Foot Prints In The Sand – Romantic Beach Wedding Favors and Accessories

Lots of brides dream of being married on the beach. I t's such a romantic place to hold a wedding. Turquoise waters lapping the shoreline of white beaches strewn with sea shells, giggling children digging in the sand as they build sand castles, these are the images that are etched in our thoughts. If this is what you have in mind for your wedding then it's time to think about wedding favors and accessories that will compliment your vision.

Wedding Accessories:

If you are shopping for wedding accessories for a beach wedding then there are any number of gorgeous bridal collections and accessories that will compliment both your budget and your needs. Beach collections usually feature a ring pillow, flower basket, garter, guest book and pen set. Elaborate sets also include cake servers and toasting glasses as well. It all depends on how much you wish to spend and what you are looking for.

Beach accessories generally are made of satin and silk and come embellished with shells, sand castles and palm trees. Usually they come in cream and white as a base color and the more lovely ones real shells or exquisitely stitched beach scenes. You need to shop around to find the best deals and this is easily done by comparison shopping online and seeking out quaint bridal shops. There are many good deals and you can often find your dream collection on sale somewhere. You can also have accessories made exclusively for you but be aware of cost and time needed to create the set.

Wedding Favors:

You will of course wish to offer your guests wedding favors, those little thank you gifts that couples offer to their wedding guests on their special day. Beach wedding favors are especially cute and unique. Some really good beach favor ideas include candles adorned with shells and starfish, coasters with colorful beach themes, place card holders made of coral or fashioned to look like light houses or sail boats. Bottle stoppers formed to resemble dolphins, shells and colorful swirls are also popular choices now days. Just like accessories, wedding favors are available for every budget and come gift wrapped in lovely boxes that make an eye catching presentation on reception tables.

Planning a beach wedding can be a lot of fun and with careful selection and comparison shopping you are assured of having the wedding of your dreams at your fingertips. Start by looking in magazines and online, this will give you ideas about what you like and how your tastes run. Most of all enjoy yourself.

Source by Deborah Lewis