Men's Sunglasses – What Are the Latest Trends?

The latest trends in men's sunglasses are retro, boxy, bold, masculine and oversized. The hottest brands are Oakley, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Armani Sunglasses, and X Loop's collection of plastic and metal eyewear.

Slip into a comfortable pair of oversized Gucci sunglasses, or a pair of sleek, trendy and hip 70's style eyewear.

The retro style is very popular, as seen in the Oliver Peoples collection, and the contemporary look from Bolle and Black Flys eyewear is currently a big hit with the guys.

As always the aviator style is highly popular, with Tom Ford's sunglasses being right there at the top offering a bold masculine look.

Whether you're on the beach or the golf course, hiking, bike riding or out on the slopes, choose to wear one of the latest styles and hottest trends in men's sunglasses.

Browse through your favorite celebrity magazine for the trendsetters in eyewear, or create your own unique style. Consider the shape of your face and hair color when selecting a frame.

Shades can be decorative or simple, bold or colorful. Choose a frame to match your personality, taste and mood.

Eyewear not only enhances your masculine look, but also offers protection against harmful ultra-violet rays, and as a preventive measure why not keep an extra pair in your vehicle, for those hurried moments when you've left yours behind.

From casual to chic, to bold and masculine, the choice of styles and cost in men's sunglasses vary, but there's definitely a pair that's sure to fit your budget and taste.

Source by Sandy Evans