Why Personalized Jewelry Makes a Cool Gift For Fathers Day

Personalized jewelery is the fastest growing trend around these days and is seen all over from fashion models to celebrities. However, lots of people people do not understand what a fabulous and unique present for fathers it can make.

These one of a kind gifts make touching presents for men on Athletes Day, during the holidays, on their birthdays, or simply to say thank you and show how much you appreciate them.

By personalizing, I mean changing a piece of mens designer jewelery into a cool but very personal present by inscribing a name, initials or message which is connected to being a father. Inscriptions can make an everyday piece of jewelry into a truly individual and memorable item.

As an example, you could opt to engrave a pendant on a necklace with the names of their children, their birthdates or simply their initials. When Dad wears his personalized necklace he will look at the very personal reminder etched on to the pendant and wear it close to his heart.

There are many different shapes to choose from such as oblongs and rectangles, triangles and stars. Often, the most in demand shape is often a heart, where the names, message or initials can be engraved memorably on the underside of the pendant.

Alternately, bracelets for men can be inscribed as well with names or a message, or even a baby's birthweight and date of arrival. This can be external, where people can see it and talk about it, or underneath, where the words are private and more personal.

Stainless steel jewelry is an excellent choice of material for personalized jewelry. as it is both malleable and strong enough for the engraving. Stainless steel has a fresh clean look and is very much on-trend these days. It is also durable enough to cope with wear and tear, which makes it a perfect material for an every-day item.

Source by Jane Anani