5 Most Important Things to Remember While Designing a Site

How many sites have you visited so for in your life? Well, this is not really a simple question to start with. But it's really relevant to this topic of discussion. You must be thinking what kind of a freak I am to ask such a nonsense question.

Now if I ask you to tell me the name of your favorite sites that you visit regularly, then you probably give a realistic glance at me. I am sure the ratio will be an outlandish one. So what's the reason do you think? Are there any certain features of a site that pulls you to it every now and then? There must be some.

Actually this parameter varies from person to person. But I think there are some common parameters or features that draw our attention almost immediately we visit them. In this jungle called World Wide Web, you will find sites on almost any subject, but only a few of them are worth a second visit. God save the designers of those sites. I think it mainly happens because of the poor research work or lack of it! Hardly any web design company performs a market survey before the building process, so most of the time they deliver you a poorly designed site with zero market value. But you can not complain as they had included all the features you asked them to do. Here I have pointed out some features that every web designer must consider before going for the building job.

o Load time: loading time is one aspect that always plays in the back of our mind before we visit a site. No matter how effective or captivating the site may be, if it's taking longer time than your tolerance level, you will most likely navigate away to a faster alternative. These are the factors that should be considered;

-Code length, huge coding are likely to cause slow loading.
-use of graphics, heavy graphics can make your site an eye candy, but you must first ensure your visitors a smooth entry to your site. So make a proper balance between both.
-make sure that your site is hosted in a high end server. This ensures faster speed.
-use of music files is not recommended.
-You can put your content on one server and the database on another. It will make your site faster and it is also secure to do that.
-use a slash at the end of the domain name of your site, which will indicate that it is a directory page and so server will take less time to load it.

o Compactness: what I first notice in a site is its compactness. It not only saves space but also sends a right no fuss signal to your audience.

o User friendship: your site must be user friendly; too much complicity will definitely spoil the soup. So keep it simple and avoid including unnecessary features.

o Open up your data: this is not the age of keeping the data in your volt; it is the age of exposing your data as much as possible.

o Think out of the box: you need not be conventional rather history never remembers the followers, it remembers the trailblazers. So if you think any of your approach is a bit absurd, do not get retarded rather if you think it will work for you and then go for it.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy for your website design

Source by Rupam Chakraborty