Lola Rose Jewelery – The Story of Lola Rose

When the Lola Rose jewelery brand was first created ten years ago who would have known that it would quickly become one of the most well known jewelery ranges on both sides of the Atlantic. Worn by some of the most popular celebrities and seen in high end fashion magazines around the world, the Lola Rose jewelery range consists of some of the most elegant yet affordable pieces in the world of jewelery. But, the burning question has to be, just who is Lola Rose?

The Lola Rose jewelery range was born by Nicola Gewirtz back in 2000 as a side line venture to her promising career as a personal assistant in the corporate world. Having received a birthday gift from a friend which cost almost as much as the outfit it would compliment, Nicola realized that it was time luxurious jewelery was allowed to be purchased by the masses without the massive, sometimes outrageous price tags most commonly seen on the high street. So the Lola Rose jewelry range was born, named after her Grandma, Lola, an elegant woman on a daily basis, Nicola wanted to create a somewhat simple range of jewelery using still the best price range but still within a range range woman.

"Simply gorgeous, simply sexy, simply divine and simply chique." – Nicola Gewirtz for QVC

Initially just selling to her friends and family, Nicola quickly realized that this could and should be taken further. She took the gamble and with no real business knowledge started things formally and approached the big name stores. That was then, and now the Lola Rose jewelery range is one of the most respected ranges out there. Worn by celebrities such as Dannii Minogue, Halle Berry, and Angelina Jolie it has the endorsements of the 'A' lists while still retaining the price bracket that the masses can afford with typical pieces ranging from 50 to 100.

When asked, "what is your favorite piece", Nicola still stands by one of the first pieces she designed back in 2000, the 'tumble' bracelet, stating its simplicity is key to the range.

Lola Rose can be seen in many high street stores and across the web at places like QVC, JewelersWindow and even Amazon.

I wish Nicola the best of luck moving forward and am confident her pieces will continue to inspire and entice the public and accessorise the most glamorous of evenings.

Source by Steve Chadaway