Sunglasses and Tips For Finding the Right Pair

Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses is not as straightforward as it looks. Apart from the fact that there are literally hundreds of styles, colors and brands to make your choice from, you'll be looking for a pair that combines style with the ability to protect your eyes. Probably the best place to shop for sunglasses today is online, where the world is your oyster when it comes to the sheer number of sites you could purchase them from. Obviously the good old brick and mortar shops on the high street offer great ranges as well, but for pure choice, online is the way to go.

Virtually every brand of sunglasses is known to man can be purchased online. Online retailers offer well known brands such as Oakley, Ray Ban and Von Zipper, not so well known and even replica designs. Apart from selling sunglasses, some of these retailers also offer sunglass accessories such as protective cases, wiping cloths and cords, as well as related items such as ski goggles.

Without wanting to state the obvious, when purchasing sunglasses, a person has to make sure they buy a pair that suits them. Each individual has a different shaped face so sunglasses that may look good on one person, for example, may not look quite so good on someone else. Try and make sure you choose a pair that complements your facial shape, skin tone and hair color.

While on the topic of styles, think about frame colors as well. Frames come in a myriad of colors, from lights like yellow and orange to darks such as blacks and purples. Again, make sure you choose a frame color that is going to complement your complexion. The very fashion conscious will want to match sunglasses with different outfits they may own- if this is the case then you will need a few pairs of sunglasses in different frame colors. No mean task if we're talking designer sunglasses!

We must not forget that sunglasses were actually made to protect our eyes from harmful sun rays, not just as a fashion statement, so choosing a pair that offers ultra violet protection (100% protection is now the norm) is vitally important. UV rays have the ability to cause lasting or permanent damage to our eyes if we do not take precautionary measures while in the sun (or outside generally). A good pair of sunglasses that offers 100% UV protection may cost a little bit more but a little bit more is a small price to pay for the health and safety of our eyes!

Source by Anthony J. Carter