Women's Self Defense and Blind Dates

The most common situation when women are raped is when they go on a blind date. Situations like this require knowledge of women's self defense. There are ways you can protect yourself if you do not know physical techniques through martial arts. These methods include carrying stun guns and mace with you at all times.

Blind dates are one of the most common ways to meet a new boyfriend. You might have a friend that knows a friend and then everything goes from there. The problem is that the friend that hooked you up really did not know the person well and they might not even know their last name. When you go on a blind date you put yourself in a vulnerable situation, especially if you do not double and he is driving. You must carry protection on you. It is important to understand women's self defense so you have the opportunity to get away if he does turn out to be a dangerous person.

Stun guns are an excellent product for women's self defense. The way these work is that they send wattages through the body, which stop the impulses of the brain that make the body work stop for a short period of time. These devices must be held against the person when you use them but they will immediately disable the attacker. Stun guns are small devices and you can purchase them that look like pagers and other devices if you want one that is disguisable. A stun gun is also non-lethal so you do not have to worry about killing the person you spray.

Another excellent product for women's self defense is pepper spray. Pepper spray can come in the form of a pen, a lipstick case, and more. This way you get the best opportunity to spray an attacker and get the best results. Pepper spray burns hot and it is one of the most effective ways to disable an attacker so you have time to run.

There are many ways to protect yourself when you go on a blind date. Most women raped on a blind date do not consider women's self defense products until they have already been attacked. They are disguisable and easy to use. Stun guns and pepper spray are the best options because they are non-lethal and they will not kill the person when you get them. These items could actually save your life.

Source by Jim Wilkinson Sr.