Passing a Drug Test Using Clean Pee without Taking a Detox Drug

With each passing day. Advancements in testing techniques make it harder to pass drug tests. This is a big headache for stoners applying for new jobs or if your employer is one that is always asking for occasional tests mid-job. If you find yourself in such a situation, a simple search online will turn up some very interesting solutions for beating a drug test. The most commonly recommended way out is to buy detoxification drinks. These are product that claim to rid your bladder of toxins long enough for you to submit a clean pee for urine drug test.


The problem with this method is the probability of getting an authentic detoxification drink that actually works. There are a lot of fakes in the market which means your chances of ending up with a detox drink that doesn’t work is quite high. That’s not to mention the possibility of side effects that have been reportedly associated with taking detox drinks by many users. Are there other ways to pass a drug test without necessarily taking a detox drug or drink? Here are some other possible solutions you can explore

Swap your pee

Here’s one of the surest ways to beat a drug test without having to drink anything or alter your lifestyle drastically to stay clean. You can simply swap your own urine for another one and present it as your sample. But this isn’t always as simple as it sounds.

First, you have to ask a friend for passing an awkward favor. It’s not easy to walk up to anyone and ask for their urine even if you are close friends with the person. But that’s not even hardest part of the deal. Assuming you are able to get past the awkward request, you will have to be sure that the person you are asking for the sample is clean as well. After all, that’s the only way you will be sure that you are submitting clean pee. If your friend is stoner too or has been exposed to marijuana in any other way recently you will still end up failing the test.

Passing Urine Characteristic

That’s just one part of the challenge. The other issue is smuggling the clean urine into the testing clinic and swapping it for yours when you are asked to go into the cabin to urinate. Testing clinic anticipates this move and you will most likely be checked for it.

Even if you succeed with this, there is yet another hurdle to scale. Fresh pee is always warm, and testers know this. So unless you figure out a way to heat your smuggled sample up you might still be in trouble. You can click here to learn how to keep fake urine warm.

Also, if you leave pee out for more than an hour it will start smelling bad which another issue you will have to fix is. At the end of the day if you figure out how to fix all of these issues you might just be able to beat that test with a clean sample from your friend, neighbor or colleague.

Drug Test

Synthetic Urine

Unless you have been in the game of trying to beat urine drug tests for long, you might not be familiar with what synthetic urine is. But it’s a pretty smart solution for beating a drug test without all the awkwardness of asking a friend for passing a clean sample or the hassles of smuggling it in and warming it up.

Synthetic urine as the name already implies is cooked up in a lab. It usually comes in powder form but once liquefied, it will look exactly like normal pee complete with the same composition of clean urine. Find out more about synthetic urine here. There are a lot of synthetic urine products in the market today. A simple search online should turn up some great results. You can also order for synthetic pee online and have it delivered to you directly as soon as possible.

Passing the Test

Of course, you will still have to think about how to smuggle in your synthetic urine into the testing clinic. It shouldn’t be as hard as trying to smuggle a vile of pee undetected. You can check online for smart ways to conceal items like buying an incognito belt or any other related alternatives. Another issue you might face is the fact that synthetic urine is a bit expensive especially if you only plan to use it just once. But if your employer is always asking for tests then this won’t be a bother.

The final challenge is heating it up since your sample will tested for temperature. Now, this can be challenging for some synthetic urine products. But great ones already have heat activators which help to heat up the urine all by itself. You simply have to pour it into the cup and add water. The powder dissolves quickly and heats up to the required temperature ready for testing immediately. This is arguably the easiest way to pass a drug test as long as you can afford it. And you know smart ways to smuggle in your synthetic urine undetected.


When you have limited time to prepare for your drug test, taking detox drinks might not be a good idea. You might also have a hard time finding good ones from trusted sources. In cases like this, you can try any of these two alternatives. With these options, you can be sure of a clean test as long as you find smart ways to beat all the possible checks and potential challenges.

You can read up online for some effective ways to overcome the challenges highlighted. You will face other challenges with other types of drug tests to ensure that you confirm the type of tests you will asked to take and take proper precautions.