Men's Wear – Dare to Beat What is Common

How do you dress yourself? While women have been trooping over the latest fashion wear and on what the latest dressing styles, most men are are seen seating comfortably with either a magazine or watching his favorite soccer game. It does not mean however that men are completely insensible on what is happening but but are unmindful of the fashion whereabouts. After all, it all remains the same. Shirt and trousers, only that fashion changes it's color. Although this may be partly true, it is also partly false. There is a complete difference over wearing simple clothes and the fashion trend. With men's wear, it is about time that you dare to beat what is common.

While the usual men's wear that you happen to get dress is a suit which already comes with its matching pair of trousers, you do not have to wear the pair all the time. You can have a mix and matched with all other garments that you have.

If you want to beat what is common, you do not need to wear loud and bold colors of men's wear. Catch the glances of everyone by looking handsome and hunk with your own style of dress up. While men opt to follow what is the trend making it the society's uniform, decide to work the style entirely with your own.

As an example, you may try to have men's wear for a date or a casual movie treat by wearing a collared shirt with jeans. Pairing it with dark rinse jeans with a slight boot cut will give a simple yet classy style than straight cut jeans. A leather shoes will match the sophistication.

While people are hip-hop for a disco party, match the occasion with a difference by wearing on a suit over your ensemble. Jeans and suit matches very well. However complete the hues of each piece for a better outfit.

Another that you can do with men's wear is to try going vintage yet with a wedge of modern crisp. When attending formal occasions, dare to beat the common by wearing a structured blazer in pinstripe matched with a complementary pair of trousers. You do not need to match it with a tie or a bow. However find a shirt, probably white that will fit the ensemble. A shiny pair of shoes should never be left ungranted same as by spraying your signature cologne.

There are still other means to beat the common in choosing the men's wear you have for the occasion. Find the outfit that best define your personality while at the same time drawing the line that can make you perfectly unique and yet fashionable than the others.

Source by Rupert Bowling