Sunglasses and Beach Volleyball

Your volleyball game can be easily derailed if you don’t have the right sunglasses. Anyone who has ever gone to the beach knows that the sand and the surf can make the sun really intense. With all that reflected glare, sunglasses are a necessity for anyone at the beach. And beach volleyball players are no exception.

To play volleyball at the beach you have to follow the path of a white ball in front of a white hot sun. And if you look down then you have to look for a white ball on white sand background. The glare of the sun reflected off of the sand can be particularly vicious for beach volleyball players. They also need eye protection when diving into the sand to get a dig and getting sand in their eyes.

The successful beach volleyball player knows that it’s a small investment in a quality pair of volleyball sunglasses that can make the difference between playing good and playing awesome. Even the occasional or recreational player can benefit from high-quality polarized sunglasses. The difference can really be quite stunning. You will be amazed at how much more in control you can be when you can easily see the trajectory of the ball without squinting. And how quickly you can react to the movements of the ball when you can actually see it without guessing where it might be going.

Beach volleyball sunglasses are not just for the upper-echelon players who want to advance to the next level. Sunglasses will, without any doubt, make the game more enjoyable for anyone who wears them. It’s simple: stop you from squinting will release the tension pressure in your facial and jaw muscles which in turn will help you avoid the headaches that come from staring too long at objects in the brightness of the sun.

By wearing polarized sunglasses you can further enhance your volleyball viewing while protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun from both UV light and reflected light. When purchasing a pair of volleyball sunglasses always be certain that they have a UV coating and are sufficiently dark. Wrap-around style glasses are also good at stopping unwanted reflected light from entering your field of view from the sides. The lenses need to be large enough to cover your entire eye. Then it all comes down to your personal style and preference. Be certain that the sunglasses fit snug and securely to your face without being to tight. You want the glasses to help but not be a distraction to your play. If the lenses are close to your eyes, almost like goggles, you can also get the added benefit of preventing sand from getting in your eyes when you dive for the ball.

Source by Steve Wolfson