Over The Door Mirrors – What You Need To Know

If you live in a small space or need some help organizing your cosmetics and jewelry, an over the door mirror might be the solution to your problems. Thanks to innovative designers there are quite a few options to choose from all of those that are incredibly helpful.

Basic Yet Intelligently Designed

Standard options are made to replace your typical floor or wall mirrors. And by doing so, they free up that space for other d├ęcor, furniture, or for other uses which can be a huge advantage when space is limited. They have special hooks which allow them to hang from the door itself so you will not need to drill and holes or put any nails in the door which otherwise could be unsightly but also cause problems if you are renting.

While some mirrors may come with the hooks already attached, most will require you to attach them yourself. This is a painless process as it only requires you having to secure them to the back of the mirror using a few supplied screws and a screwdriver. Then simply hang it over the door and you're done. And of course if you want to move it to another door in the house or you end up moving all you have to do is lift it up and be on your way.

Keep Jewelry Organized

Many consumers are pleasantly surprised to find out that there are even models which are made to store jewelry. Known as over the door mirror jewelry organizers or over the door mirror jewelry armoires, they look just like the standard variety just a little thicker. That's because inside they contain a secret storage space with all the hooks, drawers, and compartments you need to keep your jewelry collection from rings to necklaces. And best of all, in the most organized and easily accessible manner possible. With one of these you'll never waste time looking for misplaced accessories again, plus with everything right behind the mirror you can quickly decide which one matches your outfit best while looking at your reflection.

Even An Option For Cosmetics

Since the concept of mirror storage has been so popular with jewelry, manufacturers have also come up with another great way to use it, for cosmetics. These are ideal for any woman with a large collection as they can help to keep your makeup, brushes, nail polishes, and other beauty supplies all in one place. And, not just close to your mirror, but inside it! You can not get any more convenient than that.

When it comes to saving space and even staying organized an over the door mirror is the easiest way to go. They also make a very practical and affordable gift for daughters, girlfriends and wives that will be guaranteed to be used. And if you choose one with storage, you'll be making sure you make the most of your space, while cutting down on clutter, and saving precious time.

Source by Mike Hartwick