4 Tips To Spotting Fake Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have been around since the 50’s. To call them popular is an understatement. Flip the pages of an entertainment magazine and chances are there will be at least one photo of a celebrity with a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers on.

But being an iconic eye-wear model which is arguably the best-selling model sun-glass model ever, has one major drawback – the presence of countless fakes.

Fake Wayfarer models are everywhere, on the internet as well as at your friendly neighborhood mall. Fakes are getting harder and harder to detect as many come quite close aesthetically the originals. But using fakes may cause damage to your precious eyes in the long run because fake Wayfarers lack the original’s technology.

Fortunately there are still a few ways in which you can spot a fake.

The Price

This may seem a bit too obvious but you are not going to find a brand new pair of authentic Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses for $30 anywhere. Even the Junior Wayfarer models costs more than that. However, just because a pair of Wayfarers cost more than $100, does not mean it is authentic. It could be just some unscrupulous seller trying to improve his margins by hiking up the price to fool unsuspecting customers.

New Owners

Not many realize this but Bausch & Lomb sold the Ray-Ban brand to Milan based Luxottica in 1999. So models manufactured after that date should have the text “100% UV Protection – Ray-Ban – Sunglasses By Luxottica” printed on the seal on the case. Any model post 1999 that has “Made in USA”, “BL” or “Bausch & Lomb” printed on it is a sure fake.

Some fakes get all the visible prints correct but still have the initials BL etched on the lens. Most probably because they did not want to waste the lenses. Originals will have the initials “RB” etched on the corner of the left lens.

Inconsistent Model Number

Wayfarers come in different models and each model has a model code. For example, RB2140 and RB2132, which represent the original Wayfarer model and the new Wayfarer model respectively. Sometimes, the fake sunglasses do not display the correct model number on the inside of the temples. So be sure to check this out when you buy a pair of Wayfarers.

Logo On The Outside Temple

Fake sunglasses also have the Ray-Ban logo on the outside of the temples just like the originals. But on closer inspection, you will notice that the fakes have the logos glued on while the logo on authentic Wayfarers are actually part of the temple.

Source by Amelia Warmheart