Psychological Characteristics Of Earrings

When you choose a pair of earrings for the day, you are going to involve psychology. Yep, in face, psychology is part of your choosing any of your jewelry. However, we’re not interested in any other jewelry for this article but earrings.

If you bother to look around, you’ll discover that earrings can be found by the thousands and thousands. There are unisex styles and there are just plain styles that both men and women believe look good on each. We don’t want to discuss where or how people buy earrings in this particular article. We are only interested in the “why” of earring psychology here.

Because the sheer amount of earring styles and fashions is so enormous, we’re going to limit ourselves to only two for this discussion. Those two will be basic stud earrings and hoop earrings.

The stud earring usually consists of a stiff but small circumference wire that is somewhere around a half inch in length. On one end is a decorative area that is larger than the hole in the earlobe and may be decorated in whatever manner the maker or user so determines. On the other end of the stud is found a usually pointed end on which a retaining ring can be placed so that the pole does not slide off of the earlobe (or another body part, if that is where the stud is being worn).

When most women are beginning to wear earrings, in their childhood, they start out, in most cases, with a stud earring. It is decorated according to the person wearing it and/or the parent or benefactor of the child, if that is the case.

Affluent stud wearers will often choose a genuine diamond setting or a rare but colorful stone. If the setting is not a diamond, the stone will probably stand out and, in most cases, will match whatever fashions the wearer is donning.

When you see someone with “stud” earrings, what do the studs tell you? Now, we’ll be talking about earring psychology.

If the stud is very small, undecorated and unassuming, she’s telling the world that she’s either a shy woman or she is very confident and has no need for ego feed. She is probably rather smart and is not seeking romantic company.

The personality of each individual will be the determinant of the motive for wanting or not wanting to have people notice them.

If she’s not in the mood for lots of company or situations where she would be noticed, she may wear the small, colorless ear studs so she’ll be barely perceptible and delivering a message of quiet denial.

Opposingly there’s the lady who is seen everywhere, loves it, is always the center of attention and thrives in her role. It’s rare that you’ll see her wearing bland ear studs. She’ll, most likely be donning larger, more predominant and decorative ear studs that announce that she’s a star and wants to be noticed, especially by other stars and people of means. This gal wants you to tell her how beautiful and great she is, especially if you have some money.

She’s going to have to be reckoned with as she will be vying for the center of attention most of the time. Her conversations will involved funny or touching stories about herself or famous people she has known. She will let it be known that she’s searching for the better things that life has to offer and will get what she wants. You’ll know she’s there and she won’t let you forget her.

Men who wear large diamond stud earrings are simply announcing to the world that they have recently become wealthy and are looking for people who may admire them. Their diamond stud is a way of showing the world that they are successful, have plenty of money and are willing to spend it on the right people, places or things. They have a choice now and their egos are in need of being stroked. They are in search of sexual partners who may be impressed with their newfound prosperity and are willing to be pawns or lovers at the whim of the stud.

Gale males who come upon the same types of financial and vocational success will act very much the same, including the large stud earrings (possible worn differently) and for the fact that they will be targeting other eligible males.

There is absolutely no other reason, than to draw maximum attention to the wearer, for the existence of hoop earrings. The only things that may have a bearing on the extent of the attention drawn would be the size of the hoops and the material from what they’re made.

It’s not uncommon to find an extreme egotist toting a very large golden diamond hoop earring around just above their shoulder. This hoop is there to cry out, “Look at me! Love Me! See Me!!” The huge ego is probably being accompanied by a like-sized chip on the shoulder.

When one wears over-sized hoop earrings, they are proclaiming to everyone that they desire to be noticed and have attention thrown on them. Their desire is so strong because their egos are equally of size. When an admirer is attracted and becomes a disciple, they are useful to the ego. Thus, the need to attract new admirers as much as possible.

Some seekers of attention start things with a bit of flirtation and, as the evening goes along, take advantage of the situation. A keen observer may notice that the humongous hoop earrings are a way of flashing the imaginary neon bulb that is saying, “Please look at, admire and pay attention to ME!”

You’ve probably heard the excuses that people use like, “I only wear large hoop earrings because they set off my hair or my face or my ears.”

So, why are they trying to emphasize body parts that are already so beautiful? Don’t they stand out anyway?

The wearing of large hoop earrings by a male, most likely means that he is gay. However, this is not definitive by any means.

There are definitely a number of straight men who will don the extra large hoop earrings in order to gain attention, the same reason that women wear them. They will probably draw both male and female attention but that may be their purpose and, it works well.

The wearing of earrings tells a lot about a person. An observer, whether they are trained or not, can often ascertain fairly accurate physcological and fashion sense information from the wearers.

We’ve just touched on a few types of earrings here but each type will have it’s own psychological characteristics that can be fairly accurately attached to different personalities. Watch for other things like various earring types, styles, colors, modes, types of decorations and stones insets, as well as the number of earrings worn by the person and how they wear them.

Source by Vaughn Dean J Lee