Why Does Sarah Palin Look So Good in Her Glasses?

There is a big fuss about Sarah Palin's stylish glasses. Sarah Palin's glasses were made by Kazuo Kawasaki and cost around $ 400. The reason she looks so good in her designer glasses is because she chose the reading glasses that fit the shape of her face. Oval, round and diamond are the main face shapes. An oval shaped face should be able to wear about any kind of glasses but try and go for wide glasses that extend beyond the sides of the face. A round shape face should focus on reading glasses that make the face look longer and thinner. They should definitely be wider than they are deep. The diamond shaped face should go for rimless, square or with a straight top that is curved at the bottom.

Besides being trendy, hip and fitting the shape of your face, reading glasses should be thin, light and comfortable so you feel as if you are not wearing them at all. There is no doubt that a great pair of prescription or reading glasses will help one look more professional and more fashionable.

Just like a great handbag or pair of shoes, reading eye glasses are an accessory that will enhance your overall look and help you make a fashion statement. Whether you want to look glamorous with a pair of sleek, rimless reading glasses or show your wild side with animal print reading glasses and rhinestone reading glasses, you can show off your inner style without breaking your budget.

Wearing reading glasses out in the sun has traditionally been a bad experience. The glare is terrible and the lenses do not specifically protect your eyes from the UV rays. If you have ever bought the bulky thing that clips on your prescription or reading glasses, then you know it is uncomfortable and that it makes you look something like a fly. Reading sunglasses look terrific and also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Source by Kent Hamilton