Body Language Signals – Decode Men Quickly

Do you know how to read a man’s body language? Wouldn’t you like to really know what he is thinking? Would having some new insight into male psychology help you attract men? If you want to stop the endless guessing game and find out what a man is really feeling inside, you won’t get a straight answer from him. Learn the secret body language signals that tell you the truth about what men are thinking and feeling.

Body language is like a secret code. Once you know how to read the code, you can learn things about men (or other women, for that matter) that they may not even know about themselves. While some men are pretty good at consciously using it, they are usually obvious about it. These are the confident guys who will look you directly in the eye, smile their patented killer smile and stand close to you when they’re speaking. To get to the truth, you need to look for the subtler clues.

Watch his Adam’s Apple when he talks to you. If it’s bobbing up and down, that’s a sign that he is nervous. Why would a confident guy get nervous around a girl? It’s a good bet that he’s really attracted to her. If his bobbing Adam’s Apple is accompanied by a softer, warmer smile than his normal smile, it means he is beginning to melt. That is a very good sign.

If a guy is acting cool and collected or talking business with you, but keeps licking his lips, it is a very strong signal that he is becoming sexually aroused. He is nervous with anticipation. The reason why he is licking his lips is because his saliva glands have stopped secreting saliva. Even seasoned veterans at putting on a show of indifference can’t stop that from happening. If you want to get this guy hooked on you, when you see him licking his lips, flirt with him just a little. That will drive him crazy.

This next one is very important, because many girls completely misinterpret it. If a guy who formerly looked you in the eye confidently when you were talking starts averting his eyes when you talk, that is often a very good sign that he has become super-attracted to you. The reason for this is because even confident men turn to mush when they start to fall in love. They become shy and nervous and a little overwhelmed with their feelings. If his voice seems to soften or go up in timber at the same time, he definitely has tender feelings for you.

There are many other signs you can look for, but these are easy to spot and almost foolproof. Watch for these body language signs and when you see them, make the most of them!

Source by Tina L. Jones