Body Language Signals – Decode Men Quickly

Do you know how to read a man’s body language? Wouldn’t you like to really know what he is thinking? Would having some new insight into male psychology help you attract men? If you want to stop the endless guessing game and find out what a man is really feeling inside, you won’t get a straight answer from him. Learn the secret body language signals that tell you the truth about what men are thinking and feeling.

Body language is like a secret code. Once you know how to read the code, you can learn things about men (or other women, for that matter) that they may not even know about themselves. While some men are pretty good at consciously using it, they are usually obvious about it. These are the confident guys who will look you directly in the eye, smile their patented killer smile and stand close to you when they’re speaking. To get to the truth, you need to look for the subtler clues.

Watch his Adam’s Apple when he talks to you. If it’s bobbing up and down, that’s a sign that he is nervous. Why would a confident guy get nervous around a girl? It’s a good bet that he’s really attracted to her. If his bobbing Adam’s Apple is accompanied by a softer, warmer smile than his normal smile, it means he is beginning to melt. That is a very good sign.

If a guy is acting cool and collected or talking business with you, but keeps licking his lips, it is a very strong signal that he is becoming sexually aroused. He is nervous with anticipation. The reason why he is licking his lips is because his saliva glands have stopped secreting saliva. Even seasoned veterans at putting on a show of indifference can’t stop that from happening. If you want to get this guy hooked on you, when you see him licking his lips, flirt with him just a little. That will drive him crazy.

This next one is very important, because many girls completely misinterpret it. If a guy who formerly looked you in the eye confidently when you were talking starts averting his eyes when you talk, that is often a very good sign that he has become super-attracted to you. The reason for this is because even confident men turn to mush when they start to fall in love. They become shy and nervous and a little overwhelmed with their feelings. If his voice seems to soften or go up in timber at the same time, he definitely has tender feelings for you.

There are many other signs you can look for, but these are easy to spot and almost foolproof. Watch for these body language signs and when you see them, make the most of them!

Source by Tina L. Jones

Online Shopping for Clothing: 5 Great Advantages

Nowadays online shopping for clothes has become more like a daily activity for the modern women. Despite its few flaws, buying clothing from an e-retailer is very popular. GSI Commerce survey on online shopping shows that half of the consumers prefer shopping for fashion clothing and accessories online to purchasing them offline. Online shopping for clothes has earned its place deservedly and we have to admit it.

Buy clothes online 24/7

One of the most important advantages of the online shopping for clothing is that you can buy your clothes regardless of what time it is. If you usually are engaged with work at the office till late, deal with your kids during day, having classes at the university and it seems that you don’t have enough time for shopping, buying your apparel online is the perfect solution. You can look for an e-store and buy fashion clothes at 22:00 p.m.


Another benefit of the online shopping for clothing is the great opportunity to browse an international market at the simple click of a button. You can find so many online shops offering different styles – casual, formal clothing, you name it. You are into the vintage style, but you don’t have a shop with vintage fashion near you, well you can find an e-shop offering great vintage clothing pieces.


Online shopping for clothes gives you the freedom to shop not only at the early hours in the morning or at the late hours of the night, but you can buy clothes online regardless of where you are – at the cafe with friends, during your vacation, or at the office during your break. As we live in the era of smart phones and Google, we access to internet almost everywhere shopping for clothing online is such an entertainment.

During holiday and season sales shopping centers get so crowded. It is quite a ‘mission impossible’ to reach the cute shirt at the end of the store. No more waiting on queues to pay for what you have managed to get. Buying clothing online is easy and saves a lot of time though. Even, you can make a gift and surprise your friend who is far from your location. Just purchase an item he or she likes and give his/her address for delivery.

Price comparison & Reviews

Buying your apparel online gives you the great advantage to compare the price of the particular item different retailers offer for it. Moreover, there are so many third-party independent websites for rating and reviewing products. It is a good idea to check what people say about the product you are about to purchase.


Last, but not least, great benefit of the online shopping for clothing is the great bargain opportunities. Online stores for clothing make great sales and discounts, especially during holidays. Perfect way to save money on buying clothes online is to take advantage of the coupons many e-stores offer. Shopping for clothes online and saving a few bucks – you can’t miss such an opportunity.

Next time you are about to shop for clothes and fashion accessories, why don’t to try online shopping for clothing. You can find a great deal.

Source by Manuela Ivanova

X-Ray on Sit Tight Leaders in Africa – Dr Robert Mugabe an Example (Part 2)

In the first part of this article, a cursory look at the British foray into the land now known as Zimbabwe in the 19th Century. Recall how Mr. Cecil Rhodes, a British entrepreneur landed in that land in 1871 and systematically through his company, established the British protectorate, with the backing of the British government.

As it were of today, the only long time sitting President in the whole of Africa is Dr. Robert Mugabe. He is in his 37th-year reign. He came into office on 20th April 1980. Now, let us take a critical look at Northern Rhodesia in the course of colonial rule.


Upon the effective set up of the Protectorate, as administered by the company of Mr. Cecil Rhodes, British South Africa Company, there was the growth of commercial activities in the land. There was no increase in the numbers of settlers because of the business opportunities that it afforded. The population grew, and out of this population, 1500 were European settlers. This was barely a year the Protectorate Administration began, that is exactly 1892.

Sooner the European population grew more than this, as the means of transportation created an easy movement to and from the territory. The rail system from the Zambezi developed traversing Kimberley in 1885, through to Bulawayo in 1896, landing at Victoria Falls as the Terminus in the year 1904. The rail system greatly assisted commerce and the movement of people. In honor of the founder of the territory, it was named after him, thus it became Rhodesia in 1895.

The colonialists were without difficulties in the expansionist expedition, it was tough for the British South Africa Company to establish and maintain its presence in some of the new territories. The local people were resistant to these attempts, even though their leader, Lobengula was interested in maintaining peace with the Officials of British South Africa Company. On the contrary, the local people wanted the whites settlers expelled from their land.

The center could no longer hold when in 1893 Mr. Leander Jameson, the Administrator of the Region for Rhodes finds a document of war against Lobengula. It is believed that the document was initiated by the locals. In order to forestall this, and as well as an avenue to have a grip on the region, Mr. Leander Jameson wage a war against the native, deploying five Maxim machine guns fought his way easily to the domain of Lobengula in Kraal at Bulawayo. Lobengula fled, his flight brought to an end the Kingdom of the Ndebele which was founded by his father.

As it is the desire of every colonialist, the European settlers felt that the governance of the Northern Rhodesia should be vested in their hands. In pursuant of this agitation, an insistence that they are represented in the colony’s legislative assembly was always on the table. Note that, in all of these, the natives, that is, the Africans were not considered in the participation of their affairs. This was achieved in 1903; the composition of the legislative assembly was 14 in numbers, 7 from the British South Africa Company and 7 from the white settlers, and none for the Africans who are the owners of the land.

Within the space of 4 years thereafter, the white settlers are now having the majority in the legislative assembly. In 1914, towards the end of the expiration of the 25-year life span of the Royal Charter granted the British South Africa Company, the settlers’ ambition of self-government so blindfolded them that, they were not ready to accommodate another territory. It was the plan of the British Government, to at that time include South Africa in the protectorate. The intention was to enlarge the territory, but the settlers resisted and they had the day.

You may wonder how this was achieved. It was a successful persuasion of the British to extend the Royal Charter for additional ten years. During this decade, even at the exactly 8th year of the extension, there was a referendum that was held to determine whether there should be self-government or not. Of course, the referendum was restricted only to the European settlers, as it excluded the indigenous black owners of the territory.

The result was 60% in full support of internal self-government and the rest 40% against who were in agreement the territory be joined with the Union of South Africa as the 5th province. Thus history was made on the 12th of September 1923, when it became exactly 33 years when the first sets of European settlers came to Harare, Rhodesia became a self-governing crown colony.

Again, the prosperity and success of Rhodesia became much pronounced henceforth, particularly with the increase in the numbers of European settlers. The settlers population grew from 34,000 which was …

4 Ways to Benefit from Stainless Steel Jewelry

Jewelry has become all the rage in the world today. From the teenagers that buy it in order to make a statement with what they wear all the way up to the adults that purchase stunningly beautiful jewelry in order to accentuate their public appearance, there is a lot of demand in the world today for well made and designed pieces of jewelry. In order to meet that demand, the supply side has really vamped up the design and manufacture areas of their business and today more than ever new pieces of jewelry are quite literally flooding the market.

These pieces of jewelry are made from a number of different materials; gold, silver, plated metal and almost anything else you can think of. A newer form of jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, has started to gain in popularity as people begin to understand the ways to benefit from stainless steel jewelry. Four of those ways are listed below.

Way #1: The first way to benefit from stainless steel jewelry is to understand and take advantage of the fact that it is very versatile. As mentioned above, people do not buy jewelry for the same reason. Whatever your reason for wanting to invest in jewelry is, that reason is more than likely accomplished very well through the purchase of stainless steel jewelry. While gold and silver jewelry tend to only be good for showy purposes and plated jewelry tends to lack in that area, stainless steel is good for almost all jewelry purposes.

Way #2: The second way to benefit from stainless steel jewelry is to be able to own jewelry that does not require a large amount of maintenance. If you go and buy gold or silver jewelry, not only are you going to need to polish that jewelry on a frequent basis, but you are also going to have to be careful in order to avoid smudging that jewelry. Jewelry along the lines of stainless steel, on the other hand, is a lot easier to maintain.

Way #3: The third way to benefit from stainless steel jewelry is understanding that the normal wear and tear is okay with your jewelry. When people buy gold or silver jewelry, the tendency is to be very leery of wearing it often in order to help preserve it for a very long time. Stainless steel is an alloy that was made specifically to be durable and because of that you can wear stainless steel jewelry as much as you want without having to worry about wear and tear ruining your jewelry well before you can afford to buy more.

Way #4: The fourth way to benefit from stainless steel jewelry is to save a lot of money. Stainless steel jewelry tends to be cheaper than gold or silver jewelry and because of that not only can you enjoy your new jewelry, but you can also leave a little more money in your pocket while doing so. And really, when everyone is looking for ways to save money, what could be a better way to benefit from stainless steel jewelry?

Source by TJ David

2 Carat Diamond Earrings – 7 Tips to Get the Best Value For Your Money

Every woman craves the largest diamond, and when it comes to earrings a pair of 2 carat diamond studs has become the standard for luxury. This article contains 7 valuable tips on how to buy the most beautiful, brilliant diamond earrings for the lowest price.

Tip #1: What should a pair of 2 carat diamond studs cost? If you make a smart buy, you should be able to get a pair of beautiful 2 carat earrings for about $4,200. Of course, you can pay less. A Poor Cut, K Color, I-3 Clarity pair of studs can be had for about $1600. These earrings will have a milky grey-yellow appearance with fractures and some obvious dark crystals. You can also pay more, for example a pair of Ideal Cut, D Color, VVS Clarity earrings will set you back about $48,000. These will be a dazzling pair of earrings that can only be truly appreciated under a 30-power microscope.

Tip #2: Diamonds on the Ear are More Forgiving than a Diamond on the Hand: there is always a balance to be considered between diamond quality and cost. A solitaire diamond ring on the hand is usually viewed from a distance of about 2 feet in full daylight. On the other hand, a pair of 2 carat diamond stud earrings are often partially covered by locks of hair and viewed from 3 or 4 feet away. Minute flaws like white crystals and fine white needles are not likely to detract from the beauty of diamonds worn on the ear. Also, because of the skin and hair tones surrounding diamonds worn on the ear, a single drop in color grade will be most difficult to detect.

Tip #3: Don’t be a Slave of the GIA Grading Scale: first, you should buy diamonds that are certified from a reputable gem lab such as GIA, IGI, EGL or IGL. Second, you should be aware that the GIA Grading Scale rates diamonds based on their rarity, and not necessarily on their beauty and brilliance. In other words, it is possible to pay a higher price for an ugly pair of diamonds if you use the GIA scale alone as a guide for your purchase. The most common mistake is to buy a Poor or Fair Cut grade with a high Color and Clarity grade. For example, a pair of D Color, VVS Clarity diamonds with a Poor Cut Grade will cost you about $26,000. These diamonds will be milky and dull in appearance because the Cut Grade allows very little light to return to the eye of the viewer.

Tip #4: The Cut Quality is what makes a Diamond Beautiful and Brilliant: an Excellent Cut diamond will return about 4 times the white light to the eye of the viewer. Today, most rough crystals are cut for the greatest yield without regard for the proper angles to return a shower of white light to the viewer’s eye. It is estimated that about 90% of the diamonds on the retail market today are graded Poor, and Fair Cuts. In the trade, these diamonds are called Swindled Cuts, and they lack the beautiful white light, fire and scintillation of an Excellent Cut Diamond.

Tip #5: How to Choose a Lower Diamond Clarity Grade without sacrificing Brilliance: the most important fact about diamond Clarity is that every grade including SI and above is considered “eye-clean”. This means that unless your friends have a magnifying glass handy, any grade SI and above contains inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. When shopping for your 2 carat diamond earrings, consider this: a pair of G-H Color VVSI Clarity diamonds will cost you about $15,000. The same diamonds in SI Clarity will cost you about $7,000. The difference in price is for a finer clarity grade that can not be discerned with the naked eye.

Tip #6: How to Balance Diamond Color against Cost: the difference between Colorless diamonds (D-E-F) and Near Colorless diamonds (G-H-I) is actually very minute. A gemologist grades diamonds for body color loose and in the inverted position against a master set, because it is so difficult to see the difference. When a well cut diamond is set face-up you are viewing mainly the refraction and return of light through the table, which is more the Cut and less the body Color of the stone. This is all the more true when diamonds are worn on the ear, because the ambient skin and hair tones surrounding them also affects the perception of Color. A G-H Color for your diamond earrings is a wise balance of lower cost for a minute difference in quality. An I Color may refract a very slight yellow cast, but most people will not perceive the difference. On the other hand, a J-K …

Historical Handbag Trivia

Purses and handbags have been traced back to the 14th Century, and have always been an indispensable practical necessity, a symbol of the feminine mystique, and eventually evolving into a fashion declaration for all. It is difficult to imagine not having these marvelous objects of clothing accessories that come in so many styles of fashion, creating a unique statement! The history of the handbag is quite interesting and an enjoyable bit of information.

Imagine arriving in style with medicines, a prayer book and rosary beads or guns, daggers and keys? In the 14th-15th Centuries this is what you would have carried in your girdle, girdle pouches, hamondeys, tasques and chatelaines or chaneries. They were linked with love and marriage as a traditional betrothal gift. In addition, in the 16th-17th Centuries your pockets, swete bagges, drawstring purse would have held your seeds, spices and herbs, precious jewels and gems, gold coins and food stuffs. It is important to realize, all under your skirt!

In fact, during the 17th Century, the bag or purse was an intimation of the womb.

Arriving in style in the 17th and early 18th Centuries your “over the skirt” reticules or indispensables (if you resided in England) would have carried a few essentials such as beauty aids and smelling salts. Interestingly, at the end of the 17th century, designs moved from simplicity to become more sophisticated and complex in nature.

Finally throughout the 18th Century, your dance card, fan and handkerchief, rouge and face powder, perfume, needle and thread, and calling cards would have been your important necessities.

Indeed, during the 14th through 18th Centuries, men carried their valuables, coins and many of the aforementioned items, as befit to their station in life and needs, in a “purse” or pouche made of leather.

Opera glasses in the 19th Century, and during WWII, gas masks were a very important part of pouches, handbags, Dorothy bag (also known as the dotty or marriage bags), doll bag, clutch, satchel, shoulder bag, luggage bag, duffle, tote or tiny handbag. However, you wouldn’t find a gas mask in the clutch or tiny handbag, which were of course for evening.

Furthermore, the 20th Century revealed your handbag, purse, designer bag, knockoff, knapsack, unisex bag, fitness bag or sports bag containing such items as cosmetics, emergency items, books, sports equipment, protein and power bars, energy drinks and clothing. During the mid-20th century in the ’60’s “Flower Power” and “Free Love” era it was not unusual for men to carry some form of purse. Actually, before the 60’s in the early 20th century, the word handbag became popular with its use by men, referring to the leather bags they carried. During the 1920s was the emergence of the modern handbag carried by the female sex.

Enter the 21st Century with the inclusion of the man purse, the messenger bag gaining popularity with men as a briefcase alternative; and the hobo purse, envelope, cigar box purse, hands-free bag and shopper bag. Here you will Arrive in Style with PDA’s, cellular and iPhones, business cards, money, credit cards, briefs, files, white papers, vitamin and mineral waters, whatever you may need for the day or along your way. In addition, the shopper bag is superb for overnight or weekend treks.

Therefore, Dorothy bags, hamondeys, tasques, reticules, tiny purse and clutch are all small and decorative representations of femininity and sexual messaging. Similarly, handbags were linked with love, betrothal and marriage and in the 15th century was a traditional gift from the groom to his bride. Indeed, handbags are not merely just the feminine mystique, or female accessory. Handbag fashion accessories are unisex and masculine with leather, canvas, suede and zippers that encompass duffles, totes, shoulder bags, luggage and brief cases. All historically used by the male sex, too. Show off your creative mystique for arriving in style at the office, airport, spa, fitness club, gym or a night on the town.

Source by Cathalee Thomas

Uses and Advantages of Product Placement

Product placement marketing is becoming extremely popular today because it offers many advantages to all parties involved. Branded entertainment promotions have helped many companies to significantly improve their bottom line, especially when linked to movies with a high success rate. The information below will highlight some of the uses and advantages of product placement.

First, let take a look at exactly what is branded entertainment.

Branded entertainment, sometimes referred to as product placement marketing, is a strategy that is used to infuse branded products into various forms of entertainment. Basically, brands would offer monetary consideration to or pay for producers of films, television shows, web videos, video games and other forms of entertainment to include their products in entertainment presentations.

The emergence of movie product placement strategy has coincided with the diminishing interests in the traditional advertising mediums. Many companies discovered that consumers were not paying attention to traditional advertising media, so product placement was incorporated in their marketing strategy to reach a wider audience. Marketers reinvented their strategies and started to place advertisements in popular movies and television shows to capture consumer’s attention.

Uses and Advantages of Product Placement

When marketers started to use branded entertainment strategies, increasingly more companies were seen promoting their products in popular movies and television shows. These advertisements can be seen in popular films such as James Bond featuring Omega watches; Mission Impossible featuring Apple Macs; Men In Black promoting Ray Ban glasses and many popular television shows such as The Apprentice, Top Chef, Project Runaway and American Idol.

As of such, the branded entertainment strategy became a magic potion for marketers. Due to the major success of advertising in movies and TV shows, the marketers move on to the next level and started to use web videos, video games, music videos and other entertainment mediums.

Product placement marketing offers several advantages to manufacturers, producers and movie stars. From the perspective of the marketers, it provided companies with an opportunity to be associated with famous actors and to use movie footage and stills to conveniently advertise other products. As it pertains to the producers and actors, they earned substantial amount in fees as well as the chance to endorse brands in various film festivals.

Musicians also benefit from branded entertainment in their music videos and lyrics. Most artists use the earnings from these deals to offset the overall cost of producing their music videos.

The marketers are also using the Internet to incorporate product placements in songs that music fans would get from YouTube. In this case, the main advantage is that brands would develop higher retention rates in people’s minds whenever the artists perform at shows and concerts.

Overall, product placement and branded entertainment strategies have proven to be extremely effective as more consumers are linking certain products to the names of famous actors and singers. For this strategy to work, the brands must be featured prominently whilst making subtly appearance in movies, television shows, web videos or video games.

Source by Paula Vass

5 Model Railroad Accessories You Must Have To Add Realism To Your Layout

Here are the top five accessories you must add to any model railroad layout to give it realism and bring it to life.

1. Landscaping

By adding landscaping to a flat model railroad layout you automatically start to add depth and dimension.

Lay your track where you want it to go and then think about different landscaping features you can add.

– Mountains

– Fields

– Streams and rivers

– Lakes and ponds

A very basic example

Instead of having a flat track go around in an oval or a circle, by simply adding a mountain in the middle you have already given realism to your layout. Watching your train disappear behind the mountain and appear again on the other side is more real than watching it travel in a continuous loop.

2. A Train Station

All trains in the real world start and end at train stations The large stations have huge marshalling yards to shunt the cars around and make up the trains for their runs. They are also the place where you can have your trains sitting when they are not running.

There are also small stations that may be located in remote places, maybe where there is a mine situated or forestry operations are being carried out.

By including at least one train station in your model railroad layout you are adding to the realism of what really happens in the real world.

3. Buildings

Apart from the train station you must also have buildings in your model railroad as these help to enhance the overall illusion of realism.

What buildings would there be around the train station for a start? If the train station in a city you could add in skyscrapers. If the train station is in a remote place, what about adding in a log cabin close by? If the train station is in an industrial area, what industries are around the train station?

4. People or Animals

Wherever there are trains there are people or animals, therefore adding them into your scene helps it to come alive with more realism.

Make sure also that when you add in either people or animals they are interacting with the scene instead of placed randomly around.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

– a person waiting at the station for the train

– a dog chasing the train

– a man and woman out walking

– a cowboy walking towards a horse that is tied to a rail

5. Lighting, Sounds and Signs

What model railroad would be finished without working stop lights, bells ringing and stop signs at train intersections?

There are also street signs and maybe billboards that you could add into your model railroad to help create more realism.

Source by Douglas W Smith

Augmented Reality – When Code Comes to Life

By definition, augmented reality is any view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. As a technology is growing rapidly, and its uses are now broadening to other platforms outside its early introduction in network sporting events.

Typically augmented reality is associated with ultra futuristic, cranial displays such as seen in movies like The Terminator. However, more familiar hardware is actually where we see the innovation of augmented reality heading. The combination of mobile computing and information-heavy, user-generated services have created a breading ground for new augmented reality applications that are pushing the limits on what we thought was possible.

The advancement of microprocessors and mobile computing has transformed augmented reality from a science fiction pipedream to an actual viable technology.

Many of the Smartphone and mobile computing devices on the market today, including the Apple iPhone™ and the Android™ phones, include built-in GPS as well as a compass which intern means that these devices have location detection. This is important because many of the current uses for AR rely on knowing the devices’ location in Cartesian space. Some applications provide directions while others provide location relevant data such as directions, events, and more. Currently, both the Android and the iPhone have AR applications that are available for download. Dishpointer is an example of such an application. The Dishpointer application allows satellite installers to find the nearest satellite. By simply by holding up their phone to the sky, a satellite installer can get a virtual overlay of the nearest satellites line of sight.

Investors are getting into the AR game as well. In early 2010 the eastern Washington state based company Gravity Jack secured $250,000 in investment money for development of a new kind of AR application. The patented augmented reality concepts that Gravity Jack is working on held so much promise that the upstart company actually had to turn away some investors since it has an existing revenue model.

Its not only start-ups that are looking at this technology. Researchers from Research and Markets (R&M) claim that both Apple and Sony are developing wearable, head-mounted video displays while General Motors is working on an AR windshield that uses a compact laser reflection to superimposes messages and graphics on the windshield. The University of Washington is working on a proof of concept augmented reality contact lenses, and though it has only been tested on rabbits, scientists believe that this type of technology will be the future of AR.

A recent trend that has emerged in the AR space is that of using augmented reality code in advertising campaigns. More and more companies are finding ways to utilize AR into their website branding. During the release of the movie Avatar, Coke developed a campaign that allowed users to see a 3D ship appear from their screen. The ship appeared when users held up specially branded coke cans to their webcam. Ray-ban has used augmented reality code on their website in such a way that users can see what various sun glasses will look like when worn.

Many people feel that AR will change the way people interact with the online world. As the technology advances the real world and the online world will become more and more intertwined. Though augmented reality is still really in its infancy as a technology it is something to be watched.

Source by Adam R Chronister

The Symbolism in the Star of David Necklace

The Star of David Necklace has become a globally renowned fashion and religious symbol that has caught the attention of many people as regards its structure, origin, and embedded meaning. According to its unique structure, the six-pointed star has six mini triangles adjoining a six-sided hexagon that forms in the middle. However, many people from different religions have used this symbol ignorantly or unknowingly in terms of its meaning. Some people use it with respectable intentions, as they desire to express their backing of the Jews, but most of them fail understand its spiritual deception. The Star of David first came about in a text written in the twelfth century, and the Jewish people have expressively associated themselves with it in their sanctuaries as well.

The Star of David, also known as the “shield of David” expressively symbolizes God. Generally, many people from different religions wear this six-sided symbol to represent God. It’s deeper meaning expounds that God is the ruler of the entire universe and the protector of everything within it from all the six directions namely: Up, Down, North, South, East and West, while the hexagonal shape formed at the center functioning as a provision for spiritual dimension. In Hinduism, people call the six-pointed star “The Shatkona”, while Israelites refers to it as the Seal of Solomon. The followers of Judaism have also had heavy associations with the symbol, especially in 1897 when they used it as a logo representing the Zionist movement.

In a deeper perspective, the meaning of the Star of David Necklace differs in English as compared to its meaning in Hebrew/Jewish. The Jewish people see it as a protector and shield as derived from the term Magen David. Their tradition considers the symbol as the shield of King David since Jewish customary sources have pronounced his shield taking the shape of a six-pointed star. As held by popular belief, this special shape had the power to draw protection upon King David, along with his army, making them win all their battles in the end.

Currently, the Jewish people mostly use the Star of David Necklace as the most identifiable symbol of their identity as seen in their synagogues, homes, and as treasured jewelry. The flag of Israel also conspicuously has it at its center, and it serves as the mark of “Magen David Adom”, the humanitarian aid body. Furthermore, numerous jewelry decorations, including Jewish jewelry assortments, such as Star of David Necklaces and Rings use it for decorations. However, the symbol did not originate from the Jews since they only started using it after the World War II as their profound symbol.

In the modern-day world, many individuals and groups proudly put on Jewish jewelry, especially the Star of David Necklace. Irrespective of their age, gender, and social status, men, women, and teenagers wear the Star of David around their necks to express themselves in different ways. This legendary necklace functions to express the faith as well as the collective identity of an individual or group. Several Jews across the world have also considered the Star of David as a symbol of their personal association with Israel as well as one of their most important emblems.

Source by Tom Shiri

The Real Problem With The Media’s Beauty Standards

Finally, it looks like significant change is happening in the corporate media. No longer are only ultra-thin women meeting its previously very rigid beauty standard – or what it’s really been – an acceptability standard for women.

Women with actual fat on their body (gasp!) are now increasingly represented in mainstream television and even glossy magazines. Not only are they appearing, they are being presented as examples of great beauty.

Sports Illustrated featured on its cover the gorgeous model Ashley Graham in 2016, which made international news because she is by traditional media standards about 70 pounds overweight.

Graham is now going to be a judge on the panel for the show “America’s Next Top Model” with Tyra Banks.

The popular HBO show “Girls” made headlines over the past few years because it revealed actual cellulite on one of the stars of the show. Glamour magazine followed suit by displaying on its cover the four stars, one of them boldly fat, her cellulite purposefully exposed.

Cable TV, YouTube, and other forms of alternative media distribution set the precedent a decade and more earlier. They have allowed us to see real bodies represented on video on a regular basis.

Now, the corporate media itself is changing. Actresses on TV commercials, female weather forecasters, even pop stars… It’s happening. Women who are larger than scarecrow thin are no longer banned from representation as being normal, and even beautiful, people.

What a victory – or so it seems. After all, for decades, feminists, concerned parents, and “plus-size” activists have been objecting to the media’s presentations of ultra-thin women as the measure of female beauty, and the required body type to even qualify to be a star.

They argued that this standard puts almost every woman alive, even lean women, in the “too fat” category, and that it leads many girls and women to develop and anorexia, bulimia, and the kind of dieting that ultimately leads to binging.

Corporations like Dove have listened. The mainstream media are adjusting to these demands. The basic tenets of public discussion on “body image” and the representation of women have shifted. It’s progress, for sure.

But something’s missing here. Something about as big as an elephant in a room.

It’s something that has everything to do with why so many women and girls have “body image” issues in the first place, and why so many develop eating dysfunctions.

That something isn’t simply about an inflexible or unrealistic or even physically unhealthy beauty standard.

It’s also about how women’s beauty is treated. It’s about how women’s bodies, however diverse in size and color and age, are depicted.

To put it in feminist terminology: the problem is sexual objectification.

The Sports Illustrated cover featuring the beautiful Ashley Graham might have sent the message to women who are larger than scarecrow thin that they, too, can be sexually desirable at the weight they are.

But is this a message about respectful desire? Or something else?

Do the photos of the three featured women of diverse body types elicit from the male viewer: a respect for women’s boundaries, an acknowledgement of their self-possession and their complex humanity, and the understanding that a woman’s sexuality is shared only with those a woman chooses to share it with?

Or does it send the message to the male viewer that the complex humanity of women who turn them on isn’t actually real, or doesn’t matter? Does it send the message that women don’t have meaningful sexual boundaries? And that women aren’t selective in whom they choose to share their sexuality with because – just look – these three diverse models who have what many consider to be the best job in the world for women – modelling – are all offering it to the camera and to millions of anonymous male viewers, no criteria needed?

Girls and women don’t develop low self-esteem, body image complexes, and eating dysfunctions simply because their body type isn’t represented in the media.

That’s part of the problem. But it’s not the most important part. In fact, the tight control over an outer beauty standard is actually just a facet of the real, deeper problem – and that deeper problem is the disrespectful portrayal of women. The portrayal of women – and even girls – as sexual objects.

Not every woman will agree that sexual objectification of women is a form of disrespect. Some women feel that embracing that role is a way to claim their femininity, and that the sexual attention they get from that isn’t disrespectful.

I would argue that what they are enjoying is the alleviation of open disrespect and disregard.

For men who have learned to objectify women, the prelude to “getting some” looks sort of like respectful behavior – smiles, nods, attention, maybe some gentlemanly …

Top Websites to Buy the Best T-Shirts Online

If you want to purchase premium quality t-shirts online, there is really no shortage of sites that sell a variety of custom as well as designer-made tees for all ages and genders. But, finding the best and most reputed sources is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, we are providing the top 5 websites for buying the optimum quality t-shirts online. From the listed sites, you will find almost all kinds of tees and related apparel at best prices.

Sunfrog Shirts

Sunfrog Shirts is a great online source for getting high quality branded t-shirts with different styles, colors, and sizes. You can choose your desired item from different innovative design categories such as automotive, funny, movies, camping, fishing, pets, and more. And if you like to design your tee by own, take advantage of its custom t-shirt design support.Unused or unwashed apparel can be replaced within the particular time. Beside that, the store offers guaranteed unique designs at super cheap prices.

Custom Ink

Custom Ink is a top online source that makes custom clothing such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. From this source, you can easily use the website's design tools to make a design or use a ready-made art.They do not only provide high-quality tees for men but also for ladies and juniors. With over 15 years of experience in the field, 60 million custom t-shirts designed, and 99% satisfied shoppers, CustomInk is the top t-shirts printing expert worldwide.


It is also a great place where artists gather and share their best designs and participate in various kinds of challenges. Threadless deliveries optimum quality t-shirt including some real designs. The most prominent part is that all of the site material is given by their users. You can purchase a t-shirt by spending just 15 to 20 dollars. Beside tees, they also provide lots of other accessories and stationary items.

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Furthermore, you can customize your t-shirt with your desired color and design easily via its fantastic custom design tool. Due to this reason, it is considered a perfect resource for businesses, sports and marketing events. Compare prices of different tees and take maximum benefits from special offers and discount deals. Buy more and you will save more.

Busted Tees

Busted Tees is one of the most famous and leading t-shirt destinations for buying high quality funny, cool, and retro vintage t-shirts. They always try to update their stock with the new arrivals. And unlike others, their designs are unique and hard to find at any other store online. They offer some best deals, where you can save more money online while buying these type of clothing.

Make your shopping more valuable with the utilization of mouth-watering deals while comparing them from one of the best online shopping and price check sites.

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Best LED TV 2010-2011

LED TVs have rapidly become incredibly popular, and are clearly emerging as the new standard in televisions. Technically an advanced type of LCD TV, LED TVs have acquired the market enough to fall into a category of their own, and are poised to give older LCD TVs a serious run for the money. The technology allows for a greatly improved picture quality compared to plasma, LCD and DLP TVs. As the price gap narrows between LED TVs and the rest, be sure to check out all the features to choose the best LED TV for you.

Everyone is buying LED TVs, and the smart ones are making sure those TVs are wi-fi compatible. After all, everything is going wireless these days, so why not your TV? Out of all the manufacturers of LED TVs, the brands that stand out by offering wireless capabilities are LG and Samsung. Out of these two, Samsung is the brand that is generally considered the leader of this particular market.

On the other hand, LG's plus points include the fact that their TVs tend to be less expensive while also getting excellent customer reviews. While you're going wireless, be sure to check that your new audio and video devices fit the bill, too – for starts, you can look out Sony's great new wireless Blu-ray player which comes at an attractive price tag.

Thanks to LED technology, added to which is the new line of semiconductors, video images are sharper than ever – you will enjoy deepest blacks, crisp whites and all-round color vibrancy in an overall viewing experience that is nothing short of spectacular. Higher contrast ratios of 500,000: 1 and faster refresh rates at 250 Hz and above mean that you get picture quality that is beyond compare. Lifelike images and crisply displayed motion, even for high-speed content, takes TV viewing into the future.

Not only is the picture quality great on the best LED TVs, but they are designed to use significantly less power. On average, these televisions use 40-50% less power than comparable LCD TVs, making them easy on power resources as well as on your wallet – you'll find yourself paying less each month in utility bills. What's more is that no mercury is used in making these TVs. Mercury is toxic to the environment, and is generally used in LCD TVs so it's great that these TVs are made without this harmful substance.

As a general trend, the best LED TVs in today's market have consistently been coming from Samsung, clearly at the forefront of this technology. Not far behind are brands such as Sony and Toshiba. As the competition gets more fierce, prices of these TVs will consistently be lowered, and quality improved as kinks and bugs are fixed in the performance. Generally speaking it is recommended to go not for the top of the line models but the ones right below, for the best price-and-performance balance to get the best value for your money.

In these cases the performance of the TV is almost always comparable to the top-end model, and features offered tend also to be quite similar, but the difference in price is usually quite significant. In the past months alone, prices on these TVs have been dropping significantly so clearly now is the right time to jump in and buy.

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Training Like a Manual Laborer

Being a laborer for over 30 years and training for the same amount of time I have a different outlook on training. For years I earned and still do earn a living with my physical and mental toughness. I have to keep myself in shape to continue to feed my family. In 30 plus years doing manual labor I have never hurt my back or ever missed work because of injury on the job.

I do not always lift with my legs, and never look or worry about form I just do my job. I bend, I twist, I climb, I lift and carry all day long.

It is rare for someone to go and work as many years I have and throw in years of training and not have the body already broke down. One thing is I take care of myself, I eat well and I have a different mindset then most men doing labor work.

I hear it all the time on sites about bad backs, and I'm getting old (Most are younger than me) I can not lift things like that anymore. Why is it these guys continue to do a job they physically struggle to do?

The reason is because for years they have heard from others just like them that when you get older you can not do the same things you once did. Bullshit! At some point you will probably have a decline but these guys just listen to all before them. I have heard it for years, wait til your my age and I have been listening this since I was 18 I do not hear it much anymore because of my age.

I get tired of people who will chime in tell you how "They know a guy" or "My Dad" or My Grand dad "there will always be exceptions but do not include me in the general labor population, because I do not follow the standards of the basic man.

I decide how things will go, not history. People hate that I act like this and can care less and I am living proof so until someone can prove me wrong I will continue to train like I always have. Training to win in life, training for honor, training for survival is the reason I continue to push my mind and body. The minute we decide we no longer need an advantage is when we will start to lose our edge. Once you feel it no longer matters you are right, you have already lost the edge!

Source by Johnny Grube

Fashion After 40

With so many designers and trends targeting the svelte body
of the twenty-something, is it possible to look fashionable
as the years pass and your body begin to tell the tale?


In fact, with a little ingenuity and sleigh-of-hand, it's
easy to be fashionable and stylish regardless of how many
candles are on your birthday cake.

Now let's be frank: unless you work out religiously, you
probably do not have the same body at 40, 50, or 60 that you
did at 25. Time, gravity, and pregnancy all take their toll
on the female body, as does menopause. And when you mix a
mature body with fashions obviously made for a younger
person, it can lead to self-doubt, frustration, and

But it does not have to be that way. Getting older also
means getting wiser, and like a fine bottle of wine, you're
improving with age. So you do not have the same body as
those twenty-somethings you see in magazines or on TV. So
what? Would you REALLY trade everything you've learned
Since your twenties for the body you had back then?
Probably no sooner than you'd like to re-live puberty,
thank you very much.

So how can you be fashionable without wearing all those
body-conscious clothes so en vogue these days? By
remembering the "3 C's" when you dress: clean, classic, and


Clean lines create a clean silhouette which makes the body
appear more youthful by skimming the trouble spots instead
of calling attention to them. Complicated cuts, seams, and
details usually call for a killer body to pull off, so if
you have not got it, steer clear of those styles.


Classic styles are called classic because they remain in
style year after year. Why? Because they look good on so
many bodies! Sheathes, A-line skirts, flat front pants –
all tend to flatter a variety of shapes. What's more,
because they remain in style year after year, classics are
easier on the budget than trends.


Covering approbably is the key to aging gracefully. If
your upper arms, thighs, and décolletage have all seen
better days, it's time to cover them up a bit instead of
sharing the wear-and-tear with the world. Now I'm not
talking about draping yourself in a tent for the rest of
your life. Far from it. I'm talking about wearing short
sleeves instead of going sleeveless, Capris instead of
shorts, and modest necklines instead of plunging necklines.

Now I know that covering up the parts that used to turn
heads and draw envy can be tough to take for some women.
Which is precisely why beautiful jewelry and fine fabrics
are the revenge tools of choice for many well-dressed
mature women.

So your bustline is not as perky as your twenty-something
daughter or granddaughter. So what? Add a beautiful
necklace and draw envious glances from women of all ages.
Do not have the same backside you did as a teen? Encase it
in a fine fabric and see how many men go out of the way to
hold the door open for you. People will look where you
focus their attention, so use that knowledge to redirect
their interest to the parts you want them to see.

Or, as actress Cybil Shepard once said, "I like to flaunt
what I have left. "

Do not flip through fashion magazines and bemoan the fact
that you do not look like the models. Instead, look at the
various fashion elements to determine what will and will not
work for you. Are printed scarves all the rage this year?
Grab a few and be trendy. Are mini skirts the style of
choice? Pass and bank your money.

See how easy this is?

"A woman has the age she deserves," Coco Chanel once said.
You do not have to go under cover and dress "like a little
old lady "just because that's what your mother or
grandmother did. You're your own person.

If you remember to dress in clean lines and classic styles
and cover appropriately, you can still be fashionable – AND
draw long, lingering glances from handsome men – whatever
your age. And if THAT does not make you feel like a
blushing girl again, then honey, nothing I can say will!

Source by Diana Pemberton-Sikes

What Made Native American Peoples Vulnerable to Conquest by European Adventurers?

What made Native American peoples vulnerable to conquest by European adventurers?

There were several traits which made the Native American’s vulnerable to conquest by European adventurers. First, the people themselves were ill equipped to deal with the European invaders. Their numbers were quickly reduced as a result of famine, forced labor, epidemics involving contact with European diseases and wars.

They were unaccustomed to the economic, political and military aspects associated with the Europeans. They lacked the organization and political unity to resist the conquering people. The various tribes were frequently in conflict with one and other as they went about their daily lives competing with each other for land and food. As an example over the years the Aztecs accumulated many enemies especially within their own tribe. This conflict resulted from competition for territorial rights, acquisition of wealth and the practice of using their captive enemies as religious sacrifices. Cortés exploited this trait by forming alliances with the opposing tribes. In contrast to the Aztecs lack of unity the Spanish explorers were a highly unified society.

The Native Americans possessed the necessary skills to work with copper but failed to develop those needed to smelt iron thus they lacked sufficient technology to wage war upon the invaders. When the Europeans arrived in the New World they were welcomed by the Native Americans. The Indians regarded their visitors as wonderful warriors with their dress, beards, and their ships but more so for the technology they brought with them. The native population was amazed at this technology such as their steel knives and swords, the arquebus which is a sort of muzzle loader, the cannon, copper and brass kettles, mirrors, hawk bells and earrings which were used as trading goods, along with other items which were unusual to their way of life. This was rightfully so since the natives lacked the ability to create these amazing inventions used by the Europeans. Unfortunately the European visitors used their weapons of war inflicting great amounts of damage to the natives.

It did not take long before serious problems began to develop. Upon the arrival of the Europeans there were 7 million Native Americans in North America. Most lived in hunter-gather or agricultural types of communities. The largest problem encountered by the Native Americans was their lack of immunity toward European diseases. This lack of immunity in these communities towards the European diseases took their toll among the Indian tribes. Smallpox was a common threat frequently contracted by the Indians from the European people.

The Native Americans soon began to dislike the Europeans and their beliefs. They often viewed the white man as despicable and stingy with their wealth. This was something that the Indians had not previously encountered. In their social order things were freely shared. The explorers were deemed to be insatiable in their desire for furs and hides. They particularly disliked the European’s intolerance for their religious beliefs, eating habits, sexual and marital arrangements and other aspects of their customs.

The Native Americans were used to being in tune with the spirit of nature but to the Europeans nature was an obstacle in their path. They viewed the gifts of nature as an endless supply of resources such as the forest having an abundance of timber, a beaver colony possessing unlimited pelts and the buffalo with many robes. To the explorers even the Native American’s were deemed a resource ripe for religious conversion or as a means of free labor.

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Source by Joseph Parish

The Low-Down on This Summer's Shades

It looks like there is a worldwide plot to alter trends in sunglasses on a nearly yearly basis. It fails of course, but sometimes something that should have never been in the first place becomes a trend through sheer persistence. Growing up we had a drawer in our house that held nothing but sunglasses of every size, shape and color. My parents finally sold that house and while moving them recently we rediscovered the drawer. Inside was a fifty year history of sunglasses in America. My sisters inspected each pair recalling who they belonged to and what vacation they were from or what boy they were dating at the time. My two daughters were of course ecstatic and gleefully picked out the ones they wanted, which was nearly all of them.

Back then only a few designers had gotten into the sunglasses game. We of course had Ray-Bans and Oakleys, which cost plenty, but there were no Dior, Gucci or Armani sunglasses to be found when I was growing up. Today you can not throw a stick in an optometrist's office without hitting a dozen designer frames. I'm not so vain that I will only wear the latest fashions, but if I'm dropping some money on a pair I prefer to get something that's at least in style right now.

Oversized sunglasses are still in for better or worse. I tried a few frames by Gucci and Prada and laughed because some were so big they looked more like a mask than sunglasses. No, I do not have an especially small face. Like all designer trends, they've taken a step closer to ridiculous in an attempt to be unique. What is new is the variety of lens shapes and colors. I still can not look at them without thinking of Charlie's Angels.

Aviator glasses are also still in, but have an elementone some kind of fashion inflected mutation. Double frames, rose tinted gradient lenses, oh my. These have never been my go to as they just look like dude glasses. It does not matter how well you do your hair, how sexy you dress or even how red your lipstick is, you still look like you're wearing your brother's sunglasses.

Of course cat eye sunglasses are back because they're fabulous. I'm hoping this is a style that never goes away and even if it does I'm still wearing them until the day I die. I had a pair of black and green Armani's with full tint lenses that made the beach at noon look like the dark side of the moon. I tried to find another pair after mine were lost somewhere between Nassau and Chicago, but they do not sell that model anymore which is horrible.

If you do pick up a new pair of sunglasses this summer, remember not to throw your old ones out. Put them in that drawer with all the others so that someday you can pass them on. Plus you never know, they could come back in style.

Source by Sally Hamilton