Why Silver Jewelery Is So Popular Now

Silver jewelery has never been more popular with consumers than it is currently, for a number of reasons. One factor has definitely been the staggering increase in the price of even more precious metals such as gold and platinum, which has driven those items out of the reach of many buyers. Silver, on the other hand, remains good value because its own price has also increased.

Price side, silver is very a la mode and fashionable, which is the largest cause for it to become so popular. Contemporary designers want to exude clean, crisp and minimalist sensations and the purity of silver jewelery achieves that exceptionally well. This is particularly true of polished silver jewelery, where the designer has ensured that there are flat or nicely curved areas of highly reflective, almost mirror like, facets to their silver jewelery collections. This makes them incredibly eye catching and attractive.

Silver jewelry also benefits from being quite a pure, precious metal. Sterling silver will have 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, hence the hallmark '925' that each item must have stamped on it. When buying silver items of jewelery, always ensure that you have confirmed that it is halmarked or you may not be getting what you pay for.

Another reason for the popularity of silver in jewelery is that it can be finished in a number of interesting ways. If it is left unpolished and without a protective plating (rhodium is the normal material used for this) then it naturally oxidises leaving a rich, matt black finish. When combined together with a design that contrasts with it, such as polished silver, it creates a more visually exciting piece of jewelery.

Source by Kate Benito