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How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful In the search of a lush turf, people end up spending so much money on pesticides in the name of taking care of their lawns. The pesticides used per acre are much more than what the farmers use on their crops. It is worse that these pesticides end up in our waters through the rivers, the streams and the lakes or still get into contact with our skins. These chemicals can irritate our skin or even get to the blood system. Many people are careful when they see their children playing on the lawns that have been recently sprayed. Some countries are issuing warnings on the use of pesticides on lawn areas. That is not to say that people do not love great lawns. There is a better way of having a very nice looking turf without the use of the potentially harmful pesticides. Some home owners have started practicing natural lawn care. Organic lawn care is very achievable, and a lot can be discussed about it. The most appropriate way of growing green carpet without the use of chemicals is to grow a healthy turf. You can achieve this without the use of synthetic chemicals in terms of fertilizers and pesticides. When you are mowing your lawn, you should raise the floor of your mower slightly up, and you will get surprising results. By just raising your floor a few inches, you will realize that with time the grass will begin looking more green. The weed will be overpowered by the lawn. the longer blades of grass will go over power the weed because they will photosynthesize better. The other method is to make sure you are using a mulching mower. The machines ensure that all the nutrient-rich grass is back to the soil. When you aerate the turf you will improve it a great deal. The market is full of rental machines to help you achieve your goal when you do not have the right machines. Using a dethatcher you can remove all the accumulated thatch that stands in the way of nutrients and water as you water your lawn. The thatch should be removed before you start the process of aerating the lawn. An aerator machine effectively opens the turf to enable it to breathe properly, and it also loosens up the compacted soils. After all that you need then to over seed the lawn. Ensure you clean the area using a rake after aerating it and dethatching it. You should pave the ground so that you can make it ready for more seeds. There is an appropriate alternative for fertilizers that you can use for your lawn, that is the composite tea. You will have a very fantastic lawn.

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