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The Attack of Ransomware – What Are The Most Effective Ways On How To Protect Ourselves From It If you have been reading, watching or listening to the news lately, then we are certain that you are familiar with the cyber-attack that caused chaos across the whole of the NHS during the weekend which prompted some operations to be cancelled and some patients to be declined from the A and E and the said cyber-attack has still rapidly growth even up to this very day. When Monday afternoon comes, the authority released a statement concerning the cyber-attack that has happened and according to them, it was a malicious software called ransomware and the said software was able to target around two hundred thousand organizations from one hundred fifty countries across the globe. According to the report that was given by the NSA, they have found out that “WannyCry” (the name of the ransomware that created chaos over the weekend) seems to take advantage of the error in the software produced by Microsoft to breached various systems and programs and this particular ransomware was leaked by the hackers and spread it rapidly across the locking away files of every networks. One very important fact that you have to know when it comes to ransomware is that it is a typ of cyber-attack that concerns hackers who are taking control over their mobile devices or computers and demanding payments from their victims for them to release the files they have taken as hostages.
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When ransomware takes place, this is made possible by hackers or attackers who are downloading virus device and then use that particular malicious software they have downloaded to encrypt the information of the victim which is contained in the device itself. Once they have successfully encrypted all the information of the victim found on the device, they will, then, threaten them a denial of access until they pay them the ransom that they are asking for and more often than not, these criminals will ask a fee that is between zero point three or one bit coins (that is four hundred to one thousand three hundred seventy five).
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In order for you to secure yourself protection, we will present to you this article that contains all the important things you have to know on how you can protect yourself from ransomware. There is nothing more effective and more efficient of a protection than to back up your files. Based on the things we have mentioned earlier on, when ransomware attacks, they will be targeting all the important files that you have hence, you should make a backup for all the significant files present in your mobile devices or computers. Another effective way for you to protect yourself from ransomware attack is by installing in your device what we call as ransomware prevention software or the ransomware blocker as this software is capable of detecting any cyber-attack present in your device and immediately wipe it out to avoid further damage.