Ray Ban RB2140 – The Original Is Now Back In Demand

For those of us who are a bit clueless on why the Ray Ban RB2140 is in such high demand now, here is a quick run down on why these original Wayfarers are back in action.

A Hit In The 1950's

The original Wayfarer was a hit in the 1950's when Ray Ban first launched them. The company came up the new design during then to replace metal frame glasses and they instantly became popular. Different high profile people like political figures and celebrities can be seen wearing these fashionable shades during then. People no longer had to wear metal frame glasses as the Ray Ban Wayfarer RB2140 is made from plastic making it lighter. For those who have allergy problems with metal frames, these sunglasses really helped. However, sales for the original Wayfarer plunged in the 1970's but it managed to pick up again in the 1980's.

Back In Demand

Sales again plunged in the 1990's for the glasses but they immediately picked up again in the late 2000's as certain celebrities were seen wearing them. These days, you can even find buyers who are still looking for the original Wayfarer models. They do not have any problem paying top dollar for these authentic glasses. The company decided to have their original glasses redesigned and sales have been picking up ever since. So that is why the original is now back in demand as people are beginning to appreciate the design and authentic look of the Wayfarer.

More Colors And Design

Now, you can find the Ray Ban Wayfarer RB2140 original glasses in various different colors and designs. Fans of these sunglasses will be pleased to know that the glasses are available in polarized and even fine rare prints. One of the bold design is based on the New York Metro lines while other designs are printed on the inside of the frames. These even a red color model that is sure to make heads turn. Those who enjoy art and contemporary designs will definitely enjoy owning a pair of these happening shades. And even if you do not like all these new prints and colors, you can always get a pair of the original glasses.


So if you are planning to purchase a pair of original Wayfarer's, you will be spoiled for choice with the new prints and colors that the company has introduced into their original range. All the more making these glasses so popular and wanted.

Source by Amelia Warmheart