Designer Sunglasses – The Best Brand For Outdoor Sports

Today, network virus has become a large international element of the media plan for promotion. However, the success is always the minority among those followers. Before the operation of this network virus, maybe you should have a good knowledge of whether the brand personality is suitable for network transmission of the virus or not. Old, outdated concept of brand in the cutting-edge network where few can be sought after.

Brands of cutting-edge, personality, publicity is people's favorite brands on the network., As the world famous sunglasses brand, has successfully convert its image from high-end brand to a commonly-accepted brand. This originated from the highly scalable, capable of advancing brand tradition. At first, the world-famous brand sunglasses was quality products of Bausch & Lomb company.

In 1920, Bausch & Lomb commissioned by the US Air Force lunched a special goggles to combat dazzling glare high above the sky. A few years later, the world's first Vice-green lens sunglasses was born. It comes with protection of the glasses glare, but also anti-UV, thus wining great welcome among the pilots. In 1936, Bausch & Lomb put these sunglasses in the market and it is the privilege of a limited number of people in the show business, or exclusively for the gusto. Especially in the 20 century 30's, it was popular practice for Hollywood stars to wear black sunglasses as a fashion. Now, the situation is completely different. Millions of people in a very funny way involved in manufacturing a free classic American brand.

In the past four years, Ray Ban has annual sales growth by 200%. From 2000 to 2006, Ray Ban sunglasses has a 2-fold increase sales volume. Now when you go shopping with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, people will no longer regard you as a pioneer in fashion.

Recently, Ray Ban's biggest media advertising program is "never to hide." The event, which started from March 2007, is a major global market activity, covering 20 countries. Its target audience are young, brave, nonconformist consumers. The event has a complete, innovative media mix: from cinema to printing, posters, outdoor, Internet, consumer. Around the "Never hide" concept, Ray Ban called for its true self, thoughts and personality to encourage you to be loyalty to the only value of the brand.

Source by Cassy Joy