Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Women in the past who have shopped for plus size clothes knew the styles and selections could be less than desirable. Women who are plus sizes want to try different trends and styles but they are disappointed to discover certain trends and styles do not come in their sizes. The same can be said for maternity clothes. Fortunately for plus size pregnant women this trend is changing. There are many more style options today than in the past. With so many options it can be confusing for women to know whether they should buy plus size maternity clothes or not. The following is a guide for plus size maternity clothes and the differences between them and straight size clothing.

Plus maternity clothes are usually clothing that starts at a 14W and goes up from there. They can also be referred to as "women's maternity clothes" which can be very confusing because all maternity clothes are for women right? Most commonly, plus pregnancy clothes are looser fitting particularly in the areas of the breasts and arms. Many companies make both plus size and straight size clothing but that does not need to mean that they make the same fashions, styles, and cut in both plus and straight. Some companies do not make a plus size in their maternity lines and others only make plus in their maternity lines. So if you are looking for a specific brand or style make sure that particular line comes in plus.

Straight sizes are what people commonly refer to as "regular" sizes. These sizes would start at a size zero and count by twos up to a size fourteen. Many people in the fashion industry today have quit referring to these sizes as "regular" sizes because there is a negative connotation attached to women who do not fit in these sizes as being irregular. This definitely should not apply to plus size women or plus size pregnant women who make up roughly 40% of the female population.

Plus size do fit much differently than straight size or extended size maternity clothes of similar sizes. Straight sizes are usually based on a model who is a four or six and the clothing is graduated up or down based on that model's proportions. Plus pregnancy clothes use a sixteen or eighteen model and grade the clothes up or down based on that model's proportions and these two models have very different bust, hip, and waist proportions and ratios from one another, creating the difference in not only size, but also in the fit of plus size maternity clothes.

As frustrating as it may be there is no standardization when it comes to women's maternity sizes. Each store, each designer, and each style could all list the same size, but still fit the same person completely differently. Make sure when you are buying plus maternity clothes you try the clothes on to determine what does and does not work for you.

Source by Samantha K