Dog Sunglasses – For Looks and Protection

It may be hard for many people to understand, but a great number of individuals treat their pet dogs like a member of their family – like their child, even. It's no wonder then that they are pampered, feted, and treated like royalty. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Venus Williams endow their dogs with lavish gifts, like designer clothing and gem-encrusted collars. Dog sunglasses are just one of the many things that many humans like to bestow upon these four-legged friends.

Dog sunglasses come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. The materials of which they are made run the gamut, too. The lenses are usually made of polycarbonate lenses, which are scratch- and shatter-resistant. The lenses on these dog sunglasses are also anti-fog – these would be helpful in making sure that the dog's vision is not compromised while wearing the glasses. The frames and straps can be made of plastic or nylon.

It may be perceived as a whim or a flight of fancy on the part of some dog owners to have their pets wear sunglasses for dogs, but in reality, these devices are very useful in protecting a dog's eyes. Just as humans are prone to eye diseases like photokeratitis, cataracts, and macular degeneration, so too are dogs. Various breeds can suffer from a condition called "pannus," which is also known as chronic superficial keratitis or inflammation of the corneas. This can be caused by prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays – which hit the eyes of both human and animal whether the sun is shining high in the sky or whether the day is cloudy.

And it is not just ultraviolet radiation that can damage our four-legged friends' vision; sunglasses for dogs can help protect them from airborne debris and wind. Many people are wont to take their dogs along with them on their road trips – how many of us have ever seen a dog riding a motor vehicle with his head hanging out the window? – or their vacations to the beach and other places where pets' eyes can get irritated by swirling dust, sand, and other substances. In such situations, sunglasses for dogs help ensure a more trouble-free playtime for Fido.

A number of companies are well-known for their dog sunglasses. One of these is Dog-Goes, which is based in Munich, Germany. This firm acknowledges that while a lot of customers buy their sunglasses for their high-end materials (such as chrome or gold frames) many others recognize the need for providing eye protection for their pets. Company co-owner Christian Blank avers that veterinarians are recommending such eye protection gear for their pets, especially if the dogs go outdoors most of the time.

Another company that specializes in eyewear for dogs is California-based Doggles. They are the creators of dog goggles, which are called, well, Doggles. Their products have been featured in mass media, notably in CNN and "People Magazine." Because they are goggles, they fit snugly on the area surrounding the eyes, preventing ultraviolet radiation, wind, and airborne irritants from entering the eye area from the top, bottom, and sides. The right fit is ensured by two adjustable straps: one goes under the dog's chin and the other behind his head. Initially, the dog may find that the sunglasses take getting used to, but after a while, it will feel as if he has nothing on and will continue to act normally. The owner just needs to do everything he can to help the dog adjust to the sunglasses.

Another nice thing about dog sunglasses is that many models have interchangeable lens. All the owner has to do is remove the lens and pop in new ones as the situation warrants. There are lenses that are available for virtually every lighting condition: there are smoked lenses, clear lenses, and colored lenses. Of course, the owner may just choose the change the color of the lenses to go with the dog's outfit (many owners clothe their dogs, too!)

The prices of dog sunglasses can range anywhere from under $ 20 for basic models to upwards of $ 100 for lavishly designed ones and those made from expensive materials. There may be people who will scoff at such accessories and think that they are a total waste of money. But for dog lovers who only want the best for their pets and take their dogs' risks of eye disease or injury seriously enough, dog goggles are not only a wise choice, they are a necessity.

Source by Trevor Mulholland