Why No One Talks About Parenting Anymore


In the cycle of life, there is a time when one wants to become a mum and when the time is right the mommawonnabe become mums. Every new mum has a different adventure and story on their first experience with motherhood. Experts say that a lady who is lucky enough to have a baby and experience their growth considers that as the best experiences of their lifetime. Despite motherhood being the best thing that can occur to a woman, it has its own share of challenges. Luckily, every new mother out there is equipped and talented differently on how to cope with the challenges and attend to their babies. It is evident that amidst all these challenges , new mothers will have to raise their children in the best way ever. The most common problems are as listed below and the solutions provided to counter them.

New mothers tend to lack enough sleep and this is experienced by all mothers. This is a common issue for all new mothers as it is natural for them and their young ones to lack sleep. The fact that new mothers have to wake up as often as possible to attend to the baby leads to insufficient sleep. Lack of enough sleep is termed as a stage of development and it occurs at a particular time during growth and development. It is natural that babies will mess on themselves, they may require breastfeeding and also young mothers have to check whether they have slept properly and thus al this attributes to the lack of sufficient sleep. Babies develop their milk teeth quite early and the discomfort involved may make them cry all night and thus the mother cannot have sufficient sleep as well. Experts say that it is okay to seek for help from someone who can keep watch of the baby as you have some sleep.

New mother also face an issue of comparing their child’s progress to those of other people which is actually wrong. Another common problem with new mothers is how often they keep on telling off their child’s growth add development to other people. This makes them to continuously compare the progress of their child with those of their friends and neighbors. As a result, this comparison may impose pressure and worry on mums whose kids may seem to be lagging behind. It is important to recognize that kids grow at their own pace and trying to enhance their development will only impose stress on you and them. Young mothers also have a problem of dressing their children so as to impress other people. They therefore tend to purchase more brilliant and stunning clothes for their young ones to look more presentable and lovely.