The Skinny on Women’s Golf Shoes

There are a lot of important decisions that go into selecting the right pair of women’s golf shoes. Some of the more obvious choices you will have to make include what brand and price range you are shopping in, and whether or not you want shoes with golf spikes. There are a number of women’s golf shoes that are spike-less. These are specially designed to provide optimum traction without damaging the green, which is one of the reasons that metal spikes were replace with plastic spikes. While these spikes provide grip to the golfer, they can do considerable damage to the surface of the golf course, having a negative effect on all golfers who play there.

Style is another important factor. Will you be choosing more traditional women’s golf shoes, in the saddle shoe or wing-tip style? Or will you go with a more contemporary look? From canvas to leather to modern athletic style, there is a very wide range of styles available today. Ladies golf sandals are designed specifically for women who play in warmer climates. Traditional golf shoes can provide plenty of comfort and support, but when you play on a warm course under the hot sun; your feet are likely to sweat. This can cause blisters as well as general discomfort. Sandals designed specifically for golf are a great alternative. They give the same amount of support and traction and are designed to fit securely to the foot (which maintains stability), yet give more ‘breathing room’ to the wearer.

The difference is not just style, but overall structure. Women golf shoes now come in sandal and boot form (as do men’s), as well as classic designed shoes and contemporary designed shoes (such as athletic sneaker style, but with golf bottoms). Of course when looking at the structure of the shoe you must consider comfort. Good women’s golf shoes are supportive. They support parts as small as the arch of your feet, but they don’t stop there. Properly cushioned yet firm golfing shoes provide a solid and healthy base for your legs and spine as well. From your knee joints to the stiffness of your neck, a good pair of women’s golfing shoes can make an amazing difference in how well your body feels and performs on the course.

As with any other shoe, you need shoes that fit you correctly. Too loose makes the shoe flop on your foot and cause you to stumble. Too tight can pinch and constrict your feet. Any size at the wrong cut can give you blisters. None of these are good, so try on shoes before you buy them.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when purchasing new golf shoes. So, arm yourself with the facts before going shopping. For more golf product reviews, pro tips, and more. Visit us online a

Source by Gail Havens