Teenage Designer Swimwear

Sunshine and a sandy beach, could there be anything better? Why not have a fabulous swimsuit designed to show off a girl's style, grace and figure? With all the new styles and designs that are available, how do you know which swimsuit to buy? There are three distinct designers, which have caught the eyes of ladies everywhere. These particular designers know fashion like the back of their hands. For either the young woman or a teenage girl, these swimsuits are a wonderful investment to own.

Anika Brazil
These beautiful Brazilian bikinis and one-piece swimsuits are a fashion statement from the tropical lands of afar. Teenage designer swimsuits have never been so alluring! Bold coloring and distinct spiral patterns set these swimsuits apart from other swimwear. Anika has embroidered the native culture in her wrapped material and twisted bunches in such suits as Green Apple and Merlot. Golden Shell, with the black and white intricate pattern, is yet another distinctive swimsuit that compliments a more young and fresh style. Anika Brazil has beautiful swimsuits for every girl looking for a signature style.

Love Surf Love Swimwear
Premier teenage designer swimwear for every girl. Taking in the idea of ​​the beach and open waves of the coast of California, these Bikinis are perfect for the teenage girl and her distinct style. The Hard to Get piece, with a pink background and white polka dots, is a sweet choice for the girl next door. Beautiful Thing is a more sassy, ​​sexy bikini in chocolate and light brown, great for the seductress or a more modern stylish gal. With the influence of Hawaii and coastal wave surfing, Love Surf Love has a great collection for the fashionista of today.

JETS by Jessika Allen
Girls everywhere are in love with these designs. These teen designer swimsuits are classy and flatter any lady with distinct designs and creative detail. The Reflections swimsuit is fabulous in black and white, boldly outlining the figure of a woman. A front liner of teenage designer swimwear, Jessika Allen has taken modern chic to another level. The Mystic swimsuit is a lavishing piece made to fall along the curves of the body. Flowing as easily as the breeze, this swimsuit is perfect for the sophisticated girl out getting a tan. Amongst all of Jessika Allen's creations there is sure to be the swimsuit you have been searching for. A glamorous one-piece swimsuit with a cascading white pattern flowing into black at the bottom, Sonata stands out between the crowd. A large white rose capture attention at the right side as it declares beauty and poise. Soleil is a white swimsuit with an elegant yellow floral pattern aligned down the left side. Designed for a more modest girl, this one-piece swimsuit is opulent and stunning.

With teenage designer swimwear, all girl are sure to find the piece that reflects her personality and style. These great designers can be found all over the world in department stores and online at Instyleswimwera dot com. Just in time for the evening sunset or the crashing waves on the shore!

Source by Ian Pennington