AJ Khubani and TeleBrands

If you watch any type of television then you've more than probably heard of these:

  • BareLift
  • BarkOff
  • Bottle Top
  • Crazy Critters
  • EZ Combs
  • Heel-Tastic
  • Jupiter Jack
  • PastaBoat
  • Ped Egg
  • Pedi Paws
  • PerfectFit Button
  • Shoes Under
  • Windshield Wonder

What do they have in common? AJ Khubani, President and CEO of TeleBrands. TeleBrands is the "As Seen On TV" one stop shop. They take a great idea and put it out there for the public in what has become known as direct response television.

Did you know that the day Ped Egg was first seen on TV, two million were sold that day alone? The wonders of television and marketing came to life and a good thing became aought after item!

Inventors can go to Telebrands and fill out a online submission form that describes their invention. The invention must be more than just an idea, it must be built and a working prototype.

Telebrands takes an invention that everyone needs but nobody ever thought of, and they put it out there for the public to buy. Some are simple ideas like the Ped Egg. A simple hand held device that gets rid of the dry dead skin on the bottom of your feet. Other ideas are a bit more complex, but still so simple that you have to think, "Why did not anyone think of this sooner ?!"

Take the Jupiter Jack. A way to turn any cell phone into a hands free device. Simple. Practical. Cheap. What better invention can there be then something you actually need that's affordable at the same time!

Telebrands receives hundreds of submissions withventions on a daily basis. They pick the best of the best and if you are one of the lucky ones, you'll hear back from them with a request for more information.

Telebrands is quickly becoming a international company with a office in India and one in the United Kingdom. With new products all the time, who can blame them?

Source by Jeremy Blake