Evolution of Traditional Indian Clothes – Sherwanis for Men

A Sherwani is an Indian equivalent of a western suit. It is considered a formal garment that is worn for important events in India. The Sherwani has evolved over time and typically reflects the cultural, political and economic situations that exist in the country. Currently in India, Sherwanis are preferred for weddings by the grooms. As a formal piece of clothing, the Bandhgala takes preference for men – but there is a history for Sherwanis that is rich and describes some commentary.

Sherwanis for men are two-piece garments that are comprised of,

– Jacket: The length is waist length, long sleeves and usually with a Nehru collar

– Pants: Normally styled trousers or a tightly fitted trousers called a churidar

An optional extra accessory is usually a scarf that is worn around the neck. This can be embroidered, printed or just plain – normally in bright colors. The scarf is typically worn for festive occasions like weddings or festivals and seldom for formal occasions. Sherwanis are versatile garments that are worn for formal and festive occasions alike but the styling is changed to suit the occasion.

Cultural Influences on types of Sherwanis

The Sherwani can be styled in a modest manner that is lightly embroidered and detailed or it can be heavily embroidered. Many communities in India frown upon very heavily embroidered garments and prefer simpler styles. This is no doubt related to the cultural sensitivity of being modest and not showing off material wealth.

On the other hand, Sherwanis worn by certain communities like Punjabis and Sindhis tend to be richly detailed and embroidered. These communities take pride in showing off their wealth.

Economic Influences for Selecting a Sherwani

Economics situations also influence the type of detailing and fabrics used for Sherwanis for men . Silk and linen are expensive fabrics that affluent communities can afford. Less affluent communities tend to use cheaper silks and blended fabrics like cotton-silks for their Sherwanis.

Political Statements through Sherwanis

Politically, Sherwanis have been used to make minority statements about national identity and for distinguishing an Indian style of dressing from the western style of dressing. One can see Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as a classic example of an Indian who was Sherwani suits for key political events.


The history of this traditional garment is rich and has many aspects that influence the styling. The Sherwani is a garment that is worn with pride by a lot of people and has served multiple purposes over time. It continues to be the choice for festive and wedding celebrations.

Source by VA Agarwal