15 Awesome Accessories For a Wooden Playhouse

It’s the special touches that make your child’s wooden playhouse stand out from the crowd.  All kids like to feel special.  When their outdoor play house is outfitted in unique accessories, there’s no stopping how excited your child will feel knowing they have the coolest playhouse in the neighborhood.

Here’s a list of 15 awesome wooden playhouse accessories your kid will absolutely love:

  1. Bell – Won’t you child love to have a bell to ring to call their friends in for a visit to their playhouse?  What kids doesn’t love to ring a bell?
  2. Door bell – Kids love door bells and just like Mom and Dad’s house, they’d like to have a doorbell for their own playhouse.
  3. Door knocker – A door knocker, especially one that has their name on it, is a fun accessory for when neighborhood kids come visiting the playhouse. This feature is a nice alternative if a door bell isn’t a real possibility.
  4. Telescope – Kids are intrigued by the stars and night sky.  A telescope encourages this interest in astronomy.  Just mount a telescope to a porch rail and the playhouse is easily propelled into a universal space station.
  5. Flower boxes – In the spring and summer, flowers boxes filled with overflowing colors brighten up the entrance of a wooden playhouse.   Flower boxes come in all sizes and can makes their playhouse look and feel more inviting.
  6. Mail box – Who doesn’t love getting mail?  Kids have fun playing post office and sending post cards and packages to their friends so don’t forget to add this essential accessory to the playhouse.
  7. Address plaque or marker – Of course, if you have a mail box, you need to have an address marker!
  8. Curtains – Curtains help to personalize a playhouse and make it more appealing and tailored to your child.
  9. Tiles for the floor – Self-adhesive tiles can help transform an unfinished, wooden floor into a more beautiful and nicer looking playhouse.  These tiles can be found in numerous colors and styles and the best thing is that they withstand the wear and tear of child’s play.
  10. Cork board for art work – How much art work is generated by a growing child?  Lots!  Children need a place to display their numerous drawings, posters and pictures.  Give them the opportunity to display their art work with a cork bulletin board.
  11. Shelves – Kids have a lot of toys, books and treasures they like to have readily available for play or show.  Shelves in a play house allows your child easy access to these items.
  12. Toy box – Toy boxes in a playhouse can be used for multiple purposes.  Not only can a toy box be used to store toys, but it can be used as a make shift table or certainly for extra seating as a bench.
  13. Weather vane – Not every house has a weather vane and that’s true for a child’s playhouse.  Weather vanes come in many shapes and styles and can set your child’s playhouse a part from other wooden playhouses in the neighborhood.
  14. Flag pole – With so many different flags, banners and pennants available today, it’s a fairly inexpensive and fun way for your child to express their individuality.
  15. Solar powered accent lights – When children are having fun with outdoor play, they don’t realize how quickly it can get dark out.  Lights that outline the playhouse at dusk and at night are a great safety feature to have for your kid’s playhouse.

Help set your child’s wooden playhouse apart from other neighborhood playhouses by adding special features or elements  Make your child feel special by helping them pick out accessories to personalize their play space.  The 15 awesome accessory tips will get you thinking about what elements your child will absolutely love for their very own playhouse.

Source by Sharon Marsh