Find Designer Eyewear Frames Right For Your Face

Designer eyeglasses have that extra little something you can not always find in ordinary eyeglasses. It may be the color, the shape or the embellishments; it's always the design, the quality and the panache. In addition to finding glasses that simply look fabulous, however, it is also necessary to find glasses that look fabulous on your face.

Start by figuring out the shape of your face. Often, you can do this by simply pulling back your hair and noticing the shape of your face in the mirror. If you are not sure, use an eyebrow pencil or lipstick to outline your face in the mirror. Is it oval, round, square or heart-shaped? Choose the shape that most closely resembles your outline.

If your face is round, you should choose glasses that are square shaped or rectangular. Stick to more width than height in the shape. This will offset the curves of your face and make it appear less round. In the same way, if your face has lines that are sharper and all about the same width (forehead, temples, jaw line), round glasses can add some welcome curves. When it comes to the shape of your designer eyeglasses, opposites attract.

If your face is wider at the forehead and narrow at the chin, you have what is called a heart shaped face. Your best choice in designer glasses is probably something wider on the bottom and narrows at top. The trouble is, this shape can be difficult to find. Look for a frame that is squarer on the bottom and rounder on top- or even try a rimless pair and see what you think.

If your face is oval shaped, you've hit the jackpot. You can probably wear just about any shape of glasses available. Lucky you, play around with different shapes and colors and find something unique and even a bit extravagant.

When you are considering the size of your eyeglasses, the reverse is true. If you have a small face, great big glasses will overwhelm your features and cover up your face. If you have a large face and try to offset the look with small glasses, you'll only draw attention to the very thing you are trying to minimize. The size of your eyeglasses should complement the size of your face. This way, you will have a total look that is balanced and attractive.

The final tip in choosing the perfect designer eyeglasses is to consider your skin tone when you choose the color of your frames. Typically speaking, warm toned skin looks best in warm toned glasses and cooler tones should look at cooler toned frames.

If you follow these general guides, you should be able to find the perfect designer eyeglasses for your face. Of course, if you have unique or extraordinary features and a bold personality to match, then break the rules all you want and show yourself to the world.

Source by Susanne Peterson