How Sports Sunglasses Combine Style with Effectiveness

There are all kinds of sports that involve long hours spent in the sun. In these same sports, visibility is a key factor in success. Outdoor sports such as hiking, snowboarding, golfing, cycling, skiing, and tennis are very heavy on vision, and so reducing the glare from the sun is a great help. The practical uses for sunglasses are easy to understand, but many may wonder how sunglasses can fulfill everyday needs and still look good.

Ideally, sports sunglasses will both help the athlete perform better, and look good. In order to understand how this is done, it is important to know the technical elements that sports sunglasses must contain. Sports sunglasses must be able to reduce glare and protect the athlete's eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses need to also reduce brightness, while not hindering vision. Regular sunglasses can sometimes be very dark (which is good when lying on the beach, but not when snowboarding in the mountains). Some people also have prescriptions. As a result, sports sunglasses may have to customized to help the wearer see in ways other than simply reducing light.

Different lens shades offer different types of protection. Fortunately, different shades also provide unique style for an athlete. Sports sunglasses will often have shades of green, blue, red, or orange. These shades may look very hip, but they are also serving a definite purpose. For example, in golf, Bolle sunglasses have EagleVision 2 lenses that can enhance contrast in the green part of the color spectrum. This is accomplished through both the type of lens and its shade. Sunglasses also have different types of frames. These frames can be very stylish. At the same time, these frames can meet special needs for certain sports. In some sports with heavy motion, frames can be very strong and somewhat tight on the head. Some designers may make these frames look very unique. An example of a frame used in sports is the Oakley Pro M Frame. This frame has a hinge-less design which can respond acutely to inertial changes in a specific sport. For sports such as golf, frames are not as important, and so more leeway can be taken in regards to style.

The best way that sunglasses combine style with effectiveness is by being made to fulfill specific customer needs. There are many companies that allow customers to customize sunglasses to meet the demands of a specific sport. Many people will choose shades, frames, and designs that are pleasing to them aesthetically, as well as technically. Some of the most popular sunglasses on the market can protect the eyes and look great. These brands include Oakley, Costa Del Mar, Action Optics, Bolle, Fitovers, and others. With sports sunglasses, it is very possible to look great while being protected from the sun and improving one's game. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Source by Michael Burkhart