Face the Sun With a Good Pair of Sunglasses

If there is an accessory that you must have during the summer season, it is a good pair of sunglasses that protects your eyes from the sun rays and makes you look stylish.

Many celebrities think that wearing sunglasses is the secret for looking glamorous and, at the same time, protecting their privacy from the flashing of the paparazzi cameras.

But for normal people, besides the fashion cliché, sunglasses are important mainly because they protect eyes from the sun's harsh ultraviolet rays and also from pollution dust.

How to choose a good-quality pair of sunglasses that is fashionable and suits your face at the same time?

The bigger, the better is still the dictate for this summer, judging from the fact that celebrities continue to wear oversized sunglasses and big frames to cover their eyes.

Armani sunglasses have a timeless design, hip and modern, that can easily meet your needs.

Look apart, the main thing you need to consider when buying a new pair of sunglasses is the lenses' quality: the level of protection must be adequate and sensorial perception must not be altered.

Avoid counterfeit products because they do not meet EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements and include harmful materials and have dangerous borders or protrusions.

The sun may indeed cause eye damage, just as it does with the skin. The prolonged or improper exposure of our eyes to strong light, especially ultraviolet rays, can lead to a cornea infection and can also be a factor in degenerative diseases such as cataract and maculopathy.

This is the reason why you must protect your eyes choosing only EU certified sunglasses.

Source by Christie Barrett