to wear them. They are worn by sportsmen and women along with rock stars and the general public and some cost just a few dollars while others are upwards of a thousand dollars or more. If you are a fan of these types of caps you might be interested in our fascinating facts.

The Truckers Baseball cap

Truckers love to wear baseball caps as the peak helps to shade their eyes when driving. But did you know that they wear caps that are made from mesh and foam?

First Team To Wear A Cap

Did you know that in baseball they used to either wear a straw hat or no hat? The baseball cap as we know it and which is worn by all players today was first introduced by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860.

New Era Official Major League Baseball Caps

New Era supplies the official caps for the Major League Baseball and for the first time ever the design of the 59FIFTY cap has changed. It is now made entirely from polyester so as to ensure the head of the wearer stays dryer. It also features a sweatband in black for hiding stains and underneath the visor it is black to help reduce glare.

A Show Of Solidarity

The baseball cap was used to show solidarity following the Sept 11 bombings. People around the globe, not just the US, wore a Mets or Yankees cap to show solidarity for those who had lost their lives, along with the people of New York.

Babe Ruth’s Keep Cool Trick

Babe Ruth was undoubtedly one of the most famous of all players. Ruth used to keep a cabbage leaf that was wet under his cap and this helped to keep him cool when playing. It was said that Ruth would change the leaf for every 2 innings.

A Symbol of American Culture

The baseball cap symbolises American Culture but it didn’t always look like the hat we know of today. Originally it was designed without the visor and one of the first sportsmen to wear a hat with a visor was Babe Ruth.

Baseball Players Become National Heroes

During the 1920s and 1930s baseball players found status as national heroes and fans didn’t just wear their caps to support the team during a match, they started to wear them every day.

Will Wearing A Baseball Cap Make You Bald

Some people believe the saying that wearing a baseball cap can make you go bald. This however is a myth, even if you wear a cap for the majority of the day and most days of the week. To affect hair loss the cap would have to be so tight to the head that it actually pulled out the hair and it would be so tight that you would not be able to wear it.

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Tips on Buying Cheap Vitamin Supplement

Cheap vitamin ads can easily be found in the Internet. They allure us with healthy body in a cheaper way. Who do not want that?

Beyond the promising healthy body advertisement, it is our responsibility to choose the right vitamin for out body. Be smart, because vitamin suppose to help our body maintain its prime condition, not the other way round.

Below are some tips to get maximum health benefit in minimum payment.

1. Do not over supply your body with vitamin.

The smartest way is to buy multivitamin or multivitamin mineral supplement. That will reduce your spending budget on vitamin compared to buying each vitamin in single dose pill. Multivitamin mineral supplements can cover daily vitamin needs. Look at the ingredient data facts and compare each vitamin amount to FDA daily allowance.

2. The manufacturer is the major key.

Do not just buy cheap vitamin supplement without further exploration on the manufacturer company. Here are some important questions about vitamin manufacturer as examples:

-How do they get the raw materials?

-Do they have high standard on the raw materials?

-Have they registered their company and product to a legal council?

-Do they have testimonials from happy customers?

-How do they act trough claims?

3. Estimate the vitamins quantity with the shipping time and expired date.

We usually get lower price or higher discount when we buy large amount of vitamin supplement. It is OK to do so, as long as we can finish consuming them before expiration date. Otherwise it will be wasting money because we buy too much supplement with no enough time to eat them.

4. Choose the simplest formula

You want to buy cheap vitamin, so pick one with no advance formulation like time-release tablet. Time-release tablet enable the active ingredient to be released slowly. So it can stabilize the amount of it in your body for longer time. Tablets like this have done a more complex making process compare to usual tablet, so the price will be higher too. For those who want to buy vitamin supplement at cheaper price, buy usual tablet formula. The end result will be no big different.

Be smart. Healthy living need some cost but not cost that high to maintain it.

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Steamers Aren’t Just For Clothes

If you purchase an individual or a professional garment steamer, they aren’t just for your clothes. The handheld steamers have a variety of uses that you should look into. If you’re looking to purchase a garment steamer, there are many benefits beyond nicely pressed clothes. Find out how a handheld steamer can assist you with day to day errands and provide benefits to you.

The hand steamer, of course, was designed to make steaming your outfit easy. It can be used for a variety of other uses though. For example, the garment steamers are great for steaming your curtains. Your curtains always need to look great, and you can purchase them at the store, plug in the handheld steamer, and steam them up. When you hang them, they’ll look fresh. This will also work if you want to steam a set you currently have up and add a little life to them.

The garment steamers are also great for removing dust mites off of certain fabrics. Generally, you’ll find that a lot of dust mites will built up in your bed sheets. By using a mini steamer, you can remove the majority of these dust mites from your bed sheets. For people that have issues with allergies, this is a huge deal. Just by simply using a handheld steamer to steam your sheets, you’ll reduce the allergens in your area. If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, you may be able to prevent a lot of the problem by using a garment steamer.

If you’re in the market for a steamer, there are a lot of different uses. Your mini steamer can be used to clean and press curtains. A handheld steamer can also be used to get rid of allergens from your sheets. Whatever your needs are, you’ll find a steamer that will work for you, and help you with the tasks you need created.

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Twentieth-Century Jewelry Styles

Twentieth-century jewelry styles show a fascinating evolution. We know these styles as Art Nouveau, Edwardian (or Garland), Art Deco, and Retro. Each was popular during a specific period and each has its unique style.

During the first decades of the twentieth century, the jewelry industry experienced a rebirth. This was due, in part, to the discovery of new supplies of gems and development of new manufacturing and gem-cutting techniques.

Social roles changed too, Jewelry prices were within reach of the ordinary citizen. The changing role in women in society and the rise of the middle class put new demands on the jewelry industry. In response, the industry experienced a revolution in jewelry style and design.

The first half of the twentieth century saw several distinct jewelry styles. Some were associated with are movements, others were a reaction to wartime shortages. All leave a brilliant legacy in the treasures that connoisseurs prize today.

Art Nouveau Jewelry

Introduced in the 1890s, the flowing style of Art Nouveau was a departure from the historic revival styles that had dominated nineteenth -century decorative arts. Art Nouveau, French for “new art,” was inspired by the vitality of the natural world and a new appreciation for Japanese art

Jewels in Art Nouveau style combine realistic interpretations of plants and animals with creatures of fantasy and myth. Raised to the level of fine art by such designers as Rene Lalique, this sinuous and sensual style disappeared completely with the onset of World War I in 1914.

Art Nouveau jewelry often includes one or more of these features:

  • Curving lines
  • Realistic portrayals of nature including butterflies, birds, and intertwining foliage
  • Fantastic creatures such as dragons and other mythical beasts
  • Gems such as pearls, opal, moonstone, aquamarine, tourmaline, rose quartz, chalcedony, chrysoprase, and amethyst
  • Use of glass, either molded or as enamel
  • Designs of women transformed into mermaids, winged sprites, or flowers

Edwardian Jewelry

Between 1900 and 1915, during the reign of England’s King Edward VII, the upper class of Europe and the US wore jewelry as a way to demonstrate their wealth. They favored lavish jewelry inspired by the eighteenth-century French court. Their jewels were made of the finest, rarest, and most costly gems and precious metals. This jewelry style is known as Edwardian, but it’s sometimes called Garland because it typically featured garlands of flowers tied with ribbons and bows.

Edwardian or Garland style jewelry can include these features:

  • Pearls and diamonds
  • Delicate platinum mountings
  • Colored gemstones including ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, and cat’-eye chrysoberyl
  • Motifs like garlands, ribbons, bows, crescents, starbursts, Greek keys, laurel wreaths, wings, feathers, crowns, oak leaves, swallows, and butterflies.

Art Deco Jewelry

The Art Deco style emerged after World War I and dominated the decorative arts and jewelry from 1920 through the 1930s. It was a strong reaction against the ethereal sensuality of Art Nouveau and the delicate elegance of the Garland style. Art Deco jewelry suggests post-war practicality through its strong geometric patterns in bold contrasting colors.

Art Deco features include:

  • Bold, contrasting colors
  • Strong, geometric patterns
  • Sleek, streamlined look, emphasizing the vertical line
  • Gemstones including diamonds, black onyx, lapis lazuli, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, jade, turquoise, and topaz
  • Carved or cabochon-cut colored gemstones
  • Primary colors in rich combinations and strong contrast

Retro Jewelry

The outbreak of World War II in 1939 ended the Art Deco period. Gems were in short supply during the early 1940s, and platinum was reserved for military use. The jewelry produced during and immediately after the war used materials, such as gold and diamonds, that were still available during the lean years. Jewelry from the period is known as Retro.

The Retro style rounded Art Deco’s sharp angles and muted its bold colors. It features sculpted curves sparingly set with small diamonds and rubies. Jewelry of the late 1940s reflects post-war prosperity in a more opulent use of colored stones and increased femininity of design motifs.

Common themes and styles in Retro jewelry include:

  • Floral and bow motifs in colored gems
  • Animal figures of enameled gold and gems
  • Jeweled brooches, lapel clips
  • Bold, sculpted curves of rose gold set with small diamonds and rubies
  • Designs inspired by mechanical objects such as bicycle chains, padlocks, and tank treads
  • Stylized natural motifs
  • Large motifs fabricated using thin gold sheets of conserve metal while giving a substantial look
  • Gemstones like small diamonds, rubies (often synthetic), and light-colored sapphires.

This article brought to you by Coppari Jewelry [http://www.copparijewelry.com]

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Gymnasts: Fashion and Safety in Gymnastics

Being Able to See is Always Helpful

Keep your hair out of your face and tie back long hair. Hair can obstruct your vision, get caught on equipment or you can pull it on skills like back extension rolls.

Fashion Safety

Don’t wear dangling earrings, necklaces or other jewelry. They can get caught on your leotard or gym clothes, on the equipment, mats or carpet. Earrings torn out of your ear – that’s gotta hurt. Rings can scratch the bars and pinch your fingers.

No Valuable Jewelry

Don’t wear any valuable jewelry in the gym, especially into a loose foam pit. You may never find it or find only by pulling out every single piece of foam in the pit. Take it from the girl who lost her mother’s diamond stud earring and spent three full days sifting through the pit and dust and dirt at the bottom of the pit to find it. She never did find the back to it.

Tight is Right

If you wear socks to class, make sure they fit tightly. You don’t want them to come off in the pit and get lost. And you don’t want them to bunch up and possible create poor footing on skills or landings.

What Not to Wear

Don’t wear hair ties with hard objects, like plastic balls, on them. Skills, like back extension rolls, or falls can press them painfully into your head. There is no place in the gym for dangerous hair ornaments however decorative or stylish.

This is Not Ballet

Don’t wear slippery nylon tights, like you commonly see in ballet classes. They are not appropriate or safe in a gymnastics gym. They can cause you to slip on both beam and bars. Incidentally, if you wear tights to keep warm on floor or vault, gymnasts wear them outside their leotards, not inside like dancers. This allows you to remove them quickly and easily for events on which they are inappropriate.

Don’t Be a Bag(gy) Lady

Don’t wear baggy shirts or sweatshirts. Your vision can be obstructed if your shirt goes over your head when you are upside down. This can make it difficult and unsafe to tumble or perform on apparatus. Baggy clothing can also caught on spotters and equipment or wrap up your spotter’s hands.

No Studs in the Gym

Don’t wear any clothes in the gym to work out with belts, metal studs or buttons. The uneven bars are especially likely to get scratched with these. They can also scratch up your instructor or maybe even you.

No Heavy Metal

Wearing metal objects like belt buckles can damage gymnastics equipment, especially the uneven bars and which could result in splinters in your or other gymnasts hands. Rips are bad enough. Don’t compound the hand problems

Contact Time?

If you wear glasses, you need to make sure they are safe and secure. Wear a strap with glasses if they fit too loosely or tend to come off. Not only they can fall off and perhaps break, but also they could come partially off and poke you in the eye. You need to find some kind of solution for your glasses situation if you are unable to see well enough to vault or to see your coach clearly enough and contact lenses certainly fill the bill. If you want contacts anyway, here is a legitimate reason to ask for them.

Nail It

Keep your toenails and fingernails closely clipped and manicured. The rough and jagged edges of both toenails and fingernails can get caught on the floor exercise carpet and cause a painful tear. There is no place in gymnastics and the gym for extremely long nails. Hey could break or even scratch your coach.

Source by J Howard

A Quick Overview of Fossil Handbags

If you are reading about this article, then you are going to learn about one of the most popular handbags in the world. Fossil handbags have developed a reputation for being really stylish and fashionable. These bags offer a sense of sophistication, fun and they also look really good. In this brief summary, you will be able to get a better understanding of these bags and also learn why they are so popular.

If there is one thing that will grab you about Fossil Handbags, it would have to be their amazing style. These bags are some fashionable accessories that is sure to jazz up whatever outfit you wear it with. Depending on the style of bag that you get, you will be able to wear these bags casually or out on the town. The versatility is part of the reason why these bags are so popular. You cannot go wrong with Fossil Handbags when it comes to style or how to wear it.

The quality of these handbags is exceptional, you will find that a lot of women are drawn to this particular brand, simply because the bags have this nice feel and look to them, which can be attributed to the materials used in its production. You will often find that high quality leather is used to make these bags. This leather has a dual purpose of making the bag sturdy, which means it will last a long time. The bag will also have a very nice look, which makes it a trendy and stylish fashion option.

There are so many expensive handbags out on the market these days. These bags often cost a lot of money, simply because they have the designer label on it. One of the things that I really love about Fossil handbags is that they have bags in so many different price ranges. You will find bags as low as $60, all the way up to $300. There are bags for everyone and you do not have to spend a lot of money to get one. These bags are of the best quality and it is really a great investment for anybody who is looking for a really nice bag to carry around town.

I must say that Fossil Handbags are one of those bags that every woman needs to own. These bags have their own style and have proven themselves to be on the cutting edge of fashion. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, so there is really something for everyone from the collection. These bags are also not very expensive and you will be able to get a high quality bag for a relatively inexpensive price. I highly recommend that every woman should own a Fossil handbag in their lifetime.

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Coolness Factor of Sunglasses

Summer is just around the corner, and with summer comes all kinds of great opportunities to enjoy outdoor sports and activities, and long, relaxing days on the beach and in the sun. With sun exposure however, it is important to remember to protect you skin and eyes, in order to prevent potential burns or longer-term damage.

Everyone is aware of the benefits of sunscreen during the sunny months. Unfortunately however, sunscreen will not provide protection for your eyes, which are surrounded by delicate skin, and which only natural protection from the sun is the ability to squint. This is where various forms of protective eyewear, such as sunglasses, come in.

Protective eyewear should be worn during sun exposure for two primary reasons. First, in order to protect the eye organ itself, which is sensitive to bright lights, and which ability to function optimally may be compromised after extended sun exposure. The second reason is to protect the delicate skin around the eye. This skin is softer and more sensitive than the rest of the skin of the face, making it more susceptible to harmful sunburning, and increasing the possibilities of advanced or premature signs of aging, such as dark spots or wrinkling, due to sun exposure and the squinting occurs as a result.

Sunglasses are not only a protective measure, they are also a popular way of expressing one's personality. Some common adjectives used for sunglasses are cool, sporty, and unique. Because of the hundreds of different styles of sunglasses, and their huge popularity among individuals of every age and culture, it is possible to find a pair of sunglasses that perfectly suits your lifestyle and personality, while completing the shape and features of your face.

If you are an active person, who is always on the move, and loves outdoor activities, you may be concerned about the convenience of wearing sunglasses during your various adventures. For you, it is advisable to look for a pair of sport sunglasses, specifically designed to fit snugly to your face, even during intense activities and movement. Sports sunglasses will not only protect your eyes during your activities, but may even make you a better sportsperson by facilitating visibility, even when facing directly into the sun.

If you are concerned about the price of protective eyewear, then consider looking for discount eyewear. Sunglasses, because of their popularity, are available in multiple different brand names and price points, and although it may be a status symbol to wear a two hundred dollar pair of sunglasses, it is equally possible to find a reliable and cool pair of glasses for five or ten dollars.

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Sell More Accessories – Jimmy Ralph’s Tips to Build a Successful Accessory Sales Plan

“For many wireless retailers, accessory sales are an afterthought – a category that provides some incremental sales and profitability, but one (whose) true potential remains untapped,” said Jimmy Ralph, in a Dealerscope article published last year.

The President of Retail Business Development, Inc., an independent wireless retail consulting firm, Ralph insists accessories are both needed and wanted. But in order to fulfill such customer needs and wants, he says, “You’ll need a plan.”

Before putting together a plan, a retailer must first take stock of what his/her store is currently doing, in terms of total accessory sales, sales per location, and gross profit from accessory sales. From this information, Ralph says, you build your accessory sales plan.

1. Accessory assortment

To determine which accessories you plan to sell, it’s obviously best to look at what handset models you carry and match accessories to them. “This process will identify why items are missing from your current assortment and which items overlap,” explains Ralph.

It is also important to organize accessories based on categories (i.e. utilitarian versus fashion accessories, car accessories, Bluetooth, etc.) and also carry a range of items that clearly vary based on features and price. “Look at it from the consumer’s point of view and build your assortment from there.”

2. Merchandising

From the assortment plan, the merchandising plan can be made. “Evaluate your store space. Do you have the proper display fixtures?” Ralph asks. He suggests talking to professional fixture companies about affordable “off-the-shelf” merchandising solutions and asking accessory suppliers about vendor displays that highlight particular items.

“Merchandise in categories, together with proper signage,” he says. Fashion items should be most visible. “Fashion purchases are emotional. If a customer sees something they like, they may buy it. If they can’t see it, the chances of them buying are slim. Your merchandising will act as a silent salesperson, complementing the efforts of your sales team.”

3. Pricing and promotions

Base pricing should be relative to your competition’s pricing and strategy, Ralph says. “You don’t need to have the lowest price,” he adds, however. “In fact, many retailers leave thousands of dollars in profitability on the table by pricing their accessories too low.”

Ralph suggests setting your base pricing then creating bundles or package deals. “This gives your customers a reason to buy multiple items, increasing your revenue and profitability; and just as importantly, it gives your sales team a value proposition and something to get excited about.”

4. Training

Product knowledge and sales techniques are paramount. “Your staff needs to know what you carry, where to find it, how it works and what it fits.” A big challenge is encouraging the sales team to take the extra step in asking customers to buy accessories, notes Ralph. “They often feel guilty asking… (or) prejudge and don’t think (customers) want them, or that customers don’t have the money.” The sales team must shed their insecurities and offer up accessories confidently, just as they do handsets. Ralph suggests pairing accessory sales training with a strong incentive program.

5. Sales incentives

“Motivate your team,” he says. “It’s the old ‘what’s in it for me?’ routine.” Ralph says that although most retailers offer salespeople incentives to push accessory sales, one way to “kick start” a sales drive is to offer short-term incentives that aren’t necessarily money.

“Create tiered sales goals by store and/or salesperson. For each tier, pay out prizes – make them progressively better as the tiers get higher. Lay out a big prize for outstanding performance – a trip to Las Vegas or a plasma TV.”

Ralph also suggests appealing to salespeople’s emotions by publishing weekly updates and rankings so everyone can size up the competition and create excitement. “The secret here is that for a reasonable investment you can create the sales behaviour that will continue even after the contest or promotion is over.”

6. Launch plans

“Start your (accessory sales) program with a bang,” says Ralph.

Launching everything at once – inventory, displays, new signs, training materials – catches everybody’s attention. “The bigger deal you make of your new accessory sales drive, the more effective it will be.”

7. Follow up

After launch, the excitement needs to stay high. “Set your goals, monitor them and communicate progress. Award the winners and coach those not yet on the program.”

Ralph boasts that a recent Retail Business Development project, a multi-store chain followed these simple steps and saw immediate improvement, doubling its accessory sales virtually “overnight.”

See what Jimmy Ralph’s accessory-selling secrets can do for your wireless retail business…

Source: “Hidden Treasure: The Secrets to building a successful accessory sales plan” – Dealerscope, April 1, 2006

Sell More Smartphones than Ever Using Promo Items to Drive Sales Diversify Your Product Offerings to Generate More Sales.

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Perineum Massage – How Can I Hit My Man’s P-Spot Every Time We Are in Bed?

If you are searching for a way to heighten the passion in your bed, allow me to tell you about your man’s p-spot. This is an area in his body that is highly sensitive. Stimulating it would send electric jolts throughout his body. If you want something that would leave him asking for more, here are some tips to hit your man’s p-spot every time you are in bed.

Your man might not be aware that such spot even exists. He might now know that being touched in that area would actually be exhilarating. So, educate him by providing some loving on his p-spot. By teaching him this new technique, you also need to inform him. The perineum massage would not work if it will come as a surprise. This kind of sensuous massage is a joint project.

The perineum is part of the prostate gland. It is situated at the lower end of the prostate. This spot is very sensitive because there is a cluster of nerve endings lodged in that area. Yes, similar to the head of his penis, and the so-called g-spot of women. There are testimonials claiming how this p-spot parallels that of the female’s g-spot.

There are certain details you have to consider before you proceed to massaging the perineum or the prostate. First on the list would be knowing the prostate per se. This gland is part of the reproductive organ. It is the shelter which the alkaline component of the semen is housed. Its size is similar to that of a walnut, while its form takes the figure of a chestnut. It is practically small but very significant.

For you to massage this area, you have to explore the insides of your man. By doing this, you have to insert your finger in his anus. A bump along the rectum would tell you the spot of the prostate. Don’t get too excited once you have reached this spot. You simply have to press it gently, tap it, or massage it in a circular manner. Again, you just have to gentle when you touch him.

Inform your man of what you are about to do so he would not get too tensed while you are doing it. Tell him that you will be helping him to reach an orgasm akin to multiple orgasms of female. Also, make sure that you look confident while you are doing this. If you appear tensed, most likely, he will sense this and be tensed too. Look unto his eyes while you are exploring his booty. This would be your first step in giving him a massage.

To help you get a feel of his inner bottom, and for your lover to get familiar with the sensations, you have to start with just touching his butt. Go and explore his butt cheeks. Then, gradually progress to touching the anus. Later on, lightly tap this area. You will notice that his muscles are relaxed and ready to be explored. This would be the sign that you can already continue to penetration.

It would be of great help if you get to use a lubricant. I always go for the water-based lubricant because I prefer its glide. However, I am not discouraging you to have a take on oil-based and gel-based. Try these three variants, and find out whatever suits you. You will learn as you go along. So, take this activity as a journey that will lead you to higher passions and higher knowledge of each other’s body.

Start practicing and hit your man’s p-spot the next time both of you are in bed.

Source by Martin Stonehaven

Teenage Designer Swimwear

Sunshine and a sandy beach, could there be anything better? Why not have a fabulous swimsuit designed to show off a girl's style, grace and figure? With all the new styles and designs that are available, how do you know which swimsuit to buy? There are three distinct designers, which have caught the eyes of ladies everywhere. These particular designers know fashion like the back of their hands. For either the young woman or a teenage girl, these swimsuits are a wonderful investment to own.

Anika Brazil
These beautiful Brazilian bikinis and one-piece swimsuits are a fashion statement from the tropical lands of afar. Teenage designer swimsuits have never been so alluring! Bold coloring and distinct spiral patterns set these swimsuits apart from other swimwear. Anika has embroidered the native culture in her wrapped material and twisted bunches in such suits as Green Apple and Merlot. Golden Shell, with the black and white intricate pattern, is yet another distinctive swimsuit that compliments a more young and fresh style. Anika Brazil has beautiful swimsuits for every girl looking for a signature style.

Love Surf Love Swimwear
Premier teenage designer swimwear for every girl. Taking in the idea of ​​the beach and open waves of the coast of California, these Bikinis are perfect for the teenage girl and her distinct style. The Hard to Get piece, with a pink background and white polka dots, is a sweet choice for the girl next door. Beautiful Thing is a more sassy, ​​sexy bikini in chocolate and light brown, great for the seductress or a more modern stylish gal. With the influence of Hawaii and coastal wave surfing, Love Surf Love has a great collection for the fashionista of today.

JETS by Jessika Allen
Girls everywhere are in love with these designs. These teen designer swimsuits are classy and flatter any lady with distinct designs and creative detail. The Reflections swimsuit is fabulous in black and white, boldly outlining the figure of a woman. A front liner of teenage designer swimwear, Jessika Allen has taken modern chic to another level. The Mystic swimsuit is a lavishing piece made to fall along the curves of the body. Flowing as easily as the breeze, this swimsuit is perfect for the sophisticated girl out getting a tan. Amongst all of Jessika Allen's creations there is sure to be the swimsuit you have been searching for. A glamorous one-piece swimsuit with a cascading white pattern flowing into black at the bottom, Sonata stands out between the crowd. A large white rose capture attention at the right side as it declares beauty and poise. Soleil is a white swimsuit with an elegant yellow floral pattern aligned down the left side. Designed for a more modest girl, this one-piece swimsuit is opulent and stunning.

With teenage designer swimwear, all girl are sure to find the piece that reflects her personality and style. These great designers can be found all over the world in department stores and online at Instyleswimwera dot com. Just in time for the evening sunset or the crashing waves on the shore!

Source by Ian Pennington

Boho Chic Bohemian Style

Sandy beaches, music festivals, boho chic bohemian style for Summer 2017 season is filled with effortless shapes, bright oranges and pinks inspired by Florida sunsets. The modern boho chic girl has everything she needs and wants – love and harmony! She wears lightweight cotton tunics, loose-fit caftans, lots of crochet, sexy cuts and sheer fabrics. Everything looks sweet and harmonized and laid back luxe. Chunky jewelry, copper bracelets, mala bead accessories and vintage head pieces complete the story.

Boheme summer street and beach looks to follow and be inspired by include fashionistas like Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Nicole Richie. If you want to be more bold try maxi gowns made of lightweight rayon, embellished with tie dye prints. These dresses are ideal for summer beach getaways, music festival or just relaxed evenings. Go for slouchy styled boho pants with crochet tanks and use lots of accessories and semi precious stones. for a playful and bold look!

Be more creative, try mismatched floral tunics for extra boheme vibes. The lightweight kaftan tunics are ideal for covering your bikinis, perfect for the resort or yoga retreats. Maxi skirts in intricate prints and summertime blues are ideal for teaming with paisley print tops and cool lemonades. Try sheer tunics that can be teamed with ripped cut-offs. Seventies chic and disco inspired dashiki tunics are quite the trend. Wear a simple dress, but embellish it with cool accessories, boho copper bracelets to Indian necklaces and earrings.

Bohemian summer caftans in vivid floral and batik prints are ideal for yoga retreats and cruises. Easy slip on and cool comfortable loose fittings caftan tunics are a must have. Funky tank tops and flowing wrap skirts in exotic Indian prints will add to the boho fashionista style. Batik prints, tie dye tunic dresses in lightweight rayon, breathable clothing for the vagabond earth caring girl.

Over sized tunic dresses worn with cropped leggings or knee length shorts can be accented with a flowy printed scarf. Go wild with sunset colors or peaceful blues, lush cotton tunics with chikan embroidery from India can be worn as dresses, cover ups or loungers. Intricate hand embroidery makes each piece unique and perfect for only you.

Silk wraps made from exotic colorful vintage saris are beautiful coverups, earth friendly up cycled sari maxi skirts are dressy and chic for the barbecue dinner or a stroll on the beach. Summer time bohemian chic clothing can be dressed up in so many different ways, its your imagination unlimited!

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Comparison Is the Thief of All Happiness

My morning ritual is pretty much the same when I’m home, the only thing that will vary is whether or not the bed gets made. I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, and make coffee. Once the coffee is finished, depending on the weather, I will either sit on the couch or my balcony and catch up on what happened overnight. This morning was no different, except I didn’t get far into Facebook when a dear friend’s status update flashed on my screen; “Comparison is the thief of all happiness #gospel #doyou #themaskyoulivein”. It instantly got my wheels turning before I even finished my cup of coffee.

My friend is an amazing singer/songwriter, and I’m not sure if this phrase is the basis of a song or not, but as I sat on my balcony this morning and watched all the people going to work, I thought to myself I was so guilty of this phase. If you read my blog or if you know me personally, you know I have some major body image issues, I’m working on them, but it is a daily battle. I have spent a lifetime of comparing myself to friends, family, strangers and finally at 49 I had enough.

Comparison is the thief of all happiness. Because of comparison I never felt pretty enough, skinny enough, funny enough and because I spent all those years comparing myself to people who I thought were beautiful, funny and thin, I had no idea I was stealing from myself years of confidence and security. I look at pictures of the younger me, and I see an entirely different person. I see a beautiful human, she was smart, she was fun, she was funny, but she was afraid. When I was younger, I didn’t see what the older version of me saw; I was scared to be myself because I didn’t think I was any of those things.

Comparison is the thief of all happiness. When you spend years comparing yourself to other people, you never feel good enough; you never feel like you deserve anything, and you will always settle for the crumbs from the table of the people you are comparing yourself to.

Comparison is the thief of all happiness. Comparison made me settle in life instead of being the true me. Because I settled, I ended up being in a long term relationship with a married man. I never felt confident enough to realize I deserved more. It took an amazingly strong confident man to force me into realizing I deserved more and I now get to experience the feeling of love and acceptance every day.

Comparison is the thief of all happiness. Comparison stops me from wearing things I think are beautiful or comfortable or colorful. I always feel to fat or too old so instead, I wear a lot of black things that aren’t sleeveless, and I’m always hot and grumpy. That is until this weekend when I didn’t care anymore. I wore, out in public, a sleeveless shirt. It was a huge step for me, and I was comfortable and most importantly I was happy.

Comparison is the thief of all happiness. I started going grey when I was 24 years old. I come from a family that goes grey early, and they all look beautiful with their natural grey hair. However, because of my lifetime of comparison, I started coloring my hair at 24 because all the 24-year-olds around me had long beautiful brown or blonde hair. I stopped coloring my hair last year, and it was the most freeing thing I have ever done.

As I near my fifties and leave my 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s behind I am taking control of my happiness. It happened practically overnight that the word Confidence replaced the word Comparison, and I have surrounded myself with people who confirm my feelings. I am a beautiful 49-year-old woman, I am curvy, I have short, grey hair, I have a nontraditional job and most of all I am happy.

My point is this, once you stop comparing you gain your confidence back which gets you your happiness back. So ditch #themaskyoulivein and #doyou. You are beautiful, you are smart, you are funny. There is only one of you and it’s perfect.

Source by Gina DeNicola

What’s the Average Speed of Male Ejaculation?

When a man is ready to ejaculate his body will undergo a series of events.

He will see an increase in the size of the head of the penis and the head may also change to a purplish color. His Cowper’s gland will secrete ‘pre-cum’ fluid which dribbles out of his urethra. His testes will move in towards his body, and increase in size. As well, he may experience a body flush, muscle tension, increase in heart rate and rising blood pressure.

Just before ejaculation he will feel contractions in his vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and the prostate, causing seminal fluid (ejaculate) to collect in a pool at the base of his penis. He will feel a ‘tickling’ type sensation. When ready to ejaculate, he will feel a “throbbing” around his urethra.

Ejaculate will leave his penis at roughly the same rate of travel as a city bus, about 28 miles per hour. But can reach speeds of 43 miles per hour depending how long since the last time he came. (It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!!)

Once he has ejaculated, his scrotum and testes will return to normal their size. He will have a general feeling of relaxation and experience a refractory period (where a he is physically incapable of getting another erection). This period may be from a few minutes to much longer depending on his age.

Sex Tip: Unless he is at the point of no return, you can stop him from ejaculating by firmly (yet very gently) squeezing on the tip of the penis.

Source by Trina Read

Replica Sunglasses – Avoid Fake Sunglasses

Replica sunglasses are often confused with fake sunglasses. The reasons are simple – replica sunglasses are comparatively lower priced and resemble many designer models. Fake sunglasses, which are available everywhere in abundance, also look very similar to the designer models and are quite cheap. This is one of the reasons why people pay for replica sunglasses, but get duped and bring home a fake sunglasses. If you are looking for replica variety, you should know how to recognize good quality ones and escape from being duped. Here are some ways by which you can easily avoid fake or fake designer varieties of sunglasses.

Step one:

When you are browsing through the products of any online store, you should compare the photos of the replica sunglasses to the original model. Check out the official website of the store. If you do not notice any kind of visible variation between these two types of sunglasses, you are probably checking out fake variety. Replica sunglasses, as we all know, are inspired from some designer sunglasses, but they are not just replica of the sun glass. You will find a small difference between the two models. If you do not find any difference, you should be alert.

Step two:

Examining the logo on the piece is a great way to know if you are dealing in fake ones or replicas. You should remember that replica sun glasses usually do not have any logo and if they have, it will be different from the official logo of the designer sun glass. Suppose you are buying Ray Ban sun glasses, remember to check out the logo on the sides of the sun glass. Fake sun glasses will also have a logo and it will be an imitation of the designer sun glasses. If you find that a designer sun glass is priced extremely low you should at once check out the logo part of the sun glass. You can check out the label for wrong spellings. If you notice ‘Guci’ instead of the original ‘Gucci’, you are certainly choosing fake sunglasses.

Step three:

This might be a difficult task for many but you can still try to know and learn more on the craftsmanship of your chosen sunglasses. You can check out by physically handling these sunglasses. Designer sunglasses are very durable and quite sturdy. If your chosen sunglasses look flimsy and too much delicate, you should be careful. Replica sunglasses might be cheap but they are very authentic sunglasses.

Step four:

Take into consideration the seller of the sunglasses. If you are being sold designer sunglasses in a small store you probably need to think again. Designer sunglasses are usually sold in posh boutiques and upscale departmental stores. Replica sunglasses are also sold at genuine places. It is best to go through some users feedback when you are buying replica sunglasses to know what other users have to say about these sunglasses.

Step five:

Last but not the least check the packaging of your chosen sunglass. Designer sunglasses are available with a protective case which has a logo. Is your sunglass available in such a good package? If not – it is not genuine.

Source by Jeni Bachelder

Pearl or Pearls and Pearl Jewelry – How To Buy Quality Pearls?

Good news is that pearls have become affordable and the quality has improved. There was a time when natural pearls cost a fortune and were domain of rich and famous people but not any more. More and more people are buying pearls because of its natural lustrous appeal. But natural pearls are rare and all pearls sold in the domestic and international markets are all cultured pearls and are known by various names such as freshwater pearls, akoya pearls or akoya seawater pearls, Tahitian pearls, South sea pearls.

What are cultured pearls then? A Japanese man named Kokichi Mikimoto back in early 20th Century developed the culturing technique. He had mastered the culturing technology in growing the pearls naturally in seawaters but with little human help. This technique of growing cultured pearls is often known as the bead-nucleating technology. Ever since there has been great demand for these cultured pearls which are worn everyday by all women around the world.

A very small mantle tissue beads are implanted inside the mollusks or oysters to form beautiful pearls. Pearls are formed inside the body of oysters. The mollusk deposits layer of nacre, a combination of crystalline and organic substances, when any irritant or parasite enters or placed inside its body. Over a period of time with nacre building up in layers upon layers, the pearl is formed.

Difference in cultured and natural pearls can not be made with naked eyes; however, distinction becomes very prominent when seen through x-rays. Cultured pearls are used in pearl jewelry as well as in cosmetics.

Pearls are evaluated by the quality, size, shape and type of pearls. Luster is the hallmark for any pearl. Although white color is synonymous with pearls but they do come in various other natural shades link cream, rose overtones, pink, gray, peacock black, golden and lavender etc.

Women have always been enchanted by the beautiful and the gorgeous appeal of fine pearl jewelry. Each piece of fine pearl jewelry stands for its own beauty and style. Pearl jewelry is considered to be the best and perfect gifts for loved ones among other jewelry. Pearls natural shine is very appealing and adding the complete pearl set to any wardrobe is an excellent choice by many.


Source by Kheri Chawla

Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

As a major part of the 1980 phenomenon of eclectic pop culture, Oakley Frogskins stood tall as the leader of fashion sunglasses. As “The Terminator” made his way across the big screen in classic action scenes, the music industry was developing with the addition of rap and Oakley became the biggest manufacturer of sunglasses. But as the world was changing this pair of Frogskins crept into a world that had never experienced such a style before in the area of sunglasses. Now as the era of fashion is going retro, Oakley is once again making those iconic Frogskins back for the world to enjoy.

Resurrecting the Oakley Frogskins black in their limited edition is making it possible for the public to again wear a pair of history. While they are allowing the consumer to own a pair of the classic retro designs the opportunity will not remain forever open, take advantage of this incredible piece of fashion wear while the supplies last.

Customization of your eyewear can be found in all the original varieties of combinations or the modern consumer has the chance to purchase one of the new “4-Legged” Frogskins. It is also available for a certain amount of time for the sunglass consumer to acquire a pair in the Fire Iridium sunglass styling.

Whether or not you are after the infamous Terminator look or that of Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” the iconic Oakley Frogskins sunglasses are available for enhanced vision. Produced by the ever popular Oakley Company the Frogskins were the beginning of the company’s future in sunglass history.

The company using a material for the manufacture of their perfected lenses that is called “plutonite”. That substance is an acrylic form that comes impact resistant and strong for the greatest point of eye protection, which is near to impossible to match in other brands.

A unique patented flexible, lightweight plastic exclusively used by the Oakley brand of glasses that is called “O-Matter”. Multiple versions of the lens tints are available each able to provide a complete 100% protection from ultra violet rays. Along with the iridium that helps to heighten contrast and reflect all glare as well as blocking the blue light. Oakley ensures a true quality of sight with every pair of Frogskins they produce.

Hitting the market with these superb, fashionable glasses Oakley offers more updated and improved varieties that are affordable for all consumers. Pick up a pair of these retro sunglasses as soon as possible, before they once again are gone from sight.

Source by Vincent O’Neil